Driving Report Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 Sportkombi

Honestly folks. Which car brand lets a “consumer” take a test drive on German roads with a pre-production model? Not an ordinary one? But slowly and from the beginning.

Birthday child Mark and Saab Germany Chef Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher
Birthday child Mark and Saab Germany Chef Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher

It all started with the visit of the Saab Germany Tour on my birthday in Dresden. Tobias Kaboth (GF of the mobile forum in Dresden) had invited me a few days before extra by phone. So my wife and I went to Dresden on 27 October. Anyone who has visited the tour (whether in Germany, in Austria or currently in France or soon in Spain), now knows the future cars of our beloved brand. For the few who have not made it, all I can say is that you really missed something!

After the unveiling of the vehicles by Jan-Phillip Schumacher and Thomas Schweitzer as well as Tobias Kaboth and Michael Hesse, I was suddenly called to the front by JPS. He congratulated me on my birthday and had a special gift for me. An invitation to accompany the tour for a day and test drive both vehicles. What a birthday present… ..

On November 09th the time had come. I made my way about 400km to Frankfurt -Fechenheim, Carl-Benz-Strasse - better known to all of us as SAAB Center Frankfurt. It started there around 12:00. I started the 190PS Diesel 9-5 sports suit! Fortunately, I had already driven the new 9-5 sedan with different engines, so I could enjoy the station wagon from the first minute. After a short stop at the friendly gas station attendant, we went straight onto the motorway towards Bremen into a traffic jam. In this car you immediately attract curious and amazed looks from everyone.

Is it love? Mark and the Saab 9-4x
Is it love? Mark and the Saab 9-4x

After a short stop-and-go phase, things proceeded quickly. I already knew the good road situation from the limousine. The five-meter long station wagon drives like on rails. I know the comparison seems trite because many self-proclaimed auto experts abuse it. But there is no more apt description of the driving experience. The steering is superbly direct. Comfortable one-handed driving - even at a speed of 200 - no problem! Only a few cars were able to keep up or overtook us on the route to Bremen. Only a white SUV from a world-famous Swedish car brand that followed us was stuck to my bumper: o)

The 470 km long journey was completely relaxed. A short stop to refuel the 9-4x and a visit to an American fast food chain - and everywhere we were followed with curious glances. After four and a half hours we arrived in Bremen Lesum. So here at the SAAB dealership Möhler, the Germany tour was concluded. Many thanks also from my side to Volker Möhler & Dittmar Schreyer and the entire team for the friendly welcome and the interesting evening. I had great conversations with some of the visitors and the managing directors of the house ...

Saab 9-5 sports suit, Volker Möhler GmbH, Bremen
Saab 9-5 sports suit, Volker Möhler GmbH, Bremen

After a quiet night and a delicious breakfast, I went back to Frankfurt at the wheel of the 9-4X. Here, too, there was the typical Saab feeling of home from the first moment - get in and feel good. The panoramic sliding roof, which gives you the feeling of limitless openness, is definitely a must-have when it comes to equipping the vehicle. Comfortable boarding, the enormous amount of space and the comfortable interior make the 9-4X a real alternative - even to many a family carriage. As with the 9-5, the trunk offers a lot of space for the usual luggage and there is still enough space for the bobby car, balance bike, etc. Even small hand luggage can be accommodated thanks to the U-rail system. In addition, the loading and unloading of smaller children, including buckling and unfastening, is much easier and more back-friendly - greetings to all Saab drivers with prolapse! ;O).

Even my wife was in Dresden from the SUV totally excited -there would be a diesel version, they would have their order safely changed immediately.

Our brake test between Göttingen and Kassel was certainly one of the highlights of the return trip. In the event of emergency braking, the flashing brake lights warn the following traffic very conspicuously and urgently (see short clip)

Conclusion of the two days: with sports combination and 9-4X brings Saab in spring two really cool vehicles on the market.

Actually, I had set myself to take one of the two new directly home, but unfortunately I could not decide then; o)

My thanks to Tom-you were a terrific copilot! On the next tour I would like to be there again, and then with more voice: o)

Thanks to JPS and Thomas Schweitzer and the team from Saab Germany for the really successful surprise.

And thank you to Dresden to Tobias Kaboth and to the mobile forum team - you are the best!

... and since this was a gift for my thirty-seventh, I'm already curious what you will come up with for my fortyth ... LOL

Text: Mark@saabblog.net

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    What the 40. come from? Can not say yet but the 39. might fit for a test drive in the brand new 9-3

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    That also gave me a little stab in the heart, but I'm afraid that the report was written some time ago and that this passage is unfortunately no longer entirely up to date. Unfortunately…

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      Yes that's true. The report comes from a better time, when the driving impressions were still fresh and the prospects a little rosier. Nevertheless, I did not want to withhold the impressions of the community.

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        ... I found it rather relaxing to read the report with exactly these words. It inspires hope and lets me indulge in the or a better past.
        You could at least forget the thriller for a moment ...

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    It all sounds very good - but I can't quite place one comment: With Sportcombi and 9-4 X, Saab is launching two really awesome vehicles on the market in spring… ..?

    It shouldn't have said: ... .. would Saab have brought two really cool vehicles onto the market? Or did I miss something - did Brightwell come to an agreement with the Americans and get the licenses? On the one hand it would be great - but on the other hand it would not only be better in my eyes if GM stayed completely outside!

    As has often been suggested, a slightly shorter 9-5 would be much better received by many buyers - and, as is well known, a 9-4 X should be offered with several diesel units. With Mahindra & Mahindra but also with Youngman-Lotus, unlike under the GM-Knute, this would be considerably more "round".

    Greetings from the Hamsestadt Hamburg

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