Behind the Saab scenes in Trollhättan, Nyköping, Frankfurt

Hmm, the week was pretty quiet and apart from the wonderful rescue of the Saab Museum there was no “breaking news”. But it won't stay that way. A delegation from Investor Youngman will arrive in Sweden on Monday. Just like Brightwell, the Chinese want to present their offer. Excitement is guaranteed, the bidding race begins, and finally there is a little more movement in the scene. Today we have three locations that are worth reporting on. Trollhättan, Nyköping, Frankfurt. Let's start with Trollhättan.

Saab blogger legend Steven Wade spent several days in Sweden, visiting good friends and leaving his job at the Saab factory. In an interview with the local newspaper yesterday, he said that he had given up hope for Saab. A statement that he put into perspective later on his blog. For his own person, he sees no possibility at Saab, he clarified. This then became a misleading headline in the local newspaper.

His assessment is understandable, because I think he also has the blues. It's not even a year since he started his work at Saab. Dreams that came true for a short time and yet broke again.

At the same time practiced Steven in his interview and criticism of the Swedish conditions. In Australia, such a development as we experienced in Sweden with Saab would have been unimaginable. Not only in Australia, but also in Germany, dear Swade.

In Trollhättan itself still ruled Saab tourism. This week again the delegation of a possible investor visited the plant. Who is behind the mysterious delegation, where it came from, we do not know. Even good friends can not say more. Sometimes Sweden is too far away and the bankruptcy trustees are silent.

Continue to Nyköping. Somehow the circle closes, because in Nyköping was in the pre-GM era, the Saab headquarters. Now the best minds of the car maker move from Trollhättan to Nyköping, where new structures are formed under the mantle of Saab Parts AB. It is an interesting, high caliber circle of international Saab managers who work for the brand with great strength and enthusiasm.

Sometimes it's a great opportunity to start over at almost zero after a disaster has been overcome. Only the right people need to be in the right place at the right time. In Nyköping, near Saab this seems to be true. Maybe it's the beginning of something new.

Finally, a look to Frankfurt. As in Nyköping, a Saab crew in Frankfurt is also busy reorganizing the brand. With the bankruptcy of the Saab dealer contracts are invalid and here we start at the bottom with the rebuilding. Meanwhile, we are a good deal further, the dealers were offered new, temporarily temporary contracts. From what I hear from unofficial channels, the number of dealers keeping loyalty to Saab is sensational. Well over 90% of Saab partners and service companies are back on board. That's more than good news.

Of course that is not. The fact that in Germany the team of Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher bring a lot of personal commitment to move big things with a small team deserves our respect. Because in this very difficult situation, one could have completed the offices and could go home. That was not done. For, just as we attach our heart to the brand, so are the remaining German employees associated with Saab.

During the month of February, I hope, there will be a new Saab partner list for Germany. Once Saab and this provides, we will publish it as a guide for all Saab drivers on the blog.

Things are happening, behind the scenes and next month will be really exciting. The direction is right.

And we have not given up hope for Saab yet.


5 thoughts on "Behind the Saab scenes in Trollhättan, Nyköping, Frankfurt"

  • Hi Tom,

    I was at the SAAB Centrum Erfurt this week, received a very nice welcome and had a nice chat about SAAB ...
    There, too, one hopes and believes in a resurrection of the brand ... and people still call to order a 9-5 or ask where they can get one from! 😉
    It was still weird ... where SAAB's were now everything is full of Suzuki and GM stuff ... ;-( only the SAAB pictures were still hanging on the walls ... but that is changing !!!

    Then another quote from Klaus ... which I agree with 100%!

    "I also hope that you will continue to blog professionally. I read with great enthusiasm
    Your homepage several times a day. I would like to say thank you for that. "

  • Hi Tom,
    First of all, congratulations to the 9-3 Turbo X. I only have a 9-3 X with twin turbo and diesel. But also a lot of fun! Hope that the next week of hope finally justifies the hope, the visit of the unnamed investor makes already very curious. Is there anything more to hear soon?
    Greetings from Frankfurt

  • Hello Tom.

    Do you have any idea if something is happening at Saab-Austria? I think we are the ladies and gentlemen
    at Saab Ö. not so much about our brand endeavors, as with you in Germany. Have also asked a question about warranty and spare parts for my 9-5 II Tid via e-mail and until today
    did not get an answer.
    If Saab gets back on its feet, what do I want, do you believe that the dealer network is also being improved? In Austria, there are just a few dealers, in most provinces anyway only one. One can not expect, hundreds of miles to to drive a dealer to
    to be interested in a Saab or to make a service.
    I think that's a big problem.

    Maybe you can answer my questions.

    In addition, I wish that you continue to blog as profesionell.I read with great enthusiasm
    Every day several times your Homepage.Das I would like to say thank you.

    Greetings from Austria - Klaus

    • You have mail…

    • In the last few weeks I have been repeatedly with my Saabs in Austrian workshops. No, my cars really could not do anything about it, were external influences from a marten and a proper inspection.

      All parts were available, the dealers optimistic, nobody believes in an end of Saab. Sure, sadness prevails, but we all know that here. But one is full of hope, especially me with my four cars, otherwise I open a private museum

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