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Saab is a cult, no question. Enthusiasts work for the carmaker from Sweden all over the world and keep the brand flag up even in difficult times. That Saab is also a community at the same time, makes it all the better for me. Each additional Saab blog strengthens our brand and serves as a source of information for the community.


The fact that the blogs work together is self-evident for me, because it counts the community idea. Another Saab blog, SAABISM, comes from Slovakia. Alex is 41 years old, drives a Saab 9-3 V6 Cabriolet with Hirsch upgrade (not bad, strong part 😉) and is like all bloggers an absolute Saab fan.

His blog is about a lot, but not just about the Saab Cabriolet feeling, traveling with the Saab, the right music and, of course, the latest Saab themes.

A very nice blog, you can feel the love of the brand from Sweden. My recommendation: Read!


5 thoughts on "Saab Blog SAABISM - All about Saab cars…"

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    @@ Jost Engels
    I still remember how our 9000 easily swallowed the washing machine or dryer! 🙂

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    The 9000 did not need a Combiversion. He is a station wagon with the character of a sports sedan.

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    Hello all,

    Thank you very much for the article. Before Saab, I had no idea
    that you can so decay a car.

    mac9-5 re 9000 combi: maybe after some facelifts

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    The Saab 9000 Combi would not have been a nice car ... ;-(

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    Nice blog, really great Saab, (for the most part) good taste in music ... 🙂

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