Saab Investor Brightwell shows nerves ...

Yes, Sunday is not really a Swedish business day, but the Turkish investors are currently nervous and that's worth a short article. The dismissed Saab coworkers pulls it to Göteborg, more exactly to Torslanda. There is the Volvo plant, which is still looking for personnel. Depending on the source material, applications from Trollhättan will be available between 400 and 500.

Now one gets nervous at Brightwell, because it is feared that the bleeding towards the west coast could be too painful for Saab. A car factory without engineers and skilled workers is not an object that you want to buy. In the Swedish press, the departure of the employees is the theme of the weekend and Zamier Ahmed reads Dagens Industri.

Time and again it is asserted that Saab remains a Swedish company with Turkish owners, and that it is connected to the location Trollhättan. Whether the former employees, since April last year with promises and visions not just under-supplied, listen to declarations of intent, however honorable they may be?

Well, what can I say. No thing is without risk. If you wait on the one hand until there are accurate assessments of the Saab inventory and patents, on the other hand you lose time. That is the problem for both Brightwell and Youngman. Buying a car brand in Europe, and moreover a traditional brand, is a one-time process. An opportunity that will only be available for Rachel Pang and Zamir Ahmed this time. Because for investors from Turkey and China, the clock is ticking particularly quickly. Other potential buyers have more time there and can relax in the armchairs to see the skyline of ……… from the boardroom. consider. (Yes, that was mean again by me 😉, but bloggers also need some fun).

Employees who are crucial can be held in one way or another. It takes money and good ideas and initiative. Because in my estimation, the service providers are loyal. As I already wrote yesterday. Some of the best minds now gather in Nyköping.

Maybe you wake up on the Bosporus and in Beijing, turn on the turbo. Next week will finally be binding offers and brings the ship in the safe haven. Fight for the people you need to continue development and production. The time for press releases and interviews should be over. Now facts, facts, facts count.


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  • ... according to what we know so far, GM must have clauses in the contracts that allow you to prevent anything that goes against your own interests. GM then decides at its own discretion what exactly its own interests are.

    Therefore, here is better: an end with horror (without 9-5 and 9-4X) as a horror without end (with GM).

  • The voltage increases!

  • I think that both brands have more in parallel than you might think. Both have a common link called Magna ... So far, nobody has denied me Magna. Who says it's not a two-company joint venture that offers. BMW and Magna? PSA and Fiat?

  • I think the track and the price is hot, as can be found in the network articles in the magazine mirror where Norbert Reithofer in the year 2007 a fourth brand in the Bmw group wishes. Who completes motor deals with Saab could buy in good wind and the brand.

  • What should come out of a hasty agreement with GM for SAAB in the long term? Please wake up - as I estimate the GM specialists, an agreement would not be good for SAAB. There would be 100% a rat tail of requirements that would crush SAAB! Example: Sales of vehicles only in Europe - similar to Opel. All other dealers that are still available worldwide could then shut down for good - great prospects!

    I would prefer an investor Youngman-Lotus a thousand times more - even if this means that the 9-5 II will be omitted and replaced by a possibly even better 9-5 III!

    The main thing is that the annoying and especially unsuitable “GM specialists” stayed outside !!!!!


  • The really big engines were reserved for the BMWs anyway ...
    But that would be awesome with the Bavarians in the management of SAAB

  • Let's hope that the nice NORBERT reads

  • Turin does not have a nice skyline and is located in the south?

  • or the new triturbo from the BMW performance models 381PS Diesel 740 NM that I call German engineering ... this investor would of course be a dream

  • Is not really comparable.
    I do not think the Swedes behave like some Roverians did.

  • @Gallix

    But hello!

    BMW Techni! Imagine a 313 PS diesel from the 535d in the 9-5 ... and all-wheel drive X-Drive ...

    but as I said, BMW has not ever done with Rover what GM did with SAAB?

    Empty sucked and thrown away?

  • Today I was downright shocked while refueling. It says “GM” on the black lid, synonym for #Global Massmarket, low quality, bad image car producer #… .. I'll replace the lid immediately.

  • It would be great fun - wouldn't it?

  • South?
    BMW Tower Munich !?

    How was it with the traditional Rover brand?

  • Which turbo should turn on? I think they have to buy it first (around 550 €).

  • ……… ..and if YOU turn around and look south, YOU have an even nicer skyline - especially with hair dryer.
    YOU shouldn't look too long - because then the “WASA” is eaten.

  • I hope so much for the Turks, for an agreement with GM with the Trollhättan site and the construction of the 9-5 SC ...

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