Mahindra and Youngman in Sweden and another Saab

The mystery of the unknown delegation seems to have been solved. A Swedish friend said it was the Mahindra & Mahindra delegation that had been in Sweden since last week. Mahindra is one of the secret favorites in the bidding race, the company has a good reputation and excellent financial strength. For Mahindra, it's not just about buying a European automaker. It's about more, it's about the image.

New Saab 9-3 TID sedan
New Saab 9-3 TID sedan

Because competitor Tata had beaten Mahindra a few years ago in the final sprint for Jaguar and Land Rover. The purchase of Saab would now be the acquisition of a crown jewel for the Indian group and you could catch up with Tata. We can only be right, if Mahindra for Saab a similar good owner as it seems Tata for Jaguar and Land Rover, then our Swedes would have finally cracked the jackpot.

The press in India is following closely the development in Sweden, the publications India Business Review and The Economic Times (India) are just a small selection of Indian newspapers reporting on it.

Even the middle applicant from China brings in position. Rachel Pang and Pang Qingnian landed in Stockholm. The mere fact that the Youngman founder and father of Rachel Pang leads the delegation speaks volumes. Youngman is determined to place an offer this week, and a meeting with the bankruptcy trustees has been confirmed. The bidding duel between India and China is exciting, it's also about a possible loss of face, which should be avoided.

Saab has never given up, Saab is still alive and so slowly the press is also taking notice. At least the media in Austria understood today that there are several interested parties Standard is just one example of the print media of our neighboring country. In a few hours we will read similar news in the German press.

Even the fans did not give up the brand, at the weekend I got some emails from Saab fans who are now buying a Saab used or demonstration car. My friend Mark has also found something. And because Mark is Mark, it was not a used one - it was a brand new Saab. Today, the new Saab 9-3 sedan rolled onto the courtyard of the Mobile Forum Dresden, where the team of Tobias Kaboth makes the 9-3 ready for handover.

Mark has imported the black 9-3 1.9 TID from other European countries, but he should tell us the story himself. Mark, how about a small article?

Brand new Saabs are something wonderful, I love it. Pictures of Mark's new Saab 9-3 will be available in the next few days.


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  • but now to the article!

    it's just a feeling, but I would like an Indian owner more than a Chinese. First choice would be for me but a European. I could imagine FIAT well, BMW, I think, would have problems with the demarcation of the individual model series.

    It remains exciting.

  • I'm excited! 🙂

    @ Klaus 95 II Vector
    Thanks for the prompt help!
    I've been trying all sorts of things for 3 weeks and can't get it ... and after 15 minutes here in the blog, the questions are answered, thank you very much!
    (Incidentally, after 1 week of 9-5 II ownership in the Lidl parking lot, I was made aware that the left reversing light is defective ...)

    @ 9-5_Aero_Fan
    Thank you very much, if the German Bed. Instructions should not be available, I come back to your offer, really nice!

    PS I'm already looking forward to the next ride in the SAAB 9-5 II tomorrow morning ...

  • Probably doesn't fit 100% here, but someone might still be able to help me ...
    I also bought a new SAAB, a 9-5 2,0T linear automatic. Status in Belgium, but delivery country Greece with Greek operating instructions ...
    > Does anyone know whether the 9-5 II only has 1 reversing light on the right?
    > Does the Greece version have no daytime running lights, but whether the low beam is always on at the front and rear when set to "Auto"?
    > Does the Greece version possibly have a "hat" over the light sensor on the dashboard (looks like this, but is not easy to pull off?
    > How do I activate the coming home function? I can choose the time in the computer, but it does not work or only when I press the light function on the key ...

    Otherwise, I can only say about the 9-5 II: indescribable! An awesome car, addictive!

    • Hello Klaus 9-5 II.

      if you like, you can send me the corresponding pages from the Greek operating instructions as pdf and I will provide you with the translation. I am a native Greek ...

      Greetings, Alexandros.

      • Hey, that's nice of you! If necessary, I can come back to that 🙂
        But since I can't even see in the instructions where the pages with the lighting are ... I will certainly not do you to send the entire manual for translation ... 😉
        At the moment I still hope that the SAAB-Center Gießen can get me a german instruction.
        I'm afraid that my admittedly small problem is more related to the country-specific tuning of the vehicle and I probably have to look deep into the electronics with a readout device and possibly there are settings to correct.
        Possibly. has an 9-5 II owner experience with the lighting and the peculiarities?

    • Hello Klaus9-5 II

      Also have a 9-5 Tid Vector. Maybe I can give you some tips now.
      Question reversing light-yes he only has one!
      The light switch on the car and the dipped beam has the same function. In certain European countries, the car lights function when it gets dark or you enter a tunnel, but I would say that the sensor response time is not extremely fast.
      The Coming Home feature works only if you turn the light switch to low beam
      As you say when you press the light function button or when you get out and because winker lever draws to you.Leuchtdauer is set in the on-board computer.And the fog lights shine even unilaterally.For further questions, please contact me.Bin since 1981 mechanic of Brands Nissan, Saab, Volvo, Renault and Bmw.

      If you need copies of the manual I am happy to send you some.

      As you say: Indescribable! A great car, addictive!

      LG - Klaus

      • Hello Klaus

        That with the Follow me home or Coming home function is still a mystery to me. I have not got that on my 9-5 IIer yet. My house and Hofgaragist could not help me yet. I do not get the coming home function to work, but the morning in the garage would be so useful and convenient.

        Another mystery is the question of whether the hinged mirror can also be automatically extended again or whether this must always happen at the push of a button.

        Thanks for a feedback

        • <Hallo Cmd.

          So-In the on-board computer (display) set the illumination duration (Off, 30 sec. Or 60 sec.) -
          Then switch the light switch to low beam or Auto. Does not function when the lights are on. Then you can press the light button on your remote control
          and the light shines when you go to the car, for example.Before you get out, just pull the turn signal lever forward (to the steering wheel) and you will be illuminated the way.

          The exterior mirrors can only be moved in and out by pressing a button.
          (US), the mirrors can also be opened and closed when opening and closing. Or you have the extra, where the rear windows have a quick-closing function.
          According to the operating instructions, this should also be set under the option Comfort setting (Personalize), but it does not work.

          I hope to have helped you a bit.

          LG - Klaus

          • Hello Klaus

            Thanks for your instructions, but unfortunately this does not work for some reason with my 9-5er. Neither when getting out, nor when pressing the remote control. Even my dealer can not explain that. Maybe someone has a tip.


    • Hello Klaus 9-5 II,

      can soon send you a German manual as a PDF, if you need it.

    • Hello Klaus,

      can only tell you something about the first question: Yes, there is only ONE reversing light on the right. I couldn't believe it - I asked the dealer twice. But that's how it is. Otherwise, yes, a super car.

    • Hi Klaus,

      to the cap above the light sensor: This is the light sensor, so please do not pull off. However, this sensor does not regulate the light, so he recognizes from where the sun shines and then adjusts accordingly the air conditioning. It often happens that zBder driver sitting in the sun and the passenger in the shade. This detects the light sensor and then cools accordingly on the sunny driver's side more than on the shady passenger side. As far as I know an invention of SAAB, which is now also found in many other brands.

      About the daytime running lights: SAAB has no daytime running lights, just a signature light. This is pure design. You cannot switch on the “LED strip” independently of the rear headlights. I actually thought that the “LED strip” was only available on the 95 in connection with xenon light, but I'm not sure.

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