Saab investors: Five prospects for Saab automobiles?

It promises to be an interesting week. Depending on the source, there are four or five serious buyers who are in contact with the bankruptcy trustees. They want to take Saab in the complete package. So far only four prospective buyers are known to us, about a possible fifth party nothing is known.

But last week there was a delegation in Trollhättan whose identity was unknown. Even reliable Swedish sources are at a loss. Maybe a reference to the potential prospective number five?

Anyway. Today, Rachel Pang arrives in Sweden with her father and the Youngman delegation. The thing will pick up speed now. The bankruptcy trustees told the press today that there are no plans to meet with buyers this week. But everything is possible, because the process (for Swedish conditions) can now develop very quickly.

In the same breath complains about the lack of financial means for the procedure, because the sale of the museum has made only 3.2 million €. Anyone who can even halfway suspect the remuneration for the lawyer trio in this process, knows that this amount is sufficient only for the petty cash. Now one contemplates components that are still available in the factory to sell to take money.

The fate of Saab will be decided in the next 14 days. Binding offers must be on the table by mid-February if bankruptcy proceedings are to be completed on schedule in April. Depending on where the investors come from, we will see how the future develops. That Saab is not filleted, but goes in one piece to a buyer is considered likely and is the good news. Also, that at least four buyers to the site Trollhättan stand and continue the brand Saab, is a very good perspective.

Is there a preferred buyer for me? The question is difficult, the concepts very different. For the blog but it will be crucial. Because, not with every investor, I feel the charm to continue writing. Because, there is and was a motivation for me to blog. But more at a given time.

Now it goes on, at least until April. It will be an exciting and hopefully positive week for Saab, the omens are good. Updates will follow.


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    One should not be too euphoric with the possible investor BMW - just because some platforms are available does not mean that everything must automatically be in the green for the future.

    In my opinion, an investor like Youngman or Mahindra would have greater benefits to offer: For example, greater self-development for SAAB and even better financial background than at BMW (BMW was already classified in the longer term by experts as a takeover candidate)!

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    ... I would never buy a BMW because I don't like the design language and have never liked it.
    But with the technical components there would probably no doubt a more competent partner than BMW!
    Imagine the possibilities with the BMW floor assemblies and operation from the BMW technology shelves ...!

    SAAB with SAAB design and BMW technology: I buy! PROMISED !!!

    PS: I hope this partnership would be beneficial for the bloggers' grace, so that we, eager readers several times a day, already know before Auto-Bild which 6-cylinder diesel is coming up with which 8-speed automatic transmission in the wagon behind it the way to Trollhättan is ...
    ... soon to make SAAB drivers happy on every road in the world

    Dream as described in the above-mentioned car image: 9-4X with powerful diesel

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      Could be written by me!
      I would not have to defend myself almost every day.
      With SAAB over it and (partly) BMW under it.

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    I hope not that the newest bidder is "GM", with whom you have to reckon with everything ......

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    Better to take on an unpleasant constellation, Saab saves jobs and starts again with business instead of the lights stayed off forever .. think you have to put personal sensitivities behind ... think if it were BMW as an investor, this would not be a bad solution. . would be a shame about the blog ...

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    Beginning or end of April? 😉

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      16.04.2012. End of bankruptcy.

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    It's been released about 18 months ago, but it has never been seriously acknowledged. That BMW should be available from 2012 as an engine supplier, was so far mentioned occasionally. At the time was published that it was intended for gasoline, which builds the BMW Group together with PSA for the Mini in Englang.

    Take a look at the above article from 09 / 2010, I've never seen it like that before.

    Greetings from Koblenz

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    Under what conditions will the blog continue to be operated here ???? So far only 3 concepts are known .. or hints have been made .. or have I missed something? Mahindra ?? E.g…

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      Keep Cool 😉 I just wanted to suggest that I might not like every future constellation. There is also a life outside of the Saab galaxy, unimaginable but true. And there is still a lot of time until April ...

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    Well now, the saabblock has its own interests
    and only continues to write under certain motivational events 🙂

    And I thought this was out of deep respect for the history of this great brand!
    * Smile *

    If I think so, then you can classify the subjective tendencies a bit better :-))

    Good luck and great is the block in any case!

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      So self-interest is not! 🙂 Where would we go if everyone would do what he wants? The blog is a national cultural asset and therefore protected by law from self-interest 🙂

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    The big question that emerges is that of the most suitable investor.

    First and foremost should be the acquiring party's capital base - very little has been learned from Brightwell. At Mahindra & Mahindra and Youngman-Lotus, things look different: Both companies have what are known as deep pockets. No. 4 + 5 have not yet come out of the cover - an assessment therefore impossible.

    Independence from the Americans also has a positive effect on the Chinese and Indians - this has not yet come out so clearly with the Turks.

    At the moment, my favorite is the Indian giant Mahindra & Mahindra - I could imagine that SAAB could approach the future there largely independently.

    Greetings from Hamburg


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    How can the lawyers see any penny without it happening?
    I hope you are wrong.

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      Hmm, I think also in Sweden there is a cost table which regulates the remuneration of the bankruptcy administrators.

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      Hi, unfortunately Tom is not wrong. First, the lawyers are served in Sweden. That is a bankruptcy for lack of mass is then rejected if there are no more assets that allow the insolvency proceedings financially.
      So sell everything then the lawyers can get rich and if there is anything left then that will be sold.
      The absurd: Even if there is nothing left then that was ok, because that had to be determined. So bankruptcy = free ticket to cash in the lawyers.

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