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The Saab company car market will now receive another boost to young Saabs. In Sweden now 1.400 quite new Saab models, which were on the way as company cars of Saab Automobile AB, for sale. As the demand for Saabs with a low mileage and a manageable history is high, the fans now have a chance to come to the personal dreamabout in the next few weeks.

Thanks to the EU, importing from Sweden is easy. Perhaps friendly Saab dealers will take care of the handling and take care of the technical backround. Since some of the rare 9-3 Griffin models are also on the road in Sweden, the thing is particularly tempting. Because the 9-3 Griffin with headlights in “Iceblue design” just looks cool. If you play with the thought, you can now take the chance!

With our museum, things are moving slowly. Although the stock of historic Saabs for Trollhättan and the region is secured, the formalities were confirmed yesterday. But there is still no date for reopening. A decision could be made by the end of February, it would be nice to find open doors in the spring.

Curious things are happening around Saab USA. The North American subsidiary filed for Chapter 11 creditor protection. Not by Saab himself, no, some Saab dealers who are organized in a kind of dealer advisory board have teamed up and made the application. They hope for a rescue of the Swedish car maker by an investor. To do this, they want to save the American Saab structures from being smashed and thus secure their own future.

I think the Americans are on the right track. Yesterday I had a long phone call with a good friend, whom I now only call Radio Stockholm. He's reading and he'll forgive me for sure.

And because we're talking about the US, let's get back to the Saab 9-4x. Our consideration was whether GM wants to bring the Saab under another label on the market. The Saab 9-4x, with GG license plate on the way in Germany, was an indication of this. The 9-4x will not celebrate a comeback as Opel or Chevrolet, if one can believe the statement of GM spokesman James Cain. The end of production in Mexico seems definitely, the factory is already prepared accordingly, so the information to the Autonews.

Good thing, because the Saab 9-4x as Opel Frontera 2.0 would have become unbearable for Saab fans. Bad for GM. Because you're burying one of the best cars ever on GM belts. But, when did GM ever understand.


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  • Hello Tom!
    Great note with ANA Trollhättan! Great offers, attractive prices and negotiation are certainly worthwhile ... but my 9-3 has not yet been written off ...

  • Where can you buy the 1400 treasures? About Or: Where can I get an appetite on the Internet ... ;-)

    • For example at ANA in Trollhättan.

  • Hi all!

    At the moment you don't hear anything from Zamir Ahmed (Brightwell)…. Has he been left speechless after visiting GM in Detroit?

    In the case of a GM / Brightwell constellation, according to Zamir Ahmed, there was still hope for licenses and thus for the production of the 9-4 X ...

    What does Radio Stockholm say about that?

    But I think that most of us would prefer to see an Indian or Chinese as a new owner anyway - possibly one or the other European car manufacturer, if SAAB automobiles could develop reasonably freely in the latter constellation. However, there are concerns (as is well known, there are quite different “mothers”).

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

    • re: At the moment you can not hear anything from Zamir Ahmed (Brightwell)
      they have signed Agreement of confidence (silence) with the administrators = no information

  • Too bad about the 9-4x. A really great car! 🙁
    (and I say that as a former categorical “SUV hater”)

    How can you miss out on such a diamond (it's just us as a supplier)?
    Hopefully a new Saab can soon develop a worthy “successor”.

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