Breaking News: Youngman submits offer for Saab!

Youngman is said to have placed an offer of several billion kroner for Saab. This is reported by several sources from Sweden. Details are currently unknown. Updates will follow, if available.


12 thoughts on "Breaking News: Youngman submits offer for Saab!"

  • Since one falls from the faith. That does not sound good. Not again!!!

  • I don't know the sources on saabsunited, but what it says doesn't sound good at all ...

  • Anyway !! Things are going on in Sweden and I'm looking forward to the next days. I hope for a deserved comeback of our beloved brand !!!

  • …… ..euphoria?
    Then read today's news from Sweden.
    Gradually I also believe in ”the great conspiracy”

  • Hi, if I interpret that correctly, it will be really difficult for the other bidders. Youngman has a huge advantage - they are the biggest debtor Saab has. In other words, if they bid they get a part of the bankruptcy money back!
    So to speak, 200 mio and 70 return only means 130 mio paid!

  • hie,

    They were there from the start, they invested when the others were preparing for the funeral feast, they have now probably got the Chinese authorities behind them (... and right ...), they seem to mean business - and above all they want to start “small” again. I like it.

    Greetings from Koblenz.


  • Are we finally getting closer to the provisional end of the rollercoaster ride?

  • This is good news. The other bidders like Brightwell and Mahindra & Mahindra will now follow suit.

    Let's wait and see for the next few days - my favorite is Mahindra & Mahindra. But SAAB could also develop well with Youngman Lotus. Most likely better than a German auto company.


  • Very good!

    Now we are getting closer to our 9-3 X.

    Greetings from Hamburg


    PS: The 9-3 X will do well next to the 9-5 I and the 9-3 convertible.

  • Finally ! Go youngman, go!

  • They really mean it - several billion crowns are definitely more than 200 € !!

    However, this could still be topped by Mahindra & Mahindra - although a real concept was not yet visible there, I could also imagine the Indians as good new owners.

    Maybe it will still be outbid ...

  • ... well then let's go ... then my yellow (inca) convertible fits ... 🙂

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