Brightwell Holding in negotiations with GM

Zamier Ahmed, already missing from some readers, answers back. The rumor mill is cooking in Sweden, and Turkish investors are also contributing to it today. The sighting of the Saab fortune is almost complete for Brightwell and one is now close to submitting an offer.

Brightwell still dreams of the dream of GM licenses, they want to continue producing the Saab 9-5 and the Saab 9-4x. The negotiations with the Americans are going well and of course are strictly confidential. Nevertheless, Zamier Ahmed is still confident of winning the bid in Detroit. What a sensation would be and the Brightwell spokesman is currently leaning far out the window. The fact that GM does not grant licenses to Chinese is one thing for him, another is the licensing of Turkish friends. Well.

In any case, there is a clear statement for Saab, for the complete takeover and for the early start of production in Trollhättan. Between the lines there was an indication that Brightwell is calculating more jobs in Trollhättan than Youngman does. The Chinese had spoken of only 1000 jobs in the starting phase. The support of the Swedish government can be seen, also with regard to the jobs saved.

For Brightwell Youngman is not a threat, so the view of Zamier Ahmed. Which of the two prospects would be the better solution for Saab, that is the question. I prefer a third party.

Well, let's wait and see what happens. In Sweden meanwhile circulate the wildest speculation. Youngman is said to have commanded only for a part of Saab, so the one story. The other one says the smashing of Saab would be a done deal.

None of these rumors is currently confirmed, it's just guesses. Much of what we hear is deliberately scattered information and disinformation. I write this because some other sources of information do not see the news as differentiated. We should stay cool, not believe the conspiracy theorists. The direct line to Sweden still stands. If there are sound updates on the situation, we are very close.


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  • Hello!
    With GM mass production technology you can make friends. Not with that
    destructive, management from Detroit. A bunch of self-actors, superficial
    and not to impress with their own wrong decisions. In addition, the Swedish government,
    which is not exactly considered squeamish. What may Brightwell be like for a holding company
    bring such partners on board? I'm sorry, but that does not even look like hope
    out! No power for General Ma ++ a !!
    mvh Matti

  • I see (unfortunately) like that.
    In addition, Brightwell's statements are too strange for me (support of the Swedish government and licensing negotiations with GM). Both of these probably only happen if the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus come at the same time. I'm happy to be proven wrong here.
    The 95 SC would have done well in front of our house. But rather an end (with GM) with horror, as a terror without end.

  • Good day from Koblenz,
    As much as I wish Klaus 9-5 II also his 9-5 SC, the connection with GM will remain a deadly hug. You should do it without them.
    Greetings from Koblenz.

  • Do you have to understand Brightwell's information policy? An NDA is agreed with the insolvency administrators and then well-informed information flows to the public regarding alleged negotiations with GM. In addition, GM's statements were actually very clear (regarding licensing) and in retrospect, the use of GM licenses was not exactly cheap.

  • Great is a blog like yours, Tom!
    Without this hysterical popping up on every bizarre rumor, as our friends make of the Schwedenblogg. To wait a bit and then take a more differentiated look at the situation is what makes a good blogger!

    Now we all hope that it ends well with our beloved brand. And hopefully my 9-5 II will not remain a loner on the streets. Especially these days, with almost continuous snow road even on the highway, driving with the XWD6 is a lot of fun! And best of all, my 9-5er is even more handy and agile on snow with 5 Meter than my wife's 9-3 XWD.
    Looking forward to tomorrow, when it comes to -15 degrees and great snow in the mountains!

  • From me again a big thanks to Tom.

    It's wonderful how Tom is always adding news to this blog, and I even think that Tom is making a big contribution to keeping Saab alive, even though the flow belts are currently down in Trollhättan.
    I bought my first Saab last October, a 9-3 sports sedan and improved the performance with Hirsch-perfomance, a wonderful car that I don't want to be without!
    Previously I had a Volvo S40 5 cylinder, the car was great and I had none in 3 years, but never a defect or breakdown, the quality was great!
    Why am I writing this?
    Simple: I've never seen such a strong fanbase as Saab.
    The brand is very dear to me, also the peculiarity to drive a Saab.
    Very often I get eg at a gas station said: You have but a nice car :-))
    3x from BMW driver :-))
    Saab can have a great future ahead of us by finally marketing the name Saab and building more products, as Tom wrote here yesterday, for young and old.
    But without the brand Saab becoming an additional product, such as Seat or Skoda.
    Greetings from Luxembourg

  • I've already resolved umpteen times not to read any current news for the next 2 to 3 weeks and just wait for the surprise from the north ...
    But the addiction to (positive) events is stronger.
    Compared to this real Sweden thriller (verfilmungsreif!) With these main actors and not recognizable end even the Wallander thriller is a boring Gähn broadcast.
    Hopefully the good, hopefully a happy ending, with running conveyors in Trollhättan and as many jobs as possible will win at SAAB and the supply industry.
    The I-Tüpfchelchen would of course be the licensing of GM, so I finally get my 9-5 SC.

    • Hopefully, Zamier Ahmed will not just be stopped by GM.

      If this is the case (I'm afraid so), the 9-5 Combi shouldn't work for now. We also expect the offer from Mahindra & Mahindra - many observers expect this offer to be a breakthrough (it is most likely the bidder with the deepest pockets)!

      Above all, it is important that all observers pay particular attention to the trio of administrators - in the legendary Borgward case, the insolvency administrator more or less thwarted continued existence ...

  • I fully agree with the opinion of red99. That is also the reason why I get my information almost exclusively from this blog. Tom, I wish you a nice weekend and keep the fanbase up to date.

    Thank you!

    • You can only agree with that. Conspiracy theories bring nothing and the opinion of some other blogs are shameful for SAAB. We should remember that investors also study and analyze the Web closely. Our behavior should be the same.

  • It is remarkable how this blog, even in times of great uncertainty and media scaremongering continues to preserve a serene view of what is happening in Sweden (or anywhere else in the world).

    Tom, also a big THANK YOU!

    • I agree with that.

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