Mahindra & Mahindra offer for Saab & e dreams in Sweden

Today it is starting to get confusing, more and more people interested in the Saab legacy appear on the stage. Yesterday, Mahindra & Mahindra submitted an offer for Saab about which no further details were known. Because the Indians have an agreement with the administrators, which guarantees confidentiality. Meanwhile, the Swedes seem to fall into a real electric car hype and it could be dangerous for the automobile factory in Stallbacka.

Mahindra & Mahindra want to build e-mobility in Sweden according to a reliable but unconfirmed source. I have my doubts about this statement, but for the time being I accept it as a fact. A Swedish group of bidders thinks they have identified Dagens Industri. This e-mobility group is to be made up of companies from Innovatums, Volvo, Semcon and the state-controlled Fourier Transform consist. Together with Panasonic, as a battery supplier, they plan to build electric cars in the Saab plant.

There is a lot of government support and subsidies are already on the horizon. Hmm.

Let's sit back and reflect on the situation. ANA - the Saab dealer in Trollhättan starts producing a pilot series of the Z-Bee. BAIC / Panasonic are planning to build an electric car based on Saab technology in the Stallbacka. All established car manufacturers will cover the topic of e-mobility with more or less desirable vehicles in the next 24 months. An oversupply will hit a very small market that will only develop in the next few years. Who needs a joint venture from Sweden that will bring another product on this topic?

Lars Holmqvist, CEO of the supplier association CLEPA puts it in a nutshell. He expressed his concern to DI that e-car activities would be at the expense of jobs. He considers it simply stupid to build a business based solely on hope for emerging markets.

With this Holmqvist has expressed what reflects reality. E-mobility is one solution among many how we will move in the future. It is an additional and supplementary product for a conventional automobile factory. In Sweden, a narrow path is taken and the future of jobs is determined.

Strange only that Saab received no support from the state when the company was still to rescue. Saab e-Power was ready for the series and the concept for which many bidders were now fighting was eligible. No, no conspiracy theories now. Conventional car manufacturing was and is not interesting for the government in Stockholm. E-mobility, however, already. This is smart, makes good press and shows Sweden how politicians want to see the country. As a spearhead for innovative technology. Politicians just dream.

No - I'm not an enemy of electric cars. For some time now there has been a brochure on my table of a really great story, which can be configured via the I-Phone. If there is time, I'll tell you more about it. I'm just worried about the future of jobs in Trollhättan and I think the one-sided focus on this technology harbors too many risks.

Youngman and Brightwell have become quiet. Lars from “Phoenix - A Future for Saab”Is sure that the Chinese are still in Sweden. Which sounds good, because after the canceled press conference nothing came out of Rachel Pang's delegation. Brightwell is also mysteriously calm. The Turkish investor, who has ex-Saab CEO Muller as a consultant, wants to place a bid this week.

There were no details of the negotiations in the conference call with the administrators, which took place today at 09:00. Only two things that are relevant to our automotive Saab soul were discussed. On the one hand, it was confirmed that the complete sale was the top priority. On the other hand, Bergqvist described it literally as “bullshit” that one wanted to drag the process out in order to collect more fees.

Well then. The words I hear well - and if we don't have to continue to worry until mid-April, then at a happy ending, Hans L. Bergqvist is our friend. In this sense…


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  • The decisive factor is certainly which investor makes the largest investments (including the purchase price) and with which program the most jobs could be created - both points are unlikely to be met by an investor who only aims to build electric vehicles. So actually not the goal for the administrators - here a complete continuation by a financially strong investor is still reasonably favored - that would certainly also bring most jobs.

    Is there any new information about the European investor? Of course I don't mean the bargain hunters around Semco & Co.


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    When I read all the e-dreams, I wonder how cold it is in Sweden.

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      Exactly. E-cars what is this? It's nice if you can offer something on this topic, but in the future only electric cars should be built in Trollhättan, then there should not be any more Saab, because that's not Saab. Saab is turbo power and driving pleasure at its best

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        If it's possible to build e-cars with driving enjoyment then surely people at Saab can do that. But you're right, without petrol and E85 engines, Saab will not be Saab anymore. If true Saabs are no longer built then the name should not be used anymore.

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    The E-thought games, as I would call them, I consider daring and currently out of touch with reality. And yes, there is no market niche and no niche SAAB would occupy. Panasonic, as a possible battery supplier, has quite a bit of financial worries, as the business press reported yesterday.

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    I would like to strongly doubt that more jobs than the 1000 jobs originally targeted by Youngman-Lotus could be created with the production of electric cars - as well as whether it would even be possible to secure jobs in the long term (worldwide, some large corporations are jumping up this train on). So it would be new territory and most likely much more difficult to implement than making a traditional company “afloat” with well-known products.

    Now almost all of the bids from potential investors that were previously in the balance have arrived at the trio of administrators - so it should soon become clear who the new owners of SAAB automobiles are (Bergqvist's favorite keyword: complete sale)!

    By the way, is there anything to report about the hitherto invisible Western European bidder?

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

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    Hi Tom, a little faster would indeed be better. Nobody needs that much thrill!

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