Brightwell Holding: Victor Muller is back ...

The latest Saab 9-3 convertibles are being built in Trollhättan, the value of used Saabs is stable, and Muller is back in the fight for Saab! For some it is good news, not for others. Muller is controversial, Muller polarized. Suppliers in Sweden are responding with skepticism, and we'll see how things get done. Victor Muller is a consultant to potential investor Brightwell Holding and plans to play an active role in Saab's future.

The Brightwell delegation meets today with the administrators to bid for the carmaker. That means there are at least four offers available for Saab. Allegedly, according to Dagens Industri, Brightwell has the full support of the Turkish state. The company is also to be funded with millions of pounds from the Middle East. Brightwell wants to start production in Trollhättan as soon as possible and with as many models as possible, according to Ahmed Zamier about Dagens Industri.

Insiders give Brightwell little chance. The ongoing negotiations with GM are considered unrealistic, and the background of the company is nebulous. The closeness to Victor Muller, which is now obvious, does not make things any better. And frankly, I do not want Muller to play an active role in Saab.

But it won't be worth discussing. GM will not give Brightwell approval because GM does not want any other car manufacturers not only in China but also in Europe. A radical cure is planned with the malad daughter Opel. The plant in Bochum could be closed and production goes to South Korea. The fireworks of new products have burned down, Opel is badly positioned as always. GM never understood at Opel either. Our sympathy to the employees of the brand with the Blitz, who are already worried about the jobs.

As RedJ has already written by Saabsunited, the last Saab 9-3 cabriolets are being completed in Trollhättan. The contract is carried out by ANA, which builds taxis, police and emergency vehicles. If it is stupid, it will be 47 collectibles, which will be finished there in Sweden. The bankruptcy trustees will raise money to continue the proceedings. It is possible that the remaining vehicles in the factory will be completed in this way. 2012er Saab vintage, a very rare product.

An era is coming to an end in Trollhättan itself. ANA, once the largest Saab dealer in the world and long ago owned by the plant, leaves the traditional building at the “ANA roundabout” and moves to other, less representative premises. The owner of the very beautiful building, GMAC Bank, makes rent claims that are not acceptable for the company in the current situation. ANA will build a new, representative building in Trollhättan in the near future. The location is not yet certain.

Used Saabs retain their value, as it has now found in the UK. Motortrader, the island's largest used-vehicle site, posted stable results, although Saab prices dipped slightly in January. The Saab fan base is just loyal worldwide, and who is looking for a Saab in suitable equipment will find a bargain in Germany only with good luck. Vector and Aero equipment are in demand, while Linear is almost unsalable. If it really does not come to a production in Sweden, which we all do not hope and believe, then we are on the road with stable cars.

If you're looking for a new Saab 9-3 Griffin Cabriolet for spring, you can talk to your Saab Dealer or about the receiver Requests. “1 of 47”, an exclusive affair!


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    I speak for Victor Muller.
    Surely he has probably in his too fast decision with the contracts of GM over the table and certainly he is also in a sense a dream dancer.

    But did not he fight like a lion? Unfortunately with a lost post with GM in the neck, a government that has shown no interest in a rescue or support?
    The important, new products were there, it was missing only the necessary Milliönchen at the right time.
    Did not he really try everything?
    Where would we be if not the dilettante Guy Lofalk had ruined everything? According to insider report, did not VM master the contract constellation Saab / GM / Youngman / Pang-da?

    Says, if I am wrong, I certainly have great respect for this man!
    A guilty party is found quickly.

    • blank

      These are true words, dear Klaus. Badly written about one is fast.
      Or does someone know VM personally that one could report negative about him.
      He alone has saved our brand with Spiker, and is from so many media
      as a thank you for being vilified.

      PSPas the Coming Home light on your 9-5 now?

      LG - KLaus

      • blank

        Yes, thank you, coming home light works. But it's awkward ... why doesn't the light stay on for a while after the engine has been switched off ...?

        But honestly, where would we be today if Viktor Muller hadn't even existed ...?
        Would not SAAB have been history and burial since 2 years?


        • blank

          Hello Klaus.

          Before you get out, just pull the turn signal lever to the steering wheel, so to you and the light lights up the time set by you.
          If the lights continue to turn off after the engine does not make much sense, what if it is daylight.
          Would be just battery waste. Even at these low temperatures-you know, 1 start time costs approximately 10 min.Fahren until your consumed starting power is loaded again.

          Greetings to you and all Saab drivers - Klaus

  • As always, I join the discussion for Victor Muller. He may have had a dream - Saab has always been unprofitable. But I like dreamers because without them Saab would no longer exist.
    But much more important: he knows the contracts very well and with the remains of the company he could perhaps be the key to the licenses ...
    As far as the other parties are concerned, I can only say he was right in the first place when he said 100% sale to Youngman does not accept GM. If the Chinese had accepted his plan, they would be better off than at the moment where you have bet on the unprofessional adminstrators

    • blank

      Your comment that SAAB has always been unprofitable is actually an invention of “industry experts” and GM. That this was seldom the case before 1990 and also during the GM reign of terror from 1990, report experts who have dealt intensively with the matter.

      However, I share your further comment that VM could possibly be the key to obtaining licenses - but please bear in mind that if it is successful, a large number of requirements could be associated with it. Example: Sales of SAAB automobiles only in Europe / Turkey. All international dealers would therefore be rid of SAAB as a brand and should then pounce on the super cars from the GM group and try to advertise them ...

      Incidentally, a worldwide OPEL sale was also banned by GM.

      • blank

        You'll never see an Opel in the UK because that's where the cars are called Vauxhall. And in the US you used to wear Cadillac or Saturn and now the Buick are called. It makes no sense to bring two identical cars on the market, a little more autonomy (Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac XLR) is already necessary.
        But GM should be consistent and distribute the LaCrosse here in Europe as OPEL.

        The only problem is where are the profits going and where are the losses going? GM as a global company, as well as everyone else, where high taxes are possible, will make little profit and vice versa. That's why it does not look good (on paper) for the OPEL brand, but maybe this brand will not be around soon and GM will only work with Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac worldwide.

  • It's a scandal what these Detroit criminals are doing here. One can only wonder that Opel after such a long time under GM rule still exists. Maybe the guys who used to say GM at GM were just a lot, smarter than the current ones. I'm not a very special Opelfan, but I'm sure that the people in Rüsselsheim would certainly be more successful and could do a lot more if not always mind-blowing decisions were made in their heads over Detroit. Unfortunately, the Americans will probably succeed in ruining Opel and destroying a good deal of industrial history in Germany as well.
    Pity about Opel and the jobs of our compatriots, but I for my part would rather take the bike or public than I make myself dirty again on a product from GM's fingers

    • blank

      At least one should consider that Opel lived well with GM for many years - Opel has been part of GM since 1929, so the most legendary Opel models (the 'KAD' trio) were created under GM's aegis. Actually, it wasn't until the 80s that people started to sift it.

      Incidentally, it is noticeable that GM had already put together a brand structure as usual today, with the example of VW today is highly successful (no matter how you now personally to VW, they are profitable, anyway). With Opel / Vauxhall for the lower and mid-range market, and SAAB for the upper-class market, you could have actually become a force in the European car market, but unfortunately then the wrong strategy was taken.

      GM is now clinging to a status that they don't actually have - one could actually feel sorry for that.

      • Hello PhiBo,
        VW is the best example of how to do it right. Every brand profits from the others and can still be sufficiently differentiated from each other. And most of all, as much as I know all the brands have worldwide and are also produced worldwide. For example, run from Chinese plants for the local market Skoda `s next to VW`s Audi`s off the line

  • blank

    Please, not again Saab destroying actions with this guy.

  • blank

    Müller is a dream dancer

    I hope that in the future he will have to keep his hands off Saab

  • blank

    Speculation will continue to boom as we are not properly informed by the bankruptcy trustees of every detail about the bidders.

    Could it be an advantage for Brightwell in negotiations with GM to have VM on board?
    Maybe GM really enjoys pulling VM over the table one more time?

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