Saab notes from Trollhättan

Update: 18: 11

The time rushes and the countdown to submit offers is running. Today is the day when Brightwell Holding wants to meet with the bankruptcy trustees to bid. Victor Muller, consultant at Brightwell, estimates the Turkish holding company as the bidder with the best chance to completely take over Saab.

He also sees that Brightwell has the chance to build the Saab types 9-3, 9-5 and 9-4x with the Americans' permission. So Muller today in an SMS against the news agency TT. Victor Muller is back and he mixes vigorously. Let's see how the Brightwell thing develops.

A Chinese delegation from BAIC has also arrived on Swedish soil to bid for Saab. Probably you want to buy only a few parts, it is unclear which. As reported BAIC wants to acquire the Saab e-Power technology to build electric cars with partner Panasonic in Saab City.

Yes, in Trollhättan there is a lot of Saab tourism. Think back to the 19. December, the day of the bankruptcy petition. In public opinion, Saab was dead dead and no tired crown worth more. Nobody expected such an interest in a complete takeover or parts of the carmaker.

Almost all of them were wrong. Saab is not dead, the Saab technology and the name of the Swedish cult brand are of great interest worldwide. There are almost daily new investors who are interested in parts of the fabrication or Saab technology. Yesterday allegedly a group has emerged, which builds wind turbines in China, the local newspaper reports.

Administrators have a timetable and time is running out for bidders. By the weekend everyone should have placed the offers, then the exam and maybe the big wait begins. Haste is required, because the demand for highly qualified Saab engineers is high. 3.100 former Saab employees have already promised or found a new job for 200. Engineers can choose between 4-5 offers, it is reported.

As always, it's the best minds that could be missing on reboot. The faster the process comes to a successful conclusion, the better for Saab. We can not change the situation, we can only wait. For almost a year we have been patient. Is it still a few weeks now?


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  • Hopefully Viktor Muller is right! I believe in him real interest in the car brand SAAB! Go, Viktor, go!

  • Muller has at least entertainment value. That was it then. Good for SAAB he is not. 🙁

  • I'm sorry people, but VM is a nightmare for SAAB. If I'm just considering that then the whole circus starts again, no thanks! VM is not debatable and I'll go further and say the brand is finally dead. What stand has SAAB with VM at the suppliers?

  • SAAB automobiles would probably not exist if VM had not ripped the rudder at the last minute - this is a fact!

    The actual blockers were previously in Detroit - if this stays that way, the next few weeks will show.

    Some other blog participants, including me, have already pointed out that if the Americans give in (which would not be to their detriment, though, some conditions would be likely) - SAAB automobiles would certainly not be offered by a Brightwell owner in China. There has been the main market for GM products for months. Whether one could claim the market in the US, is an interesting question - but certainly positive for GM and SAAB negotiable.


  • VM worked hard and did a lot for Saab. I am grateful for what he has done and would like to see him in Saab in the future as well.

  • Victor Muller is a visionary, a maker behind SAAB. I am convinced that he is also a SAAB fan somewhere. The missing money he has tried to compensate with ideas and never thrown the gun in the grain.
    I find it no problem if with the help of VM again for 2 or 3 years, the current models with GM technology from tape.
    Staff at Stallbacka will be grateful if things go on soon.
    With VM and the Turkish investors, it could succeed.

    • The blast would be if GM would even take longer to enjoy a cooperation - of course, only as a supplier (for example: engines and / or automatic transmission). It was played anyway somehow and GM would thereby also revenue that fell away otherwise. Hardly any car buyer who changes from SAAB to another brand (or might have to change) would buy a GM car.

  • Mr. Muller should turn please to the Dutch tulip business.

  • I can not stand it another two years with the storyteller.
    Maybe he will try ANA as an intern.

  • That's true!

  • hie,
    I can not believe that here some Victor Muller become a myth. Victor Muller is not a visionary. He is a Hazardeur. Maybe he is just sitting with his buddy Valdimir Antonov in jail and tinkering with new funding opportunities. He should "troll", in the truest sense of the word.
    Greetings from Koblenz.

  • keep people cool! fact is, without vm we would not talk about buyers today. he may be appropriate to represent the brand on the outside. In addition, it requires a very good accountant and development engineer. both with the same influence as vm!

  • Hallo,

    I like Saab, I drive Saab and follow the blog with great interest.

    ME stands and falls with the question of whether an investor with a sustainable business plan and sufficient capital resources has an interest in the whole. For this I could not register anything really enlightening yet. If anyone buys this brand, then he must have clear ideas and if possible use all the potential economies of scale that still gives the narrow car market. Specifically, I mean that there are also models below the 9-3 that carry the "Saab-Spirit", because younger people really do not know this brand.

    The attempt by VM Saab to revive, was in my view from the beginning doomed to failure. Building expensive sports cars is one thing; Regaining markets in the sporting middle class a completely different.

    GM now drives a corporate strategy in which one can easily do without the brands Opel and Vauxhall. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet brand also covers all Opel models. GM has also said goodbye to Saab (for a long time) and Opel / Vauxhall.

    Whoever wants / wants to invest in Saab, must know
    that the brand Saab has to bring back well enough sales figures. Everything else would only be one in the end
    Extending the death throes that we all follow through this blog and through other media.

    You could do it, but then you have to dunk right.

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