New good news from Saab

While I am heading home to the north, there is still a little Saab story to tell. First results of the activities behind the Saab scenes can be reported. And it's good news. Saab has reformed in England and Saab Parts UK is taking over the supply of spare parts for the Swedish cult mobile homes on the island.

Saab moves closer to the customer in Britain. All Saab drivers have access to Saab Service Clubwhose membership is free. Service Club members have discounted spare parts rates, deer performace upgrades and more. Software updates for the Saabs are completely free. A beautiful thing.

Saab is traditionally very strong in England and the island takes on a pioneering role. Because in Germany, unfortunately, there is no similar offer, but since I know that you are active in Frankfurt with great commitment to Saab, I could imagine similar for us. Let us surprise.

In any case, the supply of spare parts for our Saabs has been constantly improving for all of us in recent weeks, as I was confirmed yesterday in a personal conversation. That too is good news.

If you still do not have enough of the Saab theme today, there is a bedtime reading for you. The Motor Klassik has written about the Saab 9000 CD. A totally undervalued classic that would be worth an affair. Similar to the title of the article: Swedish affair with an Italian.

Enjoy reading.


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    Good news has become rare. I can confirm a satisfactory spare parts supply. After a collision of my 9.5 NG Aero with an underground parking pillar, I ordered a tail light and a rear apron from my dealer SAAB IWM Würzburg on Monday and the parts have arrived despite great concerns on my part already today. As a little extra I will now order the HIRSCH rear diffuser and I'm happy. So it's up. Incidentally, I came across the SAABBLOG late, having been reading SAABSUNITED regularly several times a day since 2 years ago. In the meantime, however, I read the German blog first and then go to SAABSUNITED.

    Greetings from Würzburg

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    Hello Tom.

    Great news you spread. Can you tell me what a software update is?

    Kind regards - Klaus

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      Improvements to the software of your Saab, errors are eliminated. Automatic air conditioning, engine control, all-wheel drive, etc., everything is done via software. Normally, drivers of older Saabs benefit from it and should therefore definitely see a Saab partner…. 🙂

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