Saab headlines we like: restart in the summer?

With the Swedish cult brand, we live through ups and downs, with the depths currently clearly having the upper hand. The TTELA, local newspaper and reliable source in Trollhättan, today writes about a possible restart of production in the summer. TTELA, you make my day!

Blogger on the way to ...
Blogger on the way to ...

Basically, it's about the suppliers who are ready to do whatever they can to make Saab restart. Both the European supplier organization CLEPA with 550 member companies and the association of Swedish automotive suppliers FKG with 75 member companies are interested in a happy ending in Sweden.

This is good news, even if time is of the essence. Because Saab is still bleeding every day and it has to be done really quickly with a solution. Interested parties for the company are ready, bids have been submitted and the decision-making phase is now starting. According to a friend from Sweden, the administrators want to have viewed and rated the offers by the end of February. Then it goes into the final round of negotiations with one or two interested parties.

It's interesting what goes on behind the scenes. There is Brightwell Holding, which fights for Saab with a lot of public, Victor Muller-style. There is a Central European prospect and Mahindra & Mahindra who operates in the style of their company with all discretion. And there is Youngman. Youngman is the group that is most familiar with the subject and one of the most serious bidders.

The big Youngman delegation has been in Sweden for almost two weeks and has used the time well. A few days ago, I mentioned that Youngman employees visit suppliers and conduct exploratory talks. An important detail. Youngman, which is remarkable, is the only Saab prospect who has already had discussions with partners and suppliers. This confirmed Fredrik Sidahl of the supplier association FKG today again in the press conference.

Summer as a start of production is an ambitious goal. Suppliers expect a minimum of 12 weeks until production runs and components are on their way to Sweden. Other Saab partners, such as Lear, have closed their plants on site and need to be replaced by new suppliers. If we expect a sale by the end of March, then I expect a start in September. A nice perspective, because Sweden is especially beautiful in autumn. For the start of production a trip to Trollhättan? We will see.

Investor Youngman works steadily and reliably on the big plan to acquire Saab. Youngman has always been a reliable partner in the past and has always kept promises. That makes the investor sympathetic and I think Saab would also be in good hands with the Chinese. We will see.

In Sweden there is a rumor that BMW or Volkswagen might be interested in Saab. BMW has denied on demand of TTELA today, hesitant. Volkswagen should also have no interest in Saab. A denial is a denial or not. How do you say so nice: What do I care about my gossip from yesterday.

More about the other Saab bidder, the Brightwell Holding, will follow as soon as there is time to write.


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  • Hello Frank,

    yes, you can quickly lose track of things, the wind has changed so often in the last few months or years. Let's see it positively, everyone always only wants the best ...

    The GM SAABs were always better than their reputation in my opinion. The view of Detroit on Europe was the problem and it still is today, see Opel / Vauxhaull. One is obviously not able to grasp the opportunities of individual brands and to consistently develop them further.

  • The skyline of Wolfsburg is so overwhelming that some ICE train drivers could not find the brakes out of sheer enthusiasm ... ;-)

  • Wolfsburg doesn't have a skyline, but a catastrophe ... have you ever seen the “luxury hotel” Hilton Wolfsburg? With a fantastic view from the suites - of the VW factory.

    How do the VfL professionals hold out there? Where do they go if they do not want to see anything from VW?

  • There was an interesting report on DRadio recently on exactly this topic. It was about the fact that Chinese companies like to buy traditional companies from Europe. But not to get hold of technology and know-how, but to simply continue the brand and production. The funny thing is that the Chinese investors were sometimes far more profitable than the acquisitions. But apparently it is about adding the “old” brands to his portfolio and not only being represented on the Chinese but also on the world market (and with a good name). More of a prestige thing, at least that's what it felt like to me.

    The report was not about car makers, but the situation was immediately obvious to me and somehow I can now understand Youngman's great commitment and keep my fingers crossed for them, of all the bidders.

  • Typically BMW: Lax deny, but in “late late summer” (“probably later” the
    Start production). They meet substance.

  • the chimneys look like Wolfsburg ?!

  • Hi Frank, are we SAAB fans really so fickle? I always liked the stupid GM Dinger.

  • Hi red99, do not be so hard on us Saabists

    Youngman was unreliable yesterday - a great partner today; the 9-5 and 9-4 a great car even though GM develops that they don't understand anything about Saab - today you don't need that stupid GM thing anymore, BMW an acclaimed new engine partner - now not wanted in a takeover; Muller, the beloved star who saved Saab - now Brightwell's unloved partner

    Hey, that's when you talk about emotions with realities and yet want so much that our individual mini maker survives

  • ... and I'm here ;-)

  • Hi Tom,

    if so, it should be fine with me.

    Maybe someday the “right time” for an illuminating blog entry “Myths, rumors and targeted disinformation - the truth about the SAAB crisis”. Also as a book!

    BMW? Are you blowing a veil?

  • …… .still there.

  • Dear red99, I know what I write and stand by it. Since I was very closely involved, I think I can judge a lot. Many of the things that circulate about Youngman are third-party misinformation or disinformation, by self-proclaimed insiders, or by poorly researched press releases.
    Youngman has been reliable in the past, and has done everything within its power to support Saab and Muller, even in the most challenging situations. One has often taken a great risk, which went far beyond the usual. The final failure of all efforts was not the responsibility of Youngman.

    @Philmos: So it is ...

  • Hi Tom,

    is this again such a symbolic picture with the BMW four-cylinder in MUC? You could say something, but can not you?


    PS: Where was the reader who made allusions to the skyline?

  • "Youngman has always been a reliable partner in the past and has always kept promises."

    Hi Tom,

    Did I miss something? Is reliability already in the eye of the beholder? Let's take a look at the perspective of a SAAB employee:

    Youngman has more than once promised the payment of bridging funds, which then did not arrive in Sweden for weeks. Also, monthly salaries could not be paid on time or not. Is that reliable?

    Youngman, behind the back of SAAB management, has teamed up with Hr. Lofalk worked on an 100% takeover of SAAB. This procedure has led to GM immediately stopping all negotiations on SAAB. Is that reliable?

  • Tom is already negotiating the new engine contracts for the future SAAB's

  • Sometimes asked stupid. What is OUR SAAB BLOGGER doing in Munich? BMW four-cylinder? BMW? : Confused:

  • Welcome to Munich Tom. See you soon… 🙂

  • What can motivate a likeable prospective customer from China to produce cars in Trollhättan and then sell them mainly in China? Few Chinese have ever heard of Trollhättan, where Sweden is located, they probably know only about that and spreading the term of Swedish workmanship in China costs a lot of money and many years.

    I wish the blogger a good trip in Munich.

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