Rearview mirror: 12 months

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

Missed anniversary. On the 02. February 2011 went online, and the first article was published. Meanwhile, a lot has happened, and I admit, nothing has developed as planned. Actually, it should be an autoblog for our Swedish passion. One, two articles a week about old and new Saabs, driving reports, dealer reports, accessories. Actually, two authors should write as well. Almost nothing came true. Because shortly after the first articles stood in Trollhättan the tapes. And they persisted. And also the second author left the ship.

The blog became an economic thriller nobody could predict. Many heights, many depths.

A highlight in the last 12 months was the Saab Dealer Tour, where I got to meet many fans and Saab dealers who live Saab daily. There are still a lot of contacts, and I am happy that some good friendships have come about through the common Saab passion. Saab has fought in Germany, and the Saab riders have shown with positive feedback what might have been possible.

One of the low points was the canceled IAA and the failure of the alternative IAA in the last second. The absolute low for the blog and the Saab community came on 19. December, the day Saab filed for bankruptcy. But Saab is tough and has at least the 9 life of a cat. Since the black day in December, we are slowly and steadily working our way out of the deep, and a new future for the traditional brand seems possible.

The blog has grown faster than expected and requires a lot of time. It's probably the worst paid job in the world, if it's a job. But I do not want to miss a minute of the last 12 months, because he is also one of the nicest tasks for someone who has gasoline in their blood. Also comes through the Saab community a lot of positives from the commitment back.

The story with the blog is now a year. During this period, there were 1.072 articles, which are three posts per day. There were also some unpublished articles, such as the last part of the Saab dealer tour. The events in Trollhättan had overrun author and article, the end of the Saab dealer tour was never published.

Even more statistics? In the first month we had exactly 3.004 visitors. Meanwhile, we are approaching the brand of 160.000 visitors a month, and in the next few days we welcome the one millionth visitor.

Not bad, I would say. The blog has been made possible by many fans who actively collaborate, send pictures and information. The crew of Saab Germany has a large share, because in the darkest time some enthusiasts hold up the Saab flag in Frankfurt. The loyal Swedes, who always provide me with information, and also Radio Stockholm are partly responsible for the fact that everything works.

12 months blog are not enough yet. It continues, first in stages. Next comes the sale of Saab and the happy ending in Sweden. Once we have overcome this hurdle, I will first take a deep breath. Breathe and reorganize my activities. Then, maybe, keep blogging.


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  • Congratulations and a heartfelt THANK YOU from Darmstadt. What would Saab in Germany without your information ?? Where would the loyal fans be? The block is not high enough for the brand. He is still needed. Thanks again.

  • Congratulations and thanks for information, entertainment, objectivity and fairness! I can not spend a day without SAAB and! Oh, and the last part of the dealer tour, I would still like to read ....
    Cheers, Klaus

  • Happy B-day

  • 12 more months! You're welcome !

  • Congratulations for the "one year old" and great respect for you, your enthusiasm and your commitment!
    And also respect for your family, who somehow "bear and endure" everything !!!!

    For such a "young thing" the blog is already very mature! 😉
    I am looking forward to the next time ....

    By the way also for the fast delivery this week ...

  • Thanks for the information! and please continue! the first info-source has developed to the effect that in the forum the topic for the future of saab was closed. now there are, positively speaking, the lovers of the historical saabe on the way. here are usually logged in those who still want to participate in the technical progress and also love the old saabe. I think it has developed a culture and proximity to the dealers and Saab Germany which is unique.

    So, thanks again!

  • Also from my side, congratulations to the 1 anniversary!
    I really hope that Saab has at least as many and long lives as our cats!
    They recognize every Saab in our family, especially the real Saab 96 - 900!
    Therefore, Saab just has to live on!
    For the blog I wish you, from now on only good news!

  • Hello Tom,

    please do not stop! Your blog has become as important and interesting to me as a daily newspaper!
    Greeting ulf

  • Congratulations to the jubilee and a huge THANK YOU !!! for the great work. Even though I stumbled upon 2011 here in June, I was electrified by the side and electrified Saab and enticed me last week to buy an 9-3II.
    This site is now more important than my daily newspaper-so I hope to continue and keep it up ...

  • Hey Tom,

    Congratulations, and a lot of praise for your enthusiasm and perseverance. I barely have time to read the blog, let alone find the time to do it the way you do. Therefore, my greatest respect, I can imagine how much time the blog has to take and appreciate it. I hope your family forgives you your "hobby". Too bad that we did not meet on the dealer's tour.
    Continued success and optimism!

  • "Next comes the sale of Saab and the happy ending in Sweden."

    Tom, when that's done, you've earned a creative break. Maybe then the blog can indeed start as planned. With reports about the reconstruction of Saab, about the new models and their development, etc. Would be really a shame, if it could not go on (with both, Saab and the blog). The blog is now part of the daily reading.

    Well then, happy birthday.

  • Hello Tom…

    I agree with all of you so far.
    Congratulations to the one year old and most of all many thanks and great praise for very interesting, exciting reports. Since last summer and especially because of the past, very difficult months, your blog is part of my day, like breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    I hope your time will allow you to take care of this blog for a very long time and I'm really looking forward to realizing your real goals here, after the soon-to-be-happy ending in Trollhattan.

    Keep it up. Greetings from Saxony. Marco

  • Hi Tom,

    also from me the best wishes for one year old! And of course a big THANK YOU for what you are doing and hopefully will continue.
    Even if I rarely write anything, I am as a reader (usually several times) every day ... and my wife finds it no longer bad that I have a small "Saab-tit".

    Greetings from HAL

  • Hey Tom. Also a happy birthday from me. Was a successful day and I was pleased to meet you in person. Good drive home to the north.

  • After seven years and three coaches from Gothenburg, I am looking forward to driving a troll again, which, as I now think, is the only real Swede.
    The blog has brought me closer to the brand again. Soon, it will be clear, I will sit in one again!

    Thanks so much to Tom !!!

  • I know one of the 3004. Is that really a year ago?
    Happy Anniversary and more exciting 12 months!

  • Dear Tom,
    thanks a lot and
    Congratulations on the anniversary of the blog ... and keep it up!
    Am avid reader here every day. Usually several times.
    Greetings from churches / victory

  • Hi Tom,
    Congratulations to the anniversary. Thank you for your good work - I always like to come here.
    Greetings from Munich

  • Since I also have a "Saab-Tit" I would like to congratulate. I never thought that I would check 3-4 x with you on the day, but you make it great and worth reading. Since we all hope for a positive outcome of the Saab Crime hopes, connects us a lot without which we all know each other personally.
    Tom, which we got to know each other in Leipzig, I really liked.
    Let's put the champagne cold, it will work !!!!

  • Hi Tom,
    fully agree with the previous speakers ... THANK YOU for this very very informative blog !!!! and thank you that we were allowed to get to know us for the dealer tour ... I am looking forward to the next meeting and then we come across the new SAAB's!
    So, all the best ... ..

    PS: The last sentence can but delete (that is the "maybe") ... because we ALL make then a Saabkorso in front of your door !!!! 😉 😉

  • Respect for the last months! And: nothing is as constant as change!

  • Congratulations and a big thank you also from Switzerland!
    We need people like you to continue to provide objective news about our beloved cult brand. Please keep going, because after the successful "resurrection" you can finally write in the blogg about what you really wanted to write about: Saab as a car and not about the company.

  • Happy Birthday also from Switzerland :-)

    The "maybe continue blogging" at the end of your article, Tom is out of the question. Such a talented blogger should never throw in the towel, especially not when it comes to the point that you can finally write the blog on the topics that you originally wanted, right? I think that all blog readers, the whole community agree with me!

    Thank you very much - you really are a brilliant scribbler - compliment (but do not stop!)

    It greetings

  • Congratulations to the 1 year old!
    Factual info with passion to SAAB several times a day online. What a performance !!! THANK YOU for your commitment! THANKS to your family for this tolerance! I use the blog safely 2x daily, a pleasant SAAB dependence! And hope for a SAAB-happy future ... ..

  • Hi Tom,

    Congratulations to the one-year-old !!!

    .. but above all thanks again for your good information. In addition to Dirk's blog from Berlin your page is for me, which provides the most concrete and above all truthful information about my favorite car Saabi.

    I hope you still hold until the whole hopefully positive end.

    Thanks and regards Cetak

  • Hi Tom,

    For some months now I read your blog with ever increasing enthusiasm and I am going through with you and the community ups and downs - many thanks and great respect for you and your family - SAAB IS STILL ALIVE and YOU have a huge share in it !!!

    On more exciting reports and events with SAAB greeting from the Lower Rhine

  • Great Blog Tom !! Saab will still be there in 2012, 2013 and so on. With or without 9-4X and 9-5..You still have a lot of work! Certainly.
    Many greetings from France.

  • Congratulations and also you Tom,

    Thank you for the great and informative reports.
    Although I do not currently have my own Saab, I've been a big fan of the brand for ages. I used to own an old 900er and last year I also infested my wife with the Saab Cabrio virus because a Saab 9-3 from Saab Frankfurt was our wedding car (despite rain 😉). My declared goal is an 9-3 convertible in black with neigefarbenem leather, this is also my wish for weeks at the radio station FFH, the listeners their desire met.
    So Tom, keep up the good work and thanks again for the great reports and important information for me.

  • Hi Tom,

    also from me at this point congratulations and praise for the great work. Ordered my 9-5 TTID4 Vector 2011 in the first week of January and was prepared for a delivery time of 6 weeks. Unfortunately, the car came after a long 12 weeks, in the meantime, I had to be content with info / pictures from the Internet and then landed very quickly on your blog.
    As it turned out, I became one of the few who were also supplied.

    After 11.280 vehicles came the little cold and then the big worry about spare parts / residual value / warranty ... and here was and is your blog has always been a great moral help and support. Fortunately here in Belgium we have no factory warranty but the importer stands for possible benefits and has confirmed this to the dealers even after the bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the spare parts supply does not work on time. It all depends but when ...

    Start or finish my day with a reading of the articles on your blog and I would be happy if it could stay that way ...

    Many thanks and greetings from East Belgium,


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