Saab news from Sweden on Saturday

Some fly home, others consider withdrawing from the bidding process. No reason for depression, but the news on Saturday is not really good. The Youngman delegation has left Sweden. Earlier than planned, but it's not meant to be a farewell forever. Youngman lawyer Johan Nylèn said they would soon return to Sweden. He did not want to comment further on the progress of the sales negotiations. "... it moves forward .." was the only comment.

So far, you have only made a non-binding offer to Youngman for Saab and I think that Youngman is more into licensing difficulties than we suspect. More in a later article.

Difficulties with licensing come mostly from Detroit. The Americans are building what is understandable. Because GM is worried and burning in Europe. For 2012 was suspected in Rüsselsheim a billion loss. Opel is talking about factory closures and behind the doors bankruptcy is no longer excluded. The profit maximization of the Americans runs in the Asian regions. In all other markets it looks modest.

Our friends from India are currently feeling this. Mahindra & Mahindra is considering withdrawing from the proceedings. Without American courtesy, nothing would work for the group from the subcontinent either. Since there are no open doors in Detroit, they want to end the Swedish adventure. Which would be a shame, because the Indians are my dream partners with another company.

As I said, no reason for depression. In Sweden they are already writing about a possible breakup of the group, but we hear that prayerfully every few days.

Two Saab appointments are new in our calendar. On February 24th, the monthly meeting of the Saab Friends Rhein-Main takes place in Frankfurt, to which everyone, not even club members, is invited. Please register by February 20th. In March it's time for Techno Classica again. The Saab stand in Essen this time has Saab 95 and 96 as a theme. The 1st German Saab Club is part of the tradition and holds the flag of the Swedish cult brand high.

For the season opener, the right date for all Saab fans and I will move in the direction of Essen in March.

You all have a nice weekend!

Keep on saabing on take care


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  • BAIC and Youngman-Lotus could possibly team up - BAIC has all the “building blocks” for the current 9-3 on the “shelf” (so similar has been reported so far).

    Since BAIC only serves the China market, Youngman-Lotus could rush to the other world market - both companies would then have something from SAAB-Automobile. This should even be possible without GM.

    A negative aspect for BAIC would be that Youngman-Lotus would like to get involved in the Chinese market in the foreseeable future. As this market is known to have huge potential, one could certainly shape the cooperation there positively for both companies through appropriate contracts. In addition, BAIC models tend to be in the middle price range - with SAAB one would appeal to a different (smaller) group of buyers in China and the risk for BAIC would be kept within limits anyway.


  • In this statement, only the Turkish side was not mentioned. Are they still on board? So everyone goes home because of the GM ramp. Who stays are local drikpassers and stepping riders and yes, the magic cap remains and
    buys for nothing as the last bidder with realistic chances for a restart. When will the secret be aired? Very exciting.

  • So, if I understand that correctly, it all boils down to a new bidder being active in a market where GM is no longer interested, besides, he should be financially well-positioned and able to provide components, until at Saab planned, designed and ready for production a new, independent model range. That seems to be true for the stealth provider somehow.

    I feel like at an art auction when the coveted paintings go to bidders who bid by phone and do not want to be named ...

    • The problem is that every bidder thinks he can do it on his own. At least as partner, it needs another manufacturer or a system supplier (Conti / Schaeffler or Magna Steyr). As a pure investor you have lost.

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