BAIC Saab 9-3 and the Youngman licensing issue

Some problems are homemade. For relatively little money Saab sold the old Saab 9 5 platform, engines and transmissions to the car maker BAIC. This, according to the statement, the old Saab 9-3. So far we have assumed that an old Saab 9-3 could be a pre-facelift model, so now we have been better informed. The Chinese-owned Saab 9-3 seems to be the current 2008-built car. If that is really the case, then the matter is explosive.

BAIC Saab 9-3 in side view
BAIC Saab 9-3 in side view

For one thing, Saab would not have made a good deal and given a current license to China for a small amount of less than 200 million dollars. What is incomprehensible, because you would have completely sold the intellectual property of Saab and completely made himself the licensee of GM. Therefore, this business could become another problem in the fight for the brand.

What would have happened if one had retained the rights? Any investor could now easily run the 9-5 Classic and the complete 9-3 series off the tapes. But such mind games are not helpful. Over is over.

BAIC Saab 9-3 Heck: Where is the difference, apart from the brand logo
BAIC Saab 9-3 Heck: Where is the difference, apart from the brand logo

Now, BAIC's reservations for protecting alleged property appear in a different light. We begin to understand the position of the car maker from Beijing. It is remarkable that BAIC will build a car that is absolutely identical to the Saab 9-3 in the future, with only a different logo and the same interior.

BAIC 9-3 taillights, identical to Saab 9-3
BAIC 9-3 taillights, identical to Saab 9-3

Within 30 minutes, the BAIC's battery should be rechargeable at 80%, full capacity requires 6-8 hours. The fact that this car with the internal code Q60FB-C1 has an electric car ready for production, so that 150 can drive fully electric and reach a maximum speed of 160 Km / h, makes the matter bitter for Saab fans. Because even in Trollhättan the Saab e-Power concept was ready for the series and Sweden would have been in the race before China on the market.

BAIC 9-3 interior, we recognize the current Saab 9-3 II
BAIC 9-3 interior, we recognize the current Saab 9-3 II

The statement from BAIC in Trollhättan with partner Panasonic wants to build a new quality. In principle, all you have to do is press the red button, all tools and machines are already wonderfully designed for this model. The BAIC Saab will not appear on the market under the type designation 9-3. The Chinese will use a different name. But the launch of the BAIC brand in Europe with a “Saab” made in Trollhättan and European manufacturing quality would be an entry with thunder.

Another quick review and a "what if" was. A little less than a year ago, BAIC wanted to take over Saab completely. The contracts were almost ready for signature. The brand should continue to operate independently in Sweden. The project failed because of Muller and Antonov. Neither would have been in the game anymore. Negotiations were stopped at the last minute, BAIC was offended. This behavior left a bad impression in China and Muller's odyssey began with various interested parties. The consequences are known.

BAIC 9-3 EV, 150 kilometers electric drive
BAIC 9-3 EV, 150 kilometers electric drive

Bad for Saab's survival, bad for Youngman, bad for almost everyone interested. Let's assume that without knowing the contract, BAIC actually has the rights to the current Saab 9-3. This means that there are mines in Detroit and Beijing. Problems are there to be solved. Negotiations are one way. Politics is another. Youngman could bypass these mines if politicians want to. Problems can also be solved with money. For Mahindra and Brightwell, it could be the end of the Saab story.

BAIC 9-3 Front is similar to the current Saab 9-3 in the smallest detail
BAIC 9-3 Front is similar to the current Saab 9-3 in the smallest detail

Suddenly, the statement of the bankruptcy trustee of the weekend makes sense. Completely cryptic you put a hint in the world. They want to sell Saab completely, maybe to a bunch of bidders. Aha.

If we follow that thought then the solution might look like this. BAIC builds E-Mobile in Trollhättan, Semcon takes over the development facilities, SAIC supplies the parts and a Swedish investor uses the real estate for a subcontracting company. Everything would be gone and the mission fulfilled.

BAIC 9-3 or Saab 9-3?
BAIC 9-3 or Saab 9-3?

Hope? Still. After all, our bidder X remains as a glimmer of hope. He brings his own platform and could produce in Saab's factory and parallel models. In this case, my favorite.

Still the position of BAIC is completely unclear. Threatening gestures were only in the direction of Youngman. The bankruptcy administrators are not clear on the issue. BAIC may also want to continue the Saab brand. A possibility that so far nobody has considered.

A solution with Brightwell would be possible, they told at the weekend. The Turks have made a good impression in Sweden. The investor does not seem to care about the Asian market in a first step, which should please BAIC. Even Youngman is still there and as I said, every problem can be solved.

With politics, negotiations or with money.


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  • Uh-oh! The whole thing looks very much like the Rover story. Hopefully all machines and equipment will stay in Sweden and not go to China or Turkey.

  • BAIC had “redesigned” the 9-5, why don't you do the same with the 9-3? At the moment you do not need to fear that SAAB will file a lawsuit against you ... But all bidders are wondering whether there is still a contract that they do not know.

    Bad game.

  • He does not get any prettier, even if you only look at the pictures every few months. Too bad what you have made of the Saabs. But also good that the similarity does not exist.

  • Imho that here is just a weak warning sign. Youngman, Brightwell, M & Ms (sorry :)) etc need to know exactly from the Saab administrators what GM has sold to BAIC. What would you offer so much money for? For PhoeniX, who somehow (wholly or under license?) Belongs to Youngman?

    The worse alternative would be that it is only about the factory, site, etc., that Saab is no longer in the game anyway and “Saab as the whole” no longer exists.

  • So I think so too: The cars were built in Sweden and moved in China with a new logo and new Schrifft. No 9-3er has been produced in China yet. I can not imagine that with the best will. Somebody wants to provoke. Just wait and see!!

  • Somehow it is actually an impossibility that suddenly Baic should own all licenses on 9-3. If so, VM would not have been able to build a car in the last 2 years without first asking in Amiland or China if he is allowed to. If Baic owns rights to the current 9-3, they may at least not be exclusive. For me, Baic inflates at the moment just a bit to deter the other bidders and unsettle to themselves as cheaply as possible to get the cake

  • I can not shake the impression that BAIC deliberately places uncertainties here. Do Brightwell and BAIC work together?

  • The question of whether BAIC has already produced and sold the vehicles is really interesting - in the case of a complete purchase by BAIC, it might even be possible to switch to SAAB emblems and other SAAB subtleties before production starts.

    But it should be quite interesting for BAIC, in terms of newer models, which then u. U.
    could be sold worldwide as real SAAB automobiles. This group would have a really great starting position and all options would be open to it.

  • BMW or VW would definitely not “mess it up” - nobody here can get close to General Murcks that quickly!

    But I also see BAIC more clearly now as a possible investor in Trollhättan - maybe together with Youngman-Lotus (they could complement each other).

  • How cold-tempered the General Ma ** a is, was yesterday again in the world mirror (ARD)
    shown. No news: 2009 saw extensive layoffs at the Detroit plant.
    After the crisis and billion dollar aid from the US government, the GM mothership was again
    Artificially brought on course and “saved” from total ruin. After that, in relaxed
    Share the situation for GM and demand rose again. The tapes ran again day and night
    Night and 40% of the “ex-workforce” was reinstated for 50% of the salary at the time.
    In Detroit they speak of employees 1st & 2nd category (temporary workers should be more
    Get salary !?). That, in a city with 12 BILLION US dollar deficit doom
    is dedicated to decay and closes any social institutions, even
    Bus lines without replacement sweeps that GM employees should transpose to the factory.
    The German automaker also have their mistakes, of course, but the subject GM, Opel (temporary employment)
    scandal) has eaten for a long time. The less GM on this planet
    (- and American Way of Life, too!), the better!
    I just want BMW that pull Saab out of the shit by the suspenders
    and ensure with heart and mind the highest possible proportion of “Saab independence”. You can't do it any worse than GM!
    A dream with such platforms and engines, brought by Saab technicians on Saabkurs.

  • That being said, not everyone who loves their Saab is a Saab enthusiast. It should also happen that you only like a certain model, and that because of its appearance and its nature - not because of the logo or name that is noted on the rear.

  • Sorry!

    Correct is of course "MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA"


  • Let's not assume that the trustee trio wants to slaughter something here.

    The last hope is not Group X either - some blog participants have described the great opportunities for BAIC and, contrary to popular belief, Mahandria & Mahindra still seems to be on board after all.

    Even Youngman Lotus promises to get in the way despite problems!

    Almost all bidders do not seem to be irritated by the pessimistic environment.

  • ... Well then ... the last hope is then Mister X !!! It's really sad what GM has made of SAAB ... and the last ones butcher the rest and earn a golden nose ...

  • I don't quite see it that way - we SAAB enthusiasts are not the target group, but global sales are only worthwhile if you benefit from the still existing SAAB image and also offer the automobiles under the name (brand) SAAB-Automobile.

    BAIC and any subheadings are largely unknown worldwide (so-called No Name manufacturers) and have no chance.

    Greetings from Hamburg


  • Hi economically, I don't understand that either, they have the best position! I had already speculated elsewhere with regard to Youngman that they could just buy engines etc. so everything that is under GM licenses from BAIC - but actually it would be the easiest for BAIC to take over the whole thing ...
    Does anyone know if BAIC actually already produces and sells the cars, or are all just showpieces?
    By the way: Because many here hold the Chinese so high, always think of MG and what the Chinese have made of it!

  • We Saab Enthusiasts are not the target audience. We are not enough and the brand has ultimately been losing for decades.

  • Producing 9-3 e-mobiles in Trollhättan (possibly from BAIC) actually only makes sense in the future if SAAB emblems are also attached to the vehicles - if these models are produced in Trollhättan or elsewhere in the world, it would be a global success probably only possible as a SAAB brand.

    Maybe BAIC will get back into position as a bidder for SAAB. After what we have now learned, they would have the very best conditions - they could build in Trollhättan for the European market and in their Chinese plants for the world market - and after a complete purchase, everything under the name SAAB! Negotiations with GM would no longer be necessary. If BAIC doesn't grasp this possibility, I won't understand anything anymore!

  • Throughout the story, prospective buyers (bidders) should ask Saab once to whom they want to sell such Saab with the wrong logo!
    The Saab drivers are special lovers and we hold together worldwide, as the last 2 years prove!
    So, to whom do you want to sell these vehicles if they do not understand the Saabists' statements? We are the ones who are loyal to the brand !!!

  • It can not be dramatic anymore. Only since when are these facts well known. The amount of energy, hope, health and endurance used by us fans has been back for 1-1,5 years. The question remains, does BAIC really build such Saabs, then my question would be about homologation and / or import, and quickly secure a few more emblems (front, rear, steering wheel, rims and else to suit your mood) Let's see how the Hope called Great X also burst. It was said, big X would whistle on licenses, GM, etc.

  • What a drama. So it's a GM contract. Then Gauner Motors actually sold SAAB as an assembly plant without its own platform. Then the sinking was planned by long hand and in the sense of GM.

  • Only the logo is kind of odd -.-

  • Did not Muller thread the sale to BAIC? Is really hard to keep track of

  • These are more questions than answers. But suddenly it all makes sense. BAIC = SAAB 9-3. The complete madness.

  • Tom, please say that is not true ...

    Well bravo, because GM has at the end of his SAAB rule again quickly plugged a 200 million euro check, everything SAAB still owned sold, then the empty shell on the roadside is eliminated.

    The really sad thing is that we have been watching the apparently pointless resuscitation of a cold corpse for 2 years….

    What do bidders bid for in Sweden?

    the 9-3 belongs to BAIC
    the 9-4 belongs to GM
    the old 9-5 belongs to BAIC
    the new 9-5 belongs to GM

    the work is sold at 50%,
    the remaining cars are sold to pay the attorneys (pallbearers).

    maybe you should build the old 900 again, or have the rights already been sold… .aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

    Sorry, but I can not stay factual.

  • And why go Baic everywhere with different front and rear through the net than Baic C60 and C71? Somehow I do not really believe that, apart from the fact that it would probably be the perfect bridgehead to Europe for Baic.

  • And all that so suddenly?
    If it was true then the last Saab 9-3 would have been built without a license.
    (angry Swedish product pirates ^^)
    Who worked out such contracts?

    And since when do Chinese companies hold licenses?
    Or are all just threatening gestures to deter bidders?

    Greetings Eicher

  • Good morning,

    .... nice car .... looks like mine.

    Greetings from Koblenz.


  • Tom, that's actually “breaking news”, which I don't want to please at all. To be honest, I am gradually losing hope because - if I understand correctly - all of the technology has already been sold. And so without licenses it will be very difficult ...

  • No, that Muller has not threaded, the contract is still August / September 2009.

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