SAAB News: BAIC Saab 9-3, GM and Mahindra & Mahindra

We are now in the middle of February and the next two weeks will decide everything. Offers for Saab are expected in the coming days, if not yet submitted by the administrators. In the next two weeks it will turn out if Saab has a future. In the meantime, smokestacks are being detonated and many of those involved are in the business of leaving the matter unclear. Let's start with the less pleasant topics. Let's talk about BAIC and the Saab 9-3 again. A topic that was discussed controversially yesterday. It is interesting what car magazines in China write about this topic.

One thing is clear. Politically, the BAIC Elektro-Saab is wanted and is urgently expected. For the carmaker from the capital would like to be the first manufacturer for image reasons, whose purely battery-powered vehicles are rolling through Beijing. E-mobility promises much to the communist administration. The smog-plagued city is supposed to get better air quality than if it were feasible with electric cars. Maybe you should not burn so much lignite and switch to other energy sources. But the snakes of nocturnal lignite trucks, which flow from the highways into the city, are another topic.

Electric cars should be the future for metropolitan areas and therefore do not need to participate in the infamous license plate lottery. The pictures shown on the blog went through various media in China. They show for the first time, which is unanimously reported, the serial versions of an electric car which is called Q60 or maybe C70. This information is not secret, it is publicly available. Even the self-proclaimed insiders, who have been using as a news agency for months to present their own twisted view of things as insider news, have access. Language skills required.

The announcements from China are clear and leave little room for interpretation. After all, the interior of the BAIC Saab 9-3 also corresponds to the series.

A simple and good solution to the problem has Till von Saabsunited. He is aware that BAIC has acquired some 9-3 from ANA. Are the cars now presented to the press in reality modified Trollhättan cars? There are some reasons for this, because the current tools are (still) in Sweden, not in China.

At a loss? A little yes. Somehow things are not conclusive. Let's summarize:

  • BAIC announces interest in Saab e-Power technology a few weeks ago. Why - when supposedly own e-mobile is ready for the series.
  • BAIC wants to build electric cars in Sweden. It makes sense, because you already own at least a part of the Saab technology and the investments are manageable.
  • BAIC wanted to take over Saab completely before 11 months. Currently, there is no sign of interest in the brand. Why? With Saab logo, the BAIC 9-3 would be better to market in Europe and the US.
  • BAIC has only the 2.0 and 2.3 liter engines from the old Saab 9-5. Which engines work in the Saab 9-3 derivatives BAIC would like to build. Presumably GM engines and transmissions, as also bought from Saab.
  • Would GM appreciate BAIC buying Saab? Maybe yes. Maybe without enthusiasm. GM could not prevent the procedure.

So let's ask the question again. If all of this is true, why would not BAIC Saab take over completely at the present time? The price is in the range of a special offer and the facts speak for it.

Poker BAIC? Is it a huge bluff? Is there a game with a guaranteed surprise behind the scenes? And what is the role of Youngman and Chinese politics?

Blogger perplexed, that too.

I can not hear this G-word with the two letters anymore. The GM Group has spoken again today. Nothing new, we just mention it for the sake of order. Nobody talks about Saab, according to Specher James Cain. The Americans also ignite smoke candles and the current statements could have a low half-life.

More interesting is the situation at Mahindra. The Indians are on a shopping spree and currently the Indian press announces that an offer for Saab is being prepared. From the retreat no trace. M & M seems to develop some ambition to make the group a complete supplier. After having an undisputed competence in the sector of all-wheel drive vehicles one would like to round off the pallet. The purchase of Ssangyong was the first step. The purchase of the Swedish cult brand Saab would be the second. With the now desired acquisition of Ducati would be added to a noble Italian motorcycle manufacturer. An interesting group would emerge.

Already an interesting and efficient concern Bieter X, which insists on anonymity for understandable reasons. Currently no offer has been made, but it is still in negotiations with the administrators. His entry would permanently change the Saab world.

Either way. Saab is at a turning point. Whoever buys the manufacturer, nothing will stay as it was. Exciting times, we are there.

Finally, a good message. In the Netherlands, the Saab driver's warranty problem seems to have been resolved, say friends of Saabsunited. It goes ahead. Updates follow.


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  • Hi Tom,

    Maybe BAIC will be there with the bidders - after all, the administrators are now talking to other interested parties.

    Is it known if Youngman has submitted a revised bid?

    M & M is really very interesting - this group seems to have enormous financial power (annual turnover: about 14 billion dollars). Since you missed Jaguar just a few years ago on the shopping tour (is known to have gone to the Indian Tata Group), you will want to give here "butter at the fish" and submit an appropriate bid. For all those who do not come from Northern Germany: giving butter to the fish means as much as bringing a thing to the best possible conclusion!

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

    • No, no one has improved yet. We will have to be patient for a while.

    • BAIC was on 2009 to Saab, Opel, Chrysler and Volvo. So it would not be surprising if they reappeared. In contrast to Youngman, they also have a few components that they could probably use in the current 9-3.

      They probably would not trust too much goodwill from GM because SAIC, GM's partner at ShanghaiGM, would not be particularly interested in getting a strong competitor (they are also reviving their brand "Shanghai," reportedly based on the shelf, again). And with the sales, the GM makes there, the partner should also be allowed to comment once. Just a thought.

      • Hello Till,

        What does BAIC have a few components for the current 9-3 - but they have the licenses for both the current 9-3 as synonymous for the 9-5 I of GM purchased. So you could easily start building the models - in this case GM does not need goodwill at all!

  • @ Julie: Good that you have explained again. I would have wondered what else Mahindra has to do with food, such as butter and fish .... (Grin)

  • M & M would fit well with SAAB. I would welcome the entry of the Indians in Sweden. Of all known Biertern, M & M is the most trusted.

  • Electric drive as a remedy for smog ?! Who still knows Zero Emission as a marketing term? Power generation for electric cars represents only a shift of exhaust emissions. The nuclear phase-out will not simplify the problem of power generation.
    On hybrid vehicles, I believe against it. Either on electricity (city centers) or with an internal combustion engine as a generator, operated in the optimum range of action, and gives the electricity generated to the electric drive, which works very efficiently.
    BAIC is in the scene here. How does BAIC relate to GM? SAIC is a GM partner, but BAIC is not affiliated with GM?

    • BAIC has nothing to do with SAIC, BAIC Connections to US automakers
      are the license production of Chrysler Jeep models
      but BAIC also has joint ventures with other automakers
      like Mercedes Benz or Hyundai

  • What does all this mean for the Swedish Automobile share?

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