SAAB News: Press conference with the administrators

It is Tuesday and once a week the administrators inform more or less extensively about the current process in Sweden. We have the 14. February and the matter is entering the hot phase. What the administrators said today does not really sound concrete, but brings a reaffirmation to the window of opportunity.

Currently one is busy with detailed work and one has 6 or 7 considered reputable interested parties for the purchase of the Saab legacies. So a few bidders jumped at the last minute. Some from Sweden, some from abroad. It is confirmed that non-binding bids exist, further bids have not been received. Of how many commandments do we actually speak? Some, said Anne-Marie Poteaux and some are more than one confirmed by Youngman.

Still you want to sell the Saab Automobile AB as a holistic package. That still has priority. But there may also be a combined solution with multiple stakeholders. Yes, attorney Poteaux confirmed, we are also working on a possible alternative solution.

Negotiations with the real estate company Hemfosa, which Victor Muller has sold parts of the plant, and talks about the construction of the Saab 9-3 are in the background.

GM once again denied being involved in negotiations. More in the following article. But the bankruptcy trustees did not want to comment on the news from Detroit. Understandable, because the clock is now ticking louder and faster.

The administrators are optimistic about reaching their destination before the end of February. Today is the 14 February, the month also has only 29 days in Sweden. So still 15 days maximum. My nerves will thank the administrators when uncertainty comes to an end. The sooner the better.


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    • Geniales film, beautifully worked up (including lintel in the picture above). Help, where is
      the time machine! No gee emm, no insolvency, people in breadwinner, inde-
      pending with only one good product (station wagon / Limo) and above all: cars without
      unnecessary electro frippery. You can tell, that you get older and like to such times
      think back!
      Thanks for the hint! Matti

      • blank

        But unfortunately “Bullerbü” burned down a long time ago.

        A PITY !

  • blank

    Is Flunkert now General Murks (GM) or Brightwell, if GM is heard that they are not involved in negotiations?
    Or are negotiations for certain reasons now possibly only with BAIC required (keyword: SAAB 9-3)?

    Where does Youngman Lotus stay with the corrected offer?

    The trio of administrators can imagine that the interested public would at least like to hear which investors are, so to speak, in the first line. Specific information about the content of the bids is not possible anyway due to the confidentiality clauses. This probably applies to most of the bidders - or may names not even be mentioned in individual cases (example: Group X from Germany)?

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        ...... dramatic - the difference.
        We always knew it!

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        Well, it's better to turn off the sound. And as far as the decorative strip is concerned ... does someone have a pair of pliers and epoxy resin? Then the repair costs are one hundred and fifty, with VAT.

        By the way, something similar can also be observed on the 1999 9-5. With mine, I've already moved large flower pots and knocked trash cans set in concrete - without damage that couldn't be repaired with paint polish or perhaps a plastic bag and a can of Saab paint No. 174 (connoisseurs can now guess the color of my deer).

        I was just really sorry for the driver of a VW Scirocco (new) ... he had a dent and a hook in the door, I had a minimal scratch on the wheel arch.

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