Saab 9-5 sport combination: Secret insights into the model year 2012

Let`s talk about Cars! Saab had the 9-5 sports car the potential to drive out of the crisis. Our sport combination with the Swedish license LGT 271, which accompanied us on the dealer's tour, was a very special Saab. Because he was a pre-production model, which already had the genes of the vintage 2012 in itself. A model year we will never see, but which would have been particularly good. Which makes it all the more tragic.

Beautiful interior, Saab 9-5 sportswear, model year 2012
Beautiful interior, Saab 9-5 sportswear, model year 2012

For Saab had rediscovered many improvements in the field of technology and the love of detail. But one after anonther. The most important improvement would have been the suspension for all Saab 9-5. The first 9-5 of the second series, which had been released by the band, were very inharmonious without Drive-Sense, which unfortunately I can confirm on the basis of my own experiences. With every week of production, the suspension tuning was better, more harmonious and a great car appropriate. The younger the Saab 9-5 I drove, the better I liked the vote, with or without Drive-Sense.

Saab 9-5, model year 2012 center console
Saab 9-5, model year 2012 center console

Saab had registered the deficits early on, and in Britain, where Saab has always been more agile and successful than in Germany, votes were taken on English country roads with press participation. The new suspension setup for our tested sports suit was perfect, even the sedan would have received this vote.

Another point would have been the fuel consumption optimization for the petrol engine in the 9-5. Fine work has always been a domain of Saab. In the new model year, after last but unfortunately unconfirmed and not released data sheets, considerable consumption advantages were possible.

Born from Jets: Saab plane in digital speedometer
Born from jets: Saab plane in digital speedometer

Let's go to the interior. A point that could be improved. Because the original supplier for the interior decoration said goodbye to the series launch from the market, so that the 9-5 started with a very sober design. I could have lived with that, and at Hirsch Performance there is a very nice nappa leather set, which finally upgrades the 9-5 interior to the upper class.

Door trim Saab 9-5, Aero Trim, model year 2012
Door trim Saab 9-5, Aero Trim, model year 2012

Our LGT 271 had the “Black Pearl” trim as standard for the Aero, which gives the interior a very noble touch, especially in conjunction with light leather. A dark wood look and a cocoa pearl look, unfortunately not shown, would also have been available. Decoratively, the interior would now be above criticism and appropriate for the price range.

Tradition transported to the modern age: Head-up Display - Saab aircraft logo
Tradition transported to the modern age: Head-up Display - Saab aircraft logo

Add to that the small, nice details that make a Saab to the Saab. Actually, they are unnecessary, but the love of the little things makes the difference, is the luxury of our days. I'm a fan of the Saab 9-5 digital row tachometer, and it's all the more enjoyable when the old Saab plane logo appears in the digital speedometer.

Our old Saab logo is also back in the head-up display. Tradition skilfully transported to the modern age. In addition many small improvements in the area of ​​the navigation graphics, and the 9-5 is a perfect Saab.

The Saab 9-5 series would have been a success for Saab in model year 2012. The criticisms cleared, in addition more attention to detail than ever. The sedan is for me one of the most elegant vehicles on the market, the rear of one of the most beautiful in recent years. Probably the one who has a Saab 9-5 sedan.

Saab 9-5 turbo 6 XWD deer at Saab Muckelbauer
Saab 9-5 turbo 6 XWD deer at Saab Muckelbauer

There are still a few in the German market. Our photo model is attached Saab Muckelbauer in Bamberg and is a beautiful 9-5 deer with sovereign 330 PS.

The story of Saab would have been better had the 2012 vintage come on the road. In addition to perfection, they have reverted to old strengths, revived traditions and rediscovered the love of detail. For some company car drivers, the 9-5 would have become the alternative after a number of Audi A6. It should not have been, destiny did not want it. Unfortunately, some stories do not go well.

So also the life story of LGT 271, our Testaab. A few weeks ago, the announcement in Sweden that the bankruptcy trustees had scraped all the Saab 9-4x that made it to Sweden and scrapped all the pre-series Saab 9-5 sports cars. All but one saved for the Museum Fund.

The news is so sad that I didn't ask in Sweden. Maybe it's true, maybe not. In the meantime there has been a denial by the bankruptcy trustees. Saab LGT 271 will, if it is so and if cars have a soul - and at Saabs I am almost certain that the scrapped prototypes and pre-series models will be in the car heaven. Anyway ... in my automotive heart it always has its place, our 9-5 sports suit.


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  • blank

    Hello from Belgium,
    Can anyone tell me how many off the 95 SC are build? I guess that in total 17 are build.
    What does happen with those cars? Are they property off Saab Sweden, are they just premodels that never will be sold?
    95 sedan and it's a superb car. Everybody is looking at the car.
    Saab forever.

  • blank

    Hi Tim,
    Is it possible to know how many 9-5 II were built at all and how many are allowed in Germany?

    I tried to get it out on the net, but I failed. Can you help?

    Possibly. also with numbers for Aero, Vector and Linear?

    Many thanks and greetings from Darmstadt.

    Incidentally, my Turbo 4 deer is equipped exactly as shown in the pictures. Should it, if I understood correctly, but first give 2012. Did I just get lucky?

  • blank

    Dear Tom,

    The article talks about models that we will not see in series, or simply stories that do not go well.

    For example, this doesn't really fit in with Brightwell Holding's plans - is there any kind of current information? With Investor X from Germany, a 9-5, born 2012/13, could even hit the streets of this world - possibly in an even more harmonious design (a little more compact and with a more concise front section - maybe even a coupe).

    I think we shouldn't bury all our dreams yet and approach them with a positive outlook - maybe the time has not yet run out for our favorite brand either.

  • blank

    The report shows it clearly again. SAAB would have had a chance had they given the company appropriate time. Such a brand must not disappear and there must be a comeback.

  • blank

    Tears can come to you.
    How can many, many millions in the development of a great looking car to bury it then buried.I am still not clear why GM Saab with the new 9-5, the 9-4X and the successor to the 9-3 shortly before the series maturity has repelled and Opel has retained. The result looks at Opel yes everyone.
    Just sad. I had the 9-5 sedan while only 2 days for test drive, but was totally thrilled.
    I still believe in a positive outcome!

  • blank

    After my chrome glasses leasing expired, that would have become my new company vehicle in Jan'2013, no question about it.
    Alternatives? I don't currently know any ...

  • The scrapping sounds draconian, but you don't know what the law says about individual approvals ...

    Great car, would have had something as a company car with 6 cylinder diesel and bi-turbo ... but hey there wasn't anyway and that at least comforts me. At least that's how you can talk about it 😉

  • blank

    I cannot imagine that the bankruptcy trustees spent any more money on scrapping ... That would probably have been some 100.000 euros for the empty cash register!

    The article is sad, my 9-5 SC Aero was ordered for the beginning of March ...

    • blank

      And mine for November 2011, I have to decide now unfortunately for the competition from Bavaria. But if Saab grabs it again, the next one is sure to be a Swede again.

  • blank

    Nice car, nice interior ... it was really convincing on the tour!

    The (but with a dark interior or possibly rather the 9-4x) was firmly planned for 2012!

    Now I have to drive the old 9-5 SC from 2002 a little further ** (unfortunately the CD changer has completely stopped working since last week ... and I don't know if / how it can be replaced).

    ** I still do not give up hope for new Saabs.
    I would be in the backside. biting, if we would buy now / soon a new car of another brand and 1 year later again new Saabs from the tapes would roll.
    Well, hopefully we'll know a little more in a few weeks.

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