SAAB notes: Great cars and news about the Saab center Frankfurt

I bought my Turbo X from a BMW dealer in the Starnberg area. I learned that BMW sales employees have to be objective people. Because they loved the Saab! Usually you don't take the time to take a short trip with non-branded products. With the Saab you had the time and said “… it was a product on par with BMW vehicles ..”. Thank you !

Saab Turbo X: boost pressure indicator
Saab Turbo X: boost pressure indicator

In recent days, with snow and ice, the all-wheel drive Saab could prove qualities. The traction is impressive under all circumstances. A friend who was with me yesterday and who has nothing to do with Saab could not understand that this brand should not exist in the future. I do not either.

A driving report to Turbo X follows as soon as photo weather is.

Our second Saab 9-3, which we bought last year as a new car in Hamburg, now has more than 10.000 kilometers on the meter. While in the past other brands from our company fleet already had the first shortcomings and disappeared on the towing towards the workshop, the Saab runs like a clockwork. Since the Hirschkur he is traveling with almost 200 PS sovereign. The retrofitted engine block heater is worth every penny in the cold season. The Saab 9-3 1.8t sports car is a car, which we would buy again at any time.

Currently 4 Saab are in our family and one too many. But this is another story.

Nevertheless, great cars still need a garage from time to time. This brings us to the subject of Saab Zentrum Frankfurt, which is going through the insolvency proceedings as the factory branch of Saab Automobile AB. The workshop in Frankfurt-Fechenheim is open, but the procedure ends at the end of March.

For the Frankfurt region and the Saab driver it would be a huge loss, we would lose the dealership and the employees with longtime Saab experience. The nearest Saab centers are in Mainz, Gießen and Würzburg. The Saab dealership has 3.500 customers in the file, the employees are very dedicated, and they live the brand. Last Friday, a Brandbrief of the managing director went to all customers, because urgently investors are sought. I did not want to post the letter on the blog, because I know who is reading, so the matter was too explosive for me.

On Saturday I picked up the phone and had some talks. Seemingly successful, because an interested investor, who understands our brand, is found. Initial talks are underway to explore the situation, and for the first time, the future of the Saab Center is brightening a bit. It is not the final salvation yet, but a small step towards the future.

We stay in contact, and if there is good news from Frankfurt, then we are there.


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    For Saab center Frankfurt, there is the following note:

    the SZ-FFM is really a super Saab company with a high level of competence and expertise. Most of the employees have been there for decades! According to my information, however, the employees see no salvation for themselves. The “envisaged” rescue by sought-after investors probably only refers to a minimal number of current employees. The shift in the shaft and the federal agency will be responsible for the majority in the near future.

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      The sentence about the losses caused by Saab is an impudence. It's your own fault

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        The Opelians can only do one more harm. SAAB already has what lies ahead of them. We are slowly seeing a small light on the horizon. For Opel, however, it looks zappenduster.

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    I sincerely hope that you can quickly find a solution for the Frankfurt Saab center and the operation continues unhindered. Although I come from the north, I have come to know the team in Frankfurt as very friendly and helpful. 2009 gave them my first Saab and all the first car, an 9-3 MY 2005.
    The whole purchase was perfectly taken care of and despite my young age I became respectful and considered
    serious customer messed up. I wish the Frankfurters only the best for the future.

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    Yes, and in the Saabkantine there are roast pork and dumplings with wheat beer instead of köttbulla

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      Anything better than sushi ... right? 🙂

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    Is it possible that whoever sells SAABs in Fechenheim in the future will also build some in Sweden in the medium term?

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      No, you are wrong. But I do not have such good relationships.

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