SAAB blogger on the road…

What not to do for the Swedish brand. Today is a very special, short-term Saab appointment going north. Somewhere along the way I meet Mark with his Saab - and then we continue together.

Nearly 600 kilometers are currently in front of me, which is not a problem with a Saab, but a pleasure. News comes as soon as a quiet spot and internet access are available somewhere.


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  • Hi Tom,

    I hope you had a great day yesterday and hopefully good news for us. We are all very excited and would like to know the current status of the negotiations. Above all, I am interested in the big unknown. Has he positioned himself in the meantime?

    Best regards from Saxony

  • ... could only offer a similarly beautiful 9000 Anniversary.
    (the young guy from the Dresdner exit with the black 900 5door)

  • And once again one is excited to be tortured - the most annoying thing is that we cannot get Radio Stockholm in here in Hamburg-Volksdorf ...

    Could the blogger possibly receive something interesting (Mahindra + Mahindra, Brightwell Holding, Youngman Lotus, BAIC, Mister X and others)?

  • There are certainly worse than 600 kilometers in the Turbo X.
    Btw. enjoy the new acquisition.

  • Hi Tom,
    have a good trip and have fun ...
    yesterday also had the fun on the three-lane A4 ... and some German “premium manufacturer drivers” looked stupid that the yellow SAABINE accelerated on the mountain too! 😉

    Oh ... I'm looking for a nice 9000Aero !!! 🙂 (switch)

  • Exactly, for this reason there is no rear seat entertainment in Mommy's 9-3SC. Films are only available on long trips in the 9-5 ......

  • I MAY also drive from Mönchengladbach to Görlitz tomorrow. I'm already looking forward to starting my 9-3 and driving the 700 km Saab. So the weekend starts very well ...

    Best regards and good journey.

  • we have limited watching the film to the autobahn, the first thing the youngsters ask is: are we driving the autobahn? ... and always pack enough film material! 😉

  • Good ride Tom!
    Also I may tomorrow 600km from Switzerland in the direction of Cologne! The kids are already looking forward to the Rear Seat Entertainment in Papas 9-5er, and I'm looking forward to the German Autobahn.

  • Tom, Tom;
    well then good drive. It's my pleasure. It's going to be a cool event.
    I'm on the way.
    LG Mark

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