SAAB Spirit: Yes, we are still here!

It is unimaginable that Saab, the unique Swedish cult brand, could disappear from the world! Saab is the salt in the soup of automotive arbitrariness. Because Saab has no alternative for many of us, and we refuse to give up. Not only the Saab drivers think that way, Saab dealers also stand by the brand. Like Masoud Etehad from the Saab dealership in Halstenbek. A few days ago, “Mister Saab” gave an interview in the Autobild, which led to other events.

Anne Knüpfer and Masoud Etehad in an interview
Anne Knüpfer and Masoud Etehad in an interview

The phones in Halstenbek were no longer quiet, Saab parts and accessories were ordered from all over Germany, and spontaneously two new Saab were sold. After the print media, Saab and the dealership now comes on TV. The media have Saab back on the list. This is gratifying because for many, the Saab story has been 19 since. December at the end.

The automobile magazine “Auto Mobil” from Vox was there yesterday with a team to report on Saab and the combative community. It was a very short-term event, the release for the shooting date on Thursday only came the evening before. Bloggers and fans do everything for the brand from Sweden, we are like the Saab partners. Because we are all in the same boat!

Schietwetter in Hamburg ... Access to the Elbtunnel
Schietwetter in Hamburg ... Access to the Elbtunnel

So off to Hamburg. Ice in the south, bad weather in the north. 550 kilometers journey for me, 400 kilometers for friend Mark. Press appointments are always such a topic. I am careful there. Does the Vox team understand the Saab spirit? Are you sensitive, do you get involved with the brand? What is “Saabbian”? Saab is special, Saab is not like the others! Saab has a rich, eventful history.

The Vox Crew, Masoud Etehad, Blogger and the biggest fan of Saab ...
The Vox Crew, Masoud Etehad, Blogger and the biggest fan of Saab ...

I have a good feeling with the team of editor Anne Knüpfer. She doesn't drive a Saab (yet), but it would be possible. Your cameraman would also be a possible candidate ... 😉

What is the Vox post about? First, the commitment of Etehad in Halstenbek. Again and again you bring new or almost new Saabs from Sweden. The sale is running, the demand is there. The workshop is full, the spare part situation is good. The cars are reliable. Currently, a silver Saab 9-5 II was in the halls for inspection. 90.000 kilometers on the clock. He has seen the workshop three times in his car life. Inspection at 30.000, 60.000 and 90.000 kilometers. Is there a better reference for the Swedes?

Almost only Saabs at Etehad in the yard ...
Almost only Saabs at Etehad in the yard ...

The most important person for the Saab post is Masoud Etehad. He is the engine, he lives Saab. That GM is on board is gratifying. GM did not understand Saab. That the customers trust his dealership, that Saabs are bought again and again, is his merit. It is the result of many years of hard work that makes itself felt in hard times.

Two Saab fans also have their say. Like Mark, who had come specially from Saxony. Why they drive Saab, what makes the Saab Spirit. Yes, even the blogger stood for the first time in life in front of the camera. With mixed feelings and excited, I admit. To tell about the blog and about the Saab community. To explain what makes Saab. And why Saab has a future.

What is Saabisch..Blogger with Anne Knüpfer in an interview
What is saabisch..Blogger with Anne Knüpfer in an interview

Also with questions about sensitive topics. Such as the topic of GM and the licenses. Editor Anne Knüpfer wanted to know if we feel anger at GM because of this. "... no, no anger, we feel sadness ..." is my answer on this point. Whether there are people who think I (we) are crazy that we still believe in Saab.

Crazy ? Is it us Yes, maybe a little ...

The shooting in Halstenbek was over much too quickly and it was exciting. The Vox team has been patient, has listened to us and I've learned a lot from it. Not looking into the camera, for example. It's all a new experience, and everything will be better the next time you shoot. Then we also have better topics. New owner or start of production in Sweden.

There was also a small Turbo X meeting, which I was especially happy about. With the exhibition vehicle 1.5 per thousand of worldwide production were together in the short term. 😉

My very special thanks to the entire team in Halstenbek! For the friendly, familiar welcome and the Saab spirit that is lived every day. No journey is too far for Etehad and Saab. A matter of honor!


12 thoughts on "SAAB Spirit: Yes, we are still here!"

  • I'm really looking forward to the report.
    Hopefully he will be sent bad.

    To come back to the question of whether we are all a bit crazy because we don't think SAAB is dead and SAAB are loyal ......


    SAAB 4 EVER !!!!!!

  • Hello Tom, we had met yesterday at Etehad. Thank you again for your commitment to our Saab brand. Great that you both have come the long way.
    Greetings from Hamburg until soon against Andreas

  • Hello from Koblenz,

    … ..We few, we happy few, we band of brothers… ..
    (Shakespeare / Henry V, St. Crispian's speech)


  • When I look at the website of SAAB Etehad, I almost cry when compared to the website of my SAAB dealer. Which was apparently the last time 2008 was updated, and does not even contain contacts. Is probably synonymous better, because in addition to a new 9-5 and a 9-3 convertible in the showroom are two used Audi and a new Chevrolet (!).

  • Hello Tom,

    you're getting big! and now on TV!
    You see, a little crazy, just off the crowd, moved and motivated. Saab drivers tick something else, right?
    Greeting ulf

  • Etehad is also a very good address when it comes to the purchase of a well-preserved Old (Young) timers of the brand SAAB.

    In recent months, there were always very nice 900er and 9000er, which were for sale.

    from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg (neighbor of Halstenbek)

  • Great thing! Every media presence for SAAB is positive! Shows that our brand lives!

  • Cool thing, so much commitment. Which brand except SAAB does this have? Can I just say: GRIFFIN UP!

  • Yes / Yes. Tom was traveling with 12.xx liters ... And having a lot of fun 🙂

  • Hi Achim

    The date is not fixed yet. Update follows via the blog!

  • Hey Tom;
    It was really a very good idea to go to Hamburg to see Mr. Etehad and his team, although the appointment came about at very short notice. I would also like to thank you again for the warm welcome in Hamburg Halstenbeck. This is the real SAAB fuel, that was Saab ...
    Achim: as soon as we know the date, we will announce it. Mrs. Knüpfer also spoke of a DVD that we will then receive ...
    We will see
    LG Mark (with 6,8l / 100km on the way yesterday: o)

  • Hi Tom,

    is the broadcast date for the review already fixed? I definitely want to see that.

    Greetings from conc

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