SAAB auction on the Internet

For Germany again runs a Saab auction. While many linear models were included in the first auction, interesting and well-equipped Saab 9-3 Vector types are now available. Even four-wheel friends could find the right vehicle with a Saab 9-3x.

Saab 9-3 sportswear
Saab 9-3 sportswear

First experience through the previous auction are now available. The vehicles are new cars with zero to 20 or 30 kilometers mileage. Since they are productions for the Swedish market, they comply with the European specification. All papers for approval are available. In Sweden, new cars are given a license plate before the sale. Therefore, these vehicles now appear on the Internet as used cars.

The Saab 9-3 is mature and well made. Spare parts are available without problems, the supply by the Saab Parts AB works. First Saab riders have already accepted the offer and got their dream car from Trollhättan. Wonderful.

The processing of the auction can be done through the Saab partner without any problems. If you don't have a local dealer, the blog will be happy to find the right contact for you. The auction ends on February 21.02.2012, XNUMX.


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  • The auction will be online tomorrow and then 7 days are up to bid. The link will be posted on the blog in the late afternoon tomorrow, then the auction will open.

  • Hallo,

    where can I get the auction list? I heard that even on 23.2. should be an auction.
    Can you help me with my research ?? Thank you in advance.


  • I would be really curious, for what prices the cars will be auctioned there ???

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