SAAB Event of the Year: International Saab Club Meeting

For 2012 actually two events would be on the plan. On the one hand the Saab Festival in Trollhättan, which takes place every 2 years. Whether there will be such an event in Sweden is open. The other important event is sure to take place. In Belgium, Saab riders meet for the International Saab Club Meeting 2012. In Spa, the place in the Ardennes stands the 3. to 5. August everything in the sign of the brand with the griffin.

Saab legends like Erik Carlsson and Stig Blomqvist are expected and an international blogger meeting seems to be emerging. Alone for the race track, Belgium is worth a visit!

If you are thinking about participating, you should book in the next few weeks. Experience has shown that you can still get good hotel rooms at an affordable price; in the spring it will be difficult to find them. The final registration deadline is the 31. May 2012.

Big international Saab meetings are always a chance to experience the legendary Saab Spirit. Fans from all countries meet and neither language barriers nor their origin play a role in the big Saab community. Maybe we really have something to celebrate in August, maybe we'll experience our brand like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Regardless, Spa is worth the trip. Talk Saab, see Saab, experience the community. That counts. I booked spa!

Link to the organizer: International Saab 2012


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  • Hi Tom,

    the Vosges begin 300 km south, please type Ardennes into the Gps otherwise you will not arrive in our beautiful area but in Alsace

    Maybe you can see yourself ... Sign up if you want to know more about the region.

    Here is an overview:


    • Hi Frank

      Thanks for the hint! The text is changed. So off to the Ardennes ...

  • Hotel is already booked, and I've already signed up, I'm currently trying a Saab meeting worthy of Saab to acquire.

  • Hello Tom

    I have to be well prepared for the Saab meeting.
    Do you still have the iPhone4 Covers in stock. I have to have ice.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Greetings from the CH

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