SAAB Backstage: negotiations in Sweden

Several Swedish newspapers have revisited the subject of Saab today, which makes it easier for me to cover the past week. Because currently I practice a balancing act between confidentiality and publication, so that the next six weeks get information only with the handbrake on.

Actually, the administrators did not expect the hot phase of the bidding battle until next week, but offers were submitted or improved last week. What is currently on the table is not the pure bankruptcy value of a company, it reflects the value of the brand essence. It's probably just the beginning.

Youngman's Pang Qingnian gave some details to the Svenska Dagbladet. Youngman will invest in the development of new Saab models 12 billion crowns. Converted into euros, this is a real amount. For Trollhättan there is a kind of location guarantee, because he sees that rich Chinese prefer luxury cars from the West. Therefore, he is sure that even in 5 years cars will be built in Sweden.

The Interview is quite informative and who wants to read it. Because the Youngman CEO also tells about the night before the 19. December, the NDRC and GM.

More about Saab 9-3 reveals the father of Rachel Pang doing it for the first time to the public. It is possible to build the 9-3 series with diesel engine and automatic transmission without GM license. Which is no surprise, because these assemblies do not come from the Americans. Body parts are burdened by the sale to BAIC, but could be changed within a few months so that there is no conflict here.

The Saab 9-3 only with diesel and automatic? So only front-wheel drive and no four-wheel drive? It should be seen as one of the possibilities and as a purely political statement. So stay cool. GM's problem is not with engines and transmissions. Because GM is ready to continue to supply manual transmissions and gasoline engines. Here is currently negotiated over components and the output is open. However, we should forget the idea to integrate other gasoline third-party manufacturers in the current 9-3. This is a mind game, not more. Here are the costs and the short duration of the series in no relation.

Interesting is what is not in the press. Insiders from Sweden now see a clear timeline and they see clear favorites. At the end of march, everything will be in a very dry place. The race for Saab will be decided between two parties. A party from China, a party from India. Brightwell is already considered to have failed because the financial possibilities are limited.

Possible is a combination solution in any form from one of the bidders with another company. The administrators had used this term a few days ago and an interpretation is difficult. In the meantime, Swedish circles have plausibly explained the background to me and the plan is good. I put it that way in the room, and it is a solution that requires imagination, but which we should keep an eye on.

Rachel Pang is heading for Sweden again. By the end of the month, the preliminary negotiations could be completed and it could go into the final negotiations. Youngman and Mahindra are the hot candidates. Of course, I also have my preferences, and I prefer one of the two to the other. But that should not be the topic.

On the 19. December we had our absolute low point. We are slowly working our way back to the light. If somebody was currently asking me if I believe in the survival of Saab, I would confirm that. Saab will find a new owner, there will be new cars with the royal griffin.

Saab has a future. The Saab story continues, in whatever form.


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  • The direction taken now in Trollhättan does not look so bad.

    Professor Dudenhöffer (alleged car expert) immediately separated his gossip in the “press text” - among other things, the so-called expert, who has often been completely wrong, claims that Youngman-Lotus is very unreliable and does not have a clear strategy. That unreliability would actually be a reason to file a lawsuit for defamation -
    he can not judge this with the strategy in any way (just that one will hardly have granted access to any negotiating documents). Just impossible this type!


  • So I own a Saab 9-3 Convertible Aero with automatic, petrol engine and Hirsch tuning from the last series, and I would be happy to buy a Saab 9-3 Convertible Aero with automatic transmission and diesel engine in a couple of years.
    Best regards from Switzerland

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    SAAB mur with diesel engines and automotik certainly gives a low production. SAAB needs a strong turbo gasoline engine. Many of my friends do not like automatic 🙁 I hope there is an agreement on engine delivery.

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    hm, thanks for the link to the newspaper article. I'm interested in what happened in the next to 19.12.2011. Unfortunately, my Swedish is just as good as my Suaelisch, both goes very close to zero. Can someone briefly say what was - except the bankruptcy?

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    A glimmer of light on the horizon?

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      More than a streak of light - the previous duration of the “treatment” by Youngman-Lotus was actually supposed to ensure that all possibilities for the patient's recovery were taken into account.

      The rehabilitation should succeed well with 12 billion crowns!

      It remains to be seen whether the treatment options from India could even surpass this - details of this have not yet been made public.

      Greetings from Hamburg

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    Very well! You make my day!

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    Sounds very positive yes. It is impressive that Saab had to go bankrupt before really moving in the matter.
    So it remains exciting.

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    Is this good for the Saab share Swedish Automobile owns?
    Please answer! Thank you.

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      Since you seem to ask this question in each thread a counter question: Which stocks has SWAN to Saab Automobile? SWAN had more shares before the bankruptcy. Saab Automobile AB is currently being marketed by the insolvency administrators. Since then has neither GM (preference shares) nor SWAN shares in the new Saab Automobile AB.
      SWAN has shares in Spyker. Does that help?

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        Right. Only if the rate is over 100 percent gets SWAN off. But then first VM and Tenaci must be served. The shareholders do not get. But they are still involved in Spyker, this great brand.

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    Oops - sorry, they both posted at the same time! 😉

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    Interesting! That sounds quite positive!

    The “Western European” undercover bidder is no longer among the two favorites! Do you know more about this?

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      Yes, yes, it's still there. Keyword "combination solution"...

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        So will the Western European Group (if backed up?) Prpfldt join forces with the foreign company Krjsxkrtsl in SAAB, and together they will build products for which Krjsxkrtsl has been interested for some time?

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    Hello Tom, in your post today you leave "your" European competitor (manufacturer) unmentioned! How come? Did I miss anything?

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    It's hard to stay calm, but we're just zaungäste! And all that happens now is to light theaters and fog candles. if there are decisions then you will also see what gm is ready for, not before. a combination solution also has something that can be of benefit to those from asia and europe

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