Saab 9000 ... because life is too short for compromise!

I like my 9000er Anniversary and can not wait until the snow and ice disappear and the Saab gets back on the road. The Saab 9000, eternally underestimated, has a loyal fan base, and who once drove 9000er may not miss the Swede anymore.

Saab 9000 CS by Jost from Baden
Saab 9000 CS by Jost from Baden

Saab fan Jost from Baden is with his heart, he drives Saab for many years, and I have already talked about him geschrieben, He has done a lot in the automotive industry in recent months, trading his Saab 9-3 II for a Saab 9000. Not just any 9000er, but an 9000 CS in new car condition.

Saab 9000 CS 2.3 engine compartment
Saab 9000 CS 2.3 engine compartment

The new 9000 has only 13.000 kilometers on the clock and is 15 years old. If I look at the pictures, I think there will not be a better 9000 all over Europe. Jost is rightly very proud of the new Sweden.

Saab 9000 CS, interior
Saab 9000 CS, interior

Saab 9000 underbody, as fresh from Trollhättan
Saab 9000 underbody, as fresh from Trollhättan

Is it crazy to swap a year old Saab 9-3 TID and switch to a Saab 9000? It is understandable for people who know the 9000. Because he can do almost everything that modern cars can do. Only with a little more style, a little more understatement and with the certainty that you are always “dressed” appropriately.

Saab 9000 CS
Saab 9000 CS

Saab is a cult, more than ever! I notice it every day anew. Once Saab 9000, always Saab 9000, so you could say. The circle of lovers is growing, and good specimens are sought. The 9000er is one of the best cars in Trollhättan off the line.

The decision, dear Jost, was a brave one, and it was the right one. Quite frankly, I would have done it the same way and not differently! Many happy kilometers with the Saab, in which you are very safe and comfortable!

My congratulations to Baden!


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  • @ Jost Engels


    A really great 9000er that you have there and on the 8V 900er because you have bought me, I'm already spared.
    How did you do that, that you found such a great car?

    I myself am looking for a SAAB 900 five-door (Bj 92-93) with airbag or after a SAAB 9000 preferably without turbo (year 95-98) alls everyday car because my 900 coupe (Bj 86) is too bad for me and unfortunately nothing or cars with astronomical KM stands and unkempt states.

    Maybe you have a few tips where you can find what I am looking for in Austria in a state of everyday use?



    • I would have a five-door 900 model year 1992 with bodywork that is just as good as 'my' 9000, just as suitable for everyday use, also very clean. I myself fluctuate the whole time between 9000 and 900 sales, because first I did good ... enough advertising, but then it's really over - I'm also not a Saab hunk, but simply a youthful fan with too many cars (too few Space).
      The white 9000 from the original topic would be almost scary to me in terms of mileage - do you even dare to ride in ordinary traffic ?!

    • I found all my cars in the “Autoscout”. A good address is, I got my 900 in self-import from Germany.
      Greetings Jost

      • Is SAAB Art a dealer?
        That you have given me the mail address should then probably mean I should write down times what I'm looking for and the Jenige then tries to get me the right SAAB or how do I see that?

        What did you pay to get your 900er Austrian papers?

        @ Saabtansbraten

        Would you give that your five-door 900er?

        • If the offer is right and I can foreseeably get a sedan going again, I wouldn't have a problem so far. At the moment, however, it is bad with fluid loss on the slave cylinder ... so no official sales offers until the lady is reasonably presentable and mobile.
          Just write saab900dresden@arcor.debefore it starts to deteriorate too much.

  • it actually describes exactly why I haven't missed anything with my aero9k for 10 years ... and it will live on

  • Great car, congratulations! As recently posted, I actually wanted to buy such a 9000er. After the clicks on the 9.5er I am now more than unsure which one is the right choice.
    No matter, on the new used SAAB stands on it. No GM or daughters!

  • Congratulations to such a litter!
    It was - also in white - my first 9000 and my second Saab ever. Wonderful driving experience, space without end, functionality like from a textbook. My buddies christened it the “rolling kitchen studio”.
    With such a mileage and such an age, the part is an absolute rarity. Take good care of it and devotional care. Did he deserve it - no doubt.

  • Where can one still find such a rarity? Congratulations Jost and good trip.

  • An anniversary in white with fabric seats and manual climate and multifunction steering wheel (from 9-5?)? Very interestingly put together ...
    "The circle of lovers is growing and good specimens are wanted."
    As soon as however not continuously checked book with whoever and not from max. second hand, the fun and interested parties stop very quickly - no matter how beautiful the 9000 can be. This is how I experience it with the real Anniversary that is on offer, which has no repair backlog and in which over 2000 euros have flowed in the last two months ... there is a lot of grits on the market, and the circle of interested parties in their expectations (no optical damage with a used car ?!) is hardly satisfactory.

        • The right color, the right equipment. Mileage ok, price reasonable. I don't understand why he doesn't find a fan. Maybe we should post “classified ads” on the blog? 🙂

        • Ey Strudel you're trying to sell it everywhere, wa

  • Is this really an Anniversary? Without ACC, without SCC, without leather? In any case, a great car. The underbody! With such an old car! Great!

    • You're right, he's not an anniversary. He is a 9000 2,3t CS. I had it made to my taste with sills and spoiler. He is deer and has the complete wooden equipment.
      Jost from Baden

  • Absolutely understandable! It had experienced exactly the same at the end of the 90er years, fortunately I'm still in love with my white 9000-Aero. As long as he lives, I'll never give him up, is unique and strange, but still modern!
    Greet Giampi

  • Thank you, thank you, I'm going to cry! Last week I bought a second old Swede, a 900 8V Turbo “Red Arrow”, built in 1987. This is currently being prepared, then send you the pictures.
    Greetings Jost from Baden

    • Dear Jost
      You are a bit crazy. Congratulations to the next new, old Sweden. I'm looking forward to the pictures!
      Best regards to Baden

  • Great car, great opportunity, congratulations. We once had a Fiat Croma, good construction, but just Fiatlangzeitqualität ;-), but did not care, was stolen in Italy.

    But which other best cars from Trollhättan you think of the newer models? Certainly 9-5 I and 9-3 I?

  • Yes, a nice car,

    However, 9000 9000 is unfortunately true for too many models of Saab, even if I can understand it.

    But it was precisely this “sticking to the old” that led to the perpetual accusation that Saab had too low a sales volume ... (not to mention the other problems, errors, etc.).

    If Saab does not manage to solve this problem in the future (I'm still hoping for that) it will eventually come to an end. Even if it is actually good from an ecological point of view when a car is driving for a long time, when you look at the energy expenditure involved in producing a car. Unfortunately, this does not help a car manufacturer survive.

    Greetings Cetak

    • Once 9000er always 9000er? Well, for me, the 9000er was just the Saab entry-level drug, I had such an 2 after problem-free years and 140tkm without melancholy against a 900S (Bj92) exchanged. He has now 420tkm on it and a convertible (BJ88, Vollturbo) get to the side.
      I have never really missed the 9000er, although a really great car, technically much better and much less problematic (especially as the convertible from Italy). The seating position in the 900er simply suits me better.
      I always treat myself to a workshop replacement car, and I know the new Saabs pretty well - really great cars with many features that I would like to see in the old 900 (especially the TTID engine). Unfortunately, I haven't found this overall package that fits, wobbles and has air in any other car.
      I am pleased to hear that 9000 drivers see the whole thing and drivers of the NG9x series as well.
      For Saab, however, this means that a completely new group of buyers has to be developed with each model. Personally, I hope that Saab will also get this message and that it will be implemented accordingly - that is, new Saabs are developed without legacy and designers and engineers, for example, get the opportunity to build exactly the cars that you want yourself to have and not just any random one Optimize platform with Saab genes.
      If that succeeds, I am sure that I will have a third kind of encounter with a polarizing Saab during a future workshop visit - and maybe come home with a third Saab.
      PS: the 9-4x was already close despite all the constraints ...

  • You have to have such luck first, it really looks like the window of a car dealership. Good time!

  • Congratulations to the car in this condition! Reminds me of my own white 9000 Aero, but after 15 years, I think he has something about 220.000 km.

  • Great! Congratulations to this dream car.

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