SAAB Backstage: Press conference and 6-7 bidder for Saab

The daily business news. We can not escape that. The Saab administrators have spoken again. It is the first press conference in a long time, which is interesting. 14 to 15 reputable interested parties should be there for Saab, including 6 to 7 bidders who want to take over the car company completely.

Can we unequivocally identify 6 to 7 bidders for the complete purchase? We can not do it. Because it's not that easy. For one thing, not always the potential buyers negotiate locally. They send plenipotentiaries to the front, and are represented by accountants and banks. On the other hand, the motivation of some complete buyers is completely in the dark, with other parties, one can guess a rough direction.

It is tricky and only the bidders who go to the press are undoubtedly certain. Mahindra, Brightwell, BAIC and Youngman. Another group, but in the future does not necessarily have to play a major role. If we were at 5 bidders in the best case, one or two interested parties are still missing for the complete takeover.

All open. I have no idea who else is behind it. The connections to Sweden are good, and the flow of first-hand information is there too. However, it is no longer a game in the current phase. Many people over the past few weeks have given me tremendous confidence. There is a lot at stake here, and after a few days' talk, things are getting too hot for me. It's an auto blog, it's a hobby, but it's also responsibility. I miss the missionary awareness of other bloggers at this point. So the reporting goes on in the business section with the handbrake applied.

Back to the administrators. That not the highest bid is automatically awarded the contract has been confirmed. Because it is about sustainability and jobs. All bidders must now sign the declaration of confidentiality and then access the processed data. The firewall stops (almost) completely.

The things in Sweden are developing well. That should count. Daily speculation and the hope for sensations in the current situation can only be harmful. Investors are watching us, they have been reading for months. They test the mood, check the market acceptance of the Saab brand.

So we stay cool in the final stages. We still have five or six weeks to go. We are trained with the factor "patience". A few more weeks. Just be patient. Then - again ... until the start of production. 😉


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  • In this sense, sponge over it and have a nice day to the Saabgemeinde ... Let's stay together !!!

  • Dear Fabian

    I just did not find the tone to Tom fair. I met him at the merchant tour and have been in contact with him ever since. I can therefore classify his professional and private background. I know that he writes this blog in solidarity with SAAB and the drivers and that he actually has better things to do right now. He does not want to profile himself, he does not need that.
    But we are tolerant and should stay that way. Because the blogs are too valuable for such trifles. So sponge over it and from my side all right! OK?

  • ... and may the Lord (or whoever) add a little humor to it!

  • @Frank

    Dear Frank,

    please read and differentiate more precisely. I wrote about "conspiracy theories" rather than the "conspiracy blog". Far be it from me to denigrate the readers of this blog, but criticism of the blogger style (individual perception) is allowed. Saab drivers should be given a little more tolerance towards “those who think differently” - right ?!

  • Wondering just why you post this here then to perk on this (conspiracy) blog against Tom? Can someone not have that Tom contacts the other one does not have. Envy probably has to be earned. Style is not and SAAB riders do not. Sad. 🙁

  • I agree with PlatzHirsch + Everton!
    I believe there is no other brand that is worn like Saab, this should be aware of any investors!
    My motto is definitely: "I drive Saab and if I have to completely restore an old Saab for it so that I can stay with the brand and this is not a problem!"
    A Saab runs forever with good care!

  • have it even today on mdr-info in the news heard 14 bidder for saab. I think the market for saab is here. many customers testify to the 9-7x or had a 9k or 901, I think if I take the times in a new consistent saab come back again!

  • > Investors are watching us; they have been reading with us for months. They test the mood, check the market acceptance of the Saab brand.

    Hello investors, do you know a car market where customers would buy a new car for € 70tsd two days after filing for bankruptcy?

    Nöööö? SAAAAAAB !!!!! We stay together. We`ll never walk alone!

  • [...] The investors are watching us, they have been reading with [...]

    That's great, at last our opinion, that of those who make up the brand is worth something. And I think our signals to investors is clear!
    And thanks to you, Tom, for offering us this mouthpiece to the German SAAB community. Let's hope the best!

  • The patience is there to bridge them
    900 I with 400-500TKm? Wow! ... I know a lot of people who are very satisfied with the 900II and have already cracked the 400TKm ... It probably has a lot to do with the service. My current 93I now has its 350TKm down and is still driving like on the first day. In that case, there are enough vehicles on the market (in my area) to see.

    Thanks for the information with the kilometers

  • Well, Tom probably meant patience for 6 weeks and then continued patience until the start of production. After the patience is before the patience or something like that.
    I've seen a well-groomed 900 I with 400.000 - 500.000 kilometers. Incidentally, well-maintained SAAB 9000 too. SAAB 900 of the second series are nowhere near as robust.

  • Is it only five or six weeks? Wow! In that case, the next car that is due this year is safe and will definitely be a SAAB again! Whether it will be one of the old generation (9000 (I really liked your previous report!), 900 Turbo) or one of the newer ones from 2007- “today” is not yet certain.

    What is the life expectancy of the old 900Turbolinen with good-very good maintenance?

  • + 1!
    I'm afraid a whole lot of hope has been raised. Would be great if it works, but if not the whining is big again ...

  • I don't like the bad word of the years 2009, 2010, 2011 and probably also in 2012 (… patience…), but if it is only needed a little. 🙂 Hopefully another blog didn't lean too far out of the window today.

  • Hi Tom,
    it doesn't seem to look bad. In any case, we are all now assuming the brand will continue to exist, regardless of who wins the bid. I just don't know which cars the "new guy" wants to produce, even if those here in the blog are already They have to be sold and that would have been the 9-3 and 9-5X up to the new 9-4, which apparently will never exist, a shame.
    I'm at home for a few days and just got my new license plate holder “Made in ...”. Look great.
    We do not give up hope. Thanks for the great coverage.

  • Five or six weeks? Then I wish the rescue and a visit to the museum for graduation
    ... could be a great summer!

  • The show ala Müller has brought little. Discretion should now be at the forefront, so that those responsible can weigh and decide calmly and factually soberly.
    Then the patience for all Saabists (inside) will have paid off.
    In this sense, Tom, congratulations, you are doing absolutely right

  • Hi Tom,

    BAIC was also listed among the bidders - is it actually clear here whether SAAB automobiles should be continued in full or is this just a guess? Should this group actually have started, this would mean that two companies from China are there. But would this then be compatible with the Youngman-Lotus strategy, which is already clearly emerging?

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

  • now we have lived with the word "patience" for so long, then it comes to a few weeks
    not more. Better like quick messages that are not right.
    Tom, you're doing it right

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