SAAB is a cult! Loyalty to the brand with the royal griffin

The Saab story continues. Slowly but also the press takes notice of the fight for the Saab brand. The time reported on it, representing 123 articles about Saab that appeared in the German online press on Monday. That was Monday. Then on Tuesday there were 244 articles. It goes forward ! The story, if it comes to a happy ending, is unique. On December 19, we were very far down, now it's constantly going up, and we can already see something more than the silver lining on the horizon.

SAAB is a cult!
SAAB is a cult!

It is not surprising. Because everywhere the events are in favor of Saab, and buyers are watching the market very closely. The loyalty to the brand is great and worth an article. Because what we have experienced in the last few months is not self-evident and is often due to the commitment of fewer people.

A snapshot of dealers, Saab drivers and employees of the Swedish car brand.

  • The Saab staff

On the 19. December was shift in the bay. Bankruptcy petition, the end of the era Muller. Before a nocturnal poker at its best. Ultimately came the categorical no of GM. Youngman, fearing to acquire an empty factory, withdrew.

For the Saab employees in Germany a particularly difficult situation. But even in this bad situation Saab and the blog were in a close exchange, we have witnessed the drama up close. A quick look behind the curtain. No communication with Sweden, everything in Trollhättan and the rest of the Saab world in shock. Uncertainty in all questions. In such a situation, 90% would have turned off the lights, locked the office door and sent the key to Sweden by mail. Not so with Saab! It was, without payment and without any security on further employment, further worked.

Not only in Germany, by the way. It also continued in other European countries. "We stay until we switch off the Iphones“Was in the email from a Saab employee that I received during the period in question. Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, the German Saab boss, also stayed on board. What was taken for granted by dealers and customers in this phase was not. Personal commitment to the brand, a contact person in Germany, ensuring the supply of spare parts.

Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher is the face of Saab in Germany, and he stands for the continuity that the brand urgently needs. His departure would have been fatal for Saab, the German market and the Saab partners, which he probably knows. There is no shortage of good deals with auto executives in these top positions, and it would have been a tempting and convenient way to change brands. He did not do it. He chose Saab and the challenge.

  • The Saab partners

Last week I was at Etehad in Hamburg. The team of Masoud Etehad is, I admit, one of my Saab lighthouses in the current situation. Etehad, like last year, actively sells the cars from Sweden. Imported at your own risk, organized the press, drums for Saab. But there is not only the Saab Lighthouse in Halstenbek.

After the first shock was overcome, many dealers remain true to the brand. As far as I know, almost all of the active Saab partners have signed the new provisional contracts with Saab Parts AB. This is Saab Spirit!

Etehad Halstenbek does not stand alone for the true Saab spirit. Again and again I hear in emails from Saab partners with special commitment. The mobile forum in Dresden is right at the fore. From the neighborhood you can hear a lot from the Saab Center Leipzig and also in Gierten the Saab flag is kept up. Others work with soft tones, but very effective. Like the family Mucklbauer in Bamberg, where the bush drums announce only positive things.

This is only a small selection of my "positive list“The last 7 days. There are committed partners all over the country, I cannot name all of them who take care of repairing our cars, getting new cars from Sweden, or restoring old Saab.

I have the impression that the "good“Among the dealers have stuck with it. As wrote a Saab dealer in an email. "We stick to it and in the worst case we sell used as long as possible .."

Of course that is not! I was really scared in the first few weeks of January that the dealer network was breaking up. That did not happen. A merit of the Saab employees and the Saab partner.

  • The Saab driver

All commitment is useless if it is not accepted. Also for the Saab driver was the 19. December was a shock, and many saw the end of the automotive dreams come. Over time, after the first shock, we have proven Saab fans stamina. Because of Saab drivers refuse and do not buy new Saabs. The opposite is the case. I think we can be proud of ourselves for a moment.

In Hamburg drive several new Saab through the Hanseatic city. In Upper Franconia, a new Saab 9-3x is coming to the streets through Saab Zentrum Leipzig these days. Friend Mark and several other Saab drivers who read the blog bought new Swedish cars for themselves or family members in the first weeks of the year. In the internet auctions, some Saab drivers have found and ordered their dream car. The Saab Zentrum Frankfurt has sold more than 10 Saab within a few days of being released by the insolvency administrator, and the estate will probably be empty in the next few days. This is just a small inventory and only the latest news of the last days.

Loyalty. The Saab employees are loyal. The dealers and the Saab drivers too. Saab is really a cult and that proves that there are many people beyond the mainstream. People who do not need to define their status via car. Saab drivers could if they wanted. But Saab drivers love understatement and timeless design from Scandinavia. That's why Saab, that's why Turbo. Performance on call.

The investors read along. The signals from Germany are clear and unmistakable. We are still here!


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  • Something positive, at least that's how it sounds. But I believe that it will continue. That's why I bought a 3-9 Aero station wagon on December 5rd and completely switched the fleet to Saab. After our Volvo V70 is gone, there is now a 9-3 convertible (yellow, year 98) in the carport. If so, then already. And it is a nice feeling when a total stranger to both types approaches a complete stranger and says “Nice car, take care of it, who knows how things will go on with Saab.” Oh man, would all those silent admirers have bought a Swede instead To practice German foolishness or an affinity for Japan. What the heck, "Lebbe gehd weida".

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    In Nordhorn, with family Snippe and their employees, who are already over 25 years saabists, one is also in good hands. Thanks for Saabblog it's a refreshingly nice address.

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    🙂 Even the Bild newspaper 🙂 has it on page 1 today
    Heading for SAAB are interested in 14 !! Applicants.
    So now it gets the simple people plugged in to SAAB's turn.

    Best regards

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    Hi Tom,

    When is the broadcast date at VOX (report on the SAAB cars from the dealership Etehad?

    The two beautiful classic cars (SAAB 92 and SAAB 96), which are for sale there (or stood) will hopefully be on display.

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

    • blank

      Hey Julie

      The date has not yet been set, but is guaranteed to be published here in advance. The two classic cars will stay with ETEHAD and will not be sold. What I think is good and I think the separation pain would be too great ... 😉

      Many greetings from Northern Bavaria (... almost Hessen)!

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    CMD… nothing in the garage… I'm going for a lap… open! 😉

    Wolfgang ... the book is really good, I have it there too ... and as far as Mr. Schumacher is concerned ... I couldn't have wished for and imagined Mister SAAB Germany better ... the man was very good!

    PS: Good ... Tom of course ... but he should be the press officer !!! 🙂

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    Hi Tom,

    Very good article, which makes our situation very clear to everyone. I fully share your view on JPSchuhmacher. Already at our meeting in Leipzig I felt that the man is passionate about our brand. I can still see him getting out of the car and cheering shout out loud "Saab is sold ...!" Unfortunately, GM did not make it happen.Who knows what it was good for.
    I'm sick and I'm currently reading the book "Spirit of Saab", just great. Should every Saab driver have on the bedside table (to read in it together)
    Many greetings.

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    Hi Tom,
    thanks for this article! Although I have never doubted a future for Saab and with the upgrade to a 9-5II and a new 9-3 SC for my wife also made my modest contribution. Here in Zurich, too, we are still in the best of hands at Hirsch. I just hope fervently, that the addressed by you silver stripe on the horizon soon concretized and not turn out to be a mirage. Would not be the first time, where your blog was so since always reluctant when it came to the spread of rumors, conjectures and fantasies.
    It remains exciting and the daily repeated visit to the blog will probably continue for a while.
    I think like Alex and now go to the parking garage to take a look under the winter tarpaulin ...

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    Another advantage of being taken over by a car company (preferably one that can be considered established in Europe and also North America) would be that you can rely on a well-developed dealer network. For most SAAB would then probably be the secondary brand, but at least better than such a network again awkward to build away from the drawing board, as it would probably be the case of a takeover by Youngman, Brightwell or Mahindra the case.

    PS: Does a car that was built by M&M actually dissolve in the rain? 😉

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    Hi Tom,

    thank you for this, once again, very well written article….

    I can only join in ... SAAB lives, in the Mobile Forum Dresden anyway 😉 in Leipzig also in Erurt there are hardly any SAABs to be seen (except for all the SAABs' employees) 😉 but the team is ready ... only in my city ... it it's a shame ... but it doesn't matter ... but there is still!

    So ... now, put on a thick jacket ... and take the tarpaulin off the SAABine ... it's 6 degrees plus ... topless driving is the order of the day !!

    Have a sunny Wednesday….

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    At this point a big praise from Tyrol. We follow the action. Our only remaining dealer (Auto Meisinger) has not had SAABs for months. Since the consumption of SAAB, demand has also increased among us. But the remaining SAAB friends are probably also faithful to us. A high on the dealers who hold out in these tough times.

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    I'll get in touch because SAAB fan you can already get the hangover, after the last months. I am all the more pleased that the SAAB boss did not throw in Germany. My respect and thanks to Mr. Schuhmacher and his staff.

    Greetings Frank

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    That reads well! A nice snapshot of the current situation in Germany. Is not pleasant every day to read business speculation and conspiracy theories.

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    I can only agree. After the Opel dealer here in the region left the "sinking ship" on the spot last year and today no longer even offers a service for its former SAAB customers, the SAAB partner I trust around here has a cool head and Above all, he has shown loyalty and is undoubtedly a trustworthy contact person even in such difficult times. Respect and kudos!

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    Hi Tom,
    I'll have to get in touch again to tell you that regardless of the unbelievable Saab story of recent months, one day you'll surely be rededicated to the great Saab Order of Merit. The tenacity but also discretion will succeed is part of the Saab phenomenon.
    Therefore, we will also be patient in the decision-making phase, hoping for a good end, without having to study the prospectuses of the competition.
    I wonder who will do the race. Then it will be exciting again.

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    Hi Tom,

    is there a SAAB partner in the southwest on your "positive list" (triangle TR - SB - KL), or do I have to drive to FFM / MZ?


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      Hello Phibo

      in Trier there is the dealership heart. Saab dealer in 2. Generation and I have to say, until now I was always more than satisfied with the service there !!!

      Greetings from Lxemburg

      • blank

        Thank you very much ... the nearby SAAB center was downgraded by the affiliated GM dealer in December 2009 to a pure shop window. Service is still offered, but you can also "cheat" with a real SAAB dealer.

    • blank

      Hello Phibo
      I can only join the Wolli.
      I too am from Luxembourg and my car feels very well with the Hertz family


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