SAAB day: The (for now) last Saab is built ...

The really important news I leave today to the friends of Saabsunited. Today, the last Saab was completed at ANA, an 9-3 convertible of the Independence Day Edition. Somehow a symbol and somehow it is sad. But there will be new Saabs, the story goes on. So it's just the end of an era. Saabsunited has made many pictures and put them on the web. The last Saab convertibles, one way or the other, collectible cars can be purchased directly from Trollhättan at ANA.

What else happened during the day ...

BMW. Hmm Yesterday the rumor went through the Saab world, today through a number of BMW blogs. Self-proclaimed auto experts all over the world discuss, sometimes without humor, what is possible. Only those who could say something are silent. Which is currently also good. Still, the subject does not let me go completely. Because how a rumor comes about is sometimes a humorous story. Also the background to the rumor. At some point I will come back to it and if it is in the memoirs of "My life with Saab" will be. 🙂

Back to serious topics. The guarantee question in Germany is open or not. Because some dealers have their own solutions, so it's not a real topic for Saab drivers. In the Benelux, the issue of guarantee has now been clarified. The importer has an alternative plan for the Saab drivers and as the Saab fans from Luxembourg and Belgium are happy to be guests here, the press release is available as a Download, Thanks to Till for the info!

The blog is not only a source of news, it is also a help in need for the community. If a spare part is missing, a good workshop is sought, or a direct contact person at Saab is required in an emergency. I like to help and so far I have always been successful.

Today we had a Berlin Saab stranded in Austria. The contact with Saab Austria is and I keep my fingers crossed that the story comes to a happy ending.

For today it is the last article. The day was long. A good dozen emails and some Saab phone calls are still waiting. Tomorrow it continues!


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    Such a convertible offers no other manufacturer. A dream of a vehicle which in my opinion presents style, elegance, individuality, sportiness and a touch of extravagance. It has to be successful !!!
    Greetings from Saxony

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    How the 'BMW rumor' came about is easy to explain: The name was brought up very vehemently in comments (here, also at Saabsunited). Stronger than Renault or Fiat. And strong enough to stimulate non-linear growth (as a physicist, that's my area of ​​work). And at some point the rumor carried itself and became (bogus) news.

    It would be nice if it did, but as I said - so far it's just a rumor.

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      But ………… Nothing Gwiss'woaß ma ned!

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        Foamer times, then sehma scho.

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    As regards the grant-warranty question, it should be noted that in the case of a vehicle that has not yet been approved, first-time registrations are subject to the so-called dealer warranty, provided that the dealer still exists.

    It should be noted, however, that in the case of
    matters, the burden of proof is transferred to the holder much earlier than in the case of classic manufacturer's warranties.

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    It also drove like a dream. 😉

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    A dream of a convertible !!!

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