SAAB News: Volvo bid and prospects of the auto industry

No "Breaking News"From Sweden today. The firewall of the administrators stands and stops. The Saab interested parties who have signed the confidentiality agreement, can in the so-called "Darkroom"Take a look at the smallest economic details. There are favorites, both at Saab management and myself. But whether we get our desired partner is currently not clear.

Oh, there was something. Almost forgotten. Volvo will submit a bid for the Saab bankruptcy estate, according to press officer Per-Ake Froberg. Details are not known, but we will talk about Volvo in detail.

In Sweden, the government of the automotive industry remembers. Yes, there was something. A year ago, the car industry was considered "old fashioned"And thus not attractive. Sweden was to shine through knowledge and car production was considered not promising. In Stockholm, one is thinking about and will promote the auto industry with 450 million crowns. For a small country a big sum. Part of it is also good for Trollhättan and Innovatum. A Saab employee from Sweden described the funding as a welcome gift to a Saab investor. We will see.

Not every investor is optimal. The other carmaker from Gothenburg is learning his lesson and swallowing bitter pills. Currently the first clouds are rising in the sky of the Volvo-Geely marriage. One year ago Volvo was proud of the firewall between Sweden and China.

The firewall is weakening and becoming permeable. The Beijing administration is using foreigners' thumbscrews. Volvo is considered to be 100% Chinese owned as a foreign company. In the future, foreigners will only be tolerated if they establish common brands with the partners from China and make the technology generally accessible. BMW has already bowed to the desire of the bureaucrats. GM also does the same and establishes the brand with partner SAIC "Baojun"Which vehicles with older GM technology to build.

If Volvo does not comply with the wishes, then the new construction projects Chengu and Daquing wobble. In the worst case scenario, one stands with empty factories without an operating license. That's why Volvo will also have a new, shared brand with Geely. Swedish knowledge flows to China, the brand is to be classified between Volvo and Geely products.

For years, Chinese politics has been trying to channel the chaos in the car sector. Chinese companies are to merge, to form powerful companies. A wish that is subverted again and again by powerful provincial princes. Currently there are car brands in China, many of them with such low quantities that Saab looks like a giant in comparison. An own car brand is an image factor for the provinces, the huge profits from mining and steel industry flow into small, unprofitable brands. Therefore, the long march of the Chinese to the top of the auto industry is slow.

The current announcement to the auto industry is clear. Only those who give knowledge are tolerated. For Volvo, it is bitter and who has made illusions about the economic policy course in China, who can see the ugly face of reality at the latest now.

What does that mean for Saab, Youngman should take over the traditional company from Trollhättan. "What happens if the bureaucracy in Beijing classifies Saab as a foreign manufacturer?"Asks Jonas Fröberg in his column today. Everyone has to find out the answer for themselves.

The author has his favorite, his dream partner for Saab. That's for sure.


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  • I do not know if I've commented on that before, but I think calling SAAB's takeover by ... as she calls "Western Europeans" is a project with a political message. Namely, that Europe does not depend on China to rescue crisis-ridden industries, but can carry out such actions itself. That could also be a very desired signal for some governments, or meet with supporters. Unfortunately, the Swedish government has so far not necessarily glittered with fame when it comes to SAAB.

    PS: I have a hint who the Western European group could be. I'm typing ...

    ... Gumpert.

    • ... I'll join you ... but I think it's the Trabant Werke (Horch) from Zwickau! 🙂

      Well then ... PATIENCE and hope that it is the manufacturer with the three letters ...

      • Yes, and hope that it is not Chinese. Always this sh ... patience

  • everything wrong, ... .es .... the VOMAG from Plauen

  • Also thought of Saxony-Power but that of Emil Nacke, right around the corner. 😉

    "Particularly important was the reliability of the vehicles, such as the Nacke-Double-Phaeton 35 HP" .... would also be good for the new Saab. 😉


  • Tom, who your dream partner is, that should be clear to all of us. But how confident are you in this regard?

    • The question is difficult to answer. I'm sure that Saab will be sold and that it will continue. But the chances for the desired partner are more low. The race is open, maybe we'll get a real surprise in the final sprint ...

      • eieieie, always nice Stay noncommittal 😉
        For you, it would be no surprise, or do you even think a constellation which has never been pronounced before?

  • Although it is actually known that there are various bidders, Volvo also gives a bid - this would not be objectionable if the bidder Volvo went to the complete continuation.

    Since this does not seem to be the case and only individual parts of the group are to be bought cheaply, the thing gets a very bad taste. Volvo basically shows a view of things like General Murks - one would like best that SAAB automobiles as a competitor in the future is no longer existent.

    For this reason, you should not buy Volvo in the future - but as it turns out, you come as an SAAB enthusiast anyway not in the embarrassment of having to choose another make.


  • I believe that I have earlier hinted at my mistrust in Chinese economic policy, that a European solution would be desirable, and I have fewer reservations about the Indians than the dictators from Beijing!

    So, that had to go out.

    I wish the Chinese people, they could also express their opinion so "free of the liver".

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