SAAB TV: The construction of the last time Saab 9-3 convertibles

The last Saab 9-3 cabriolets were completed yesterday in special vehicle construction by ANA. As I said, the end of an era, not the end of the brand. 37 47 convertibles belong to the Independence Day Edition, which should enhance the collector's value and the desire. I think not all 366 convertibles that were planned were built.

Saab 9-3 Independence Day convertibles
Saab 9-3 Independence Day convertibles

You can buy the last Saabs for the moment in Trollhättan or with the help of German contacts, which I like to produce for the community. The production can be watched in the TTELA TV, unfortunately without German subtitles. But sometimes pictures say more than words.

Today I am in Saab again. News and updates will come when I get back.


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  • Hi Tom,

    Well, they look really chic ... but why are there still other models around?
    What I would like to know, do you have an info how many Inca yellow convertibles are traveling in Germany?

    Greetings from the Sachsenland ...

    • Hi Alex,

      In 2008, 22 yellow Saab were re-registered in D.
      They were built from 1.2008 to 6.2010, ie it could be around the 50 piece.

      Greetings M.

  • Yesterday I got the model 1: 43 from the 9-3 convertible Aero in white. The new (facelift) was only available on "burago!
    Although not quite so high quality, but still a nice model with good price-Leistungsverhältnis.Gab it is not at any manufacturer.

    • yes looks very covetous. we have one in real and in 1: 43 at home. either way, a pleasure.

    • Where did you get that?
      I have the 9.3-I in red and the 9.3-II pre-facelift in limeyellow in 1: 43.
      (They should both turn yellow sometime)
      A facelift 9.3-II is still missing.

  • Have ordered amazon under seller "Bell-dessa" for 10.99 Euro.
    Already have 4 convertibles in 1.43 and the 900'er in red-black in 1.18

  • I bought two on ebay over a year ago, one for the desk in the office, one for the home. Are not so nice, but for lack of alternatives ok. It should just get as close as possible to the original on the doorstep. 🙂 The white is more beige than Arcticwhite and I do not have an Aero, but then you have to be ready to compromise 😉

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

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