SAAB Kaufberatung: Buy a Saab now?

The measured values can be transferred to a PC via the BCA auctions new Saab 9-3 come to us from Sweden in Germany. There are always auctions on the Internet in which the car trade can participate. The possibility of acquiring a new, well-equipped, mid-range Sweden at the golf price is tempting. There are regular inquiries via the blog. What are the advantages of buying a new Saab, what are the risks? We have compiled the most important facts. A Saab purchase advice, not only for newcomers and those returning to work.

Saab 9-3 Griffin Cabriolet, Headlight Ice Block Design
Saab 9-3 Griffin Cabriolet, Headlight Ice Block Design

  • Pro Saab!

The Saab 9-3 series is reliable, comfortable, economical. Under the sheet metal dress of Sweden hides a lot of Saab engineering and many engineering components from the group building kit of GM. What does not diminish the individuality and in our case can be an advantage. Because the basis of turbo engines springs from mass production, is reliable and durable, the same applies to the transmission. The famos Diesel come from a past partnership of FIAT and GM. Teething problems of earlier specimens are no longer an issue.

Even the smallest turbo gasoline engine with 150 horsepower is doing well. With optional Hirsch power cure, he is gaining almost 200 PS, with additional fuel consumption reduction.

The supply of spare parts is not critical. Saab Parts AB in Nyköping is doing a good job, delivery bottlenecks are disappearing and availability is normalizing. Suppliers who boycotted Saab spare parts supply in recent months due to the situation in Trollhättan have resumed delivery. No matter how the future will develop in Sweden, Saab Parts AB will remain as a supplier of spare parts.

The 9-3 series is available with front and all-wheel drive. XWD limousines or sports suits appear again and again in the auctions. The all-wheel drive system from Saab is one of the best options that the market offers in the 4 × 4 range and is worth a recommendation.

Particularly desirable are Saab 9-3 from the Vector equipment level. With leather, climate control, often with xenon headlamps is a price / performance ratio given what currently can not be beat.

The sedan is because rare, even after the relatively long construction time a visual eye-catcher. Saab is a combination stamp. The 9-3 sports suit is a beautiful, comfortable and practical companion in everyday life. Many thought-out solutions bear witness to Swedish combined expertise.

With the 9-3 you are always well on the way. Both in urban centers, where the relatively compact dimensions count, as well as on long journeys. Only with 4 persons full it is a bit tight on long distances behind. But the 9-3 series is just the compact range from Saab.

A Saab is safe. Actually, you do not necessarily have to mention it. Active headrests, nightpanels, lots of airbags and many other features make the iconic Swedes an intelligent buy.

Driving pleasure prepares the Saab in each version. The chassis is agile yet comfortable. Curvy tracks loves the Saab 9-3, only on short, fast successive bumps, he tends to stucco.

The facts:

  • Strong turbo engines in the field of gasoline and diesel.
  • Good workmanship, on long journeys at home.
  • From Vector level rich equipment
  • High reliability
  • Good spare parts supply
  • Individuality for a small price
  • One of the best four-wheel drive systems on the market
  • High ergonomics, good usability
  • Excellent safety for the passengers
  • Maybe Saab?

Some things are enticing but involve minimal risks. Most of the models currently being sold were produced before the facelift. Because only shortly before the production stop 2011 the changeover to the Saab 9-3 Griffin series took place.

The Saab 9-3 Griffin series is particularly cool, absolutely Scandinavian. With revised headlights, spoilers and a changed dashboard design, especially Saabisch. Design accents in “Ice Blue” emphasize the Nordic origin.

The turbo petrol engines have been converted to direct injection, which promises a current emissions standard. As beautiful as it sounds, no large numbers of the Griffin series have been built. The belts came to a standstill almost a year ago - started up again briefly - and have remained to this day. Parts of the body and assemblies, such as headlights, may be restricted in the event of an accident.

Nevertheless, the Griffin models are tempting.

The facts:

  • For Saab 9-3 Griffin models, parts of the body and assemblies may be restricted due to the low number of units available.

Against Saab!

What speaks against a Saab? Not much, really. Would not be the thin network of service points. The dealer network has suffered from the crisis and has shrunk. Nevertheless, 100 bases in Germany are currently active for the Saab drivers.

The partners, who still hold the flag of the Swedish cult brand, often have Saab experience of decades and are above average engaged. That Saab is a different brand, you realize at the latest at the dealer contact. Because often you can not find Saab partners in the usual glass palaces and dealing with each other is warm and pleasant uncomplicated. An up-to-date list of bases is in preparation.

In any case, it is good to have a Saab partner nearby. Because Swedish Turbo technology feels most comfortable with Swedish specialists.

A theme that is not an issue is the missing factory warranty. In other countries there are solutions of the importers, in Germany there are solutions through the dealer. Usually two or three year warranty insurance is being sold on the new Saab, so you're on the road.

The facts:

  • Thin dealer network in Germany - but very committed.

The chance is there now to buy a Swede of the cult brand from Trollhättan at an interesting price. Individuality, safety, Scandinavian design.

In addition, the ticket to a special community, which there is no other car brand. Because a Saab is more than just a car. Saab is also Sweden, community and cohesion across all borders. The Spirit of Saab. Unique.


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  • blank

    Hi, Frank Urban and Ziehmy, and other Saab fans,
    My 9-3 vector is from 2008, but to this day people ask who sometimes ride with me: is it the NEW Saab?! ...

    • blank

      The SAAB 9-3 still looks fresh. It's just a SAAB, it does not age! 🙂

    • blank

      Hello Vladimir, we have the same car.
      I am also asked at petrol stations, for example, if it is the new Saab. Mine is diamond silver.


  • blank

    That with the service in the (rare) emergency usually also over a larger Opel dealer go (many service parts the same or adaptable). My multi-brand workshop has recently hung the Saab sign, but continues to service Saab, and on the road I used that too.
    The last turbo diesels would be interesting (also shortly before Griffin) because they are even more economical, at least on paper. There is also a certain offer on the Internet, but so far only too dark colors or other “missing details” have been included for me to seriously consider an exchange.
    Let's see what comes next.

  • blank

    Also we have since last week found a 9-3er Sportcombi with leather and automatic. Just 39.000km run. For the money there was no BMW, Mercedes etc, but who wants that too, if you can have a Saab.
    Unfortunately I have to admit that it is now in the garage next to my company V70. It will be time to change it next year - so on to the start of production ...

  • blank

    Hi Tom,

    Last week it caught my 3 year old convertible, so I'm really thinking about getting there. The direct injection of the Griffin models could really be a difficult thing or is it based on other GM makes?

    Thank you !!!!!!

    • blank

      It's from GM 😉 and runs in many makes ... Good luck with your search! By the way, in Frankfurt there was still an Independece Day convertible with diesel….

  • blank

    ... Congratulations and lots of fun with the most beautiful SAAB sedan of all time. I recently touched a post in my underground car park and was super repaired by the SAAB representative in Zurich. So be careful when parking in narrow parking spaces. The car is quite wide at the front ...

    Many greetings also to Tom from Switzerland.

  • blank

    ... and I'm just picking up my 9 5-2011. I'm not a gamer, but the prices include the risks (more expensive repairs). And if you're lucky, you can drive upper class at the golf price without any follow-up costs.


  • blank

    Question to Tom:

    Hello Tom, I bought a Saab 9-3 in October and put on deer-perfomance from the Saab dealer.
    The car is fully equipped except for the sliding roof.

    My question is, what about the resale value of a Saab 9-3, if you get it now for the price of a Golf.
    Are the cars still worth something in 1-3 years?
    ps, I'm super satisfied with my Saab.
    Greetings from Luxembourg.

    • blank

      That's a question for the crystal ball ... No, seriously. The relatively low prices are due to the current situation. The supplies from Sweden will dry up for the time being and we do not yet know how things will continue in Trollhättan.

      The supply of used Saabs will be tight in the medium term, with constant demand from the fan community. If color, features and engine tuning are correct, the depreciation will not be higher than comparable brands, with a little luck maybe even less.

      Example Rover: In my view, the brand is not very attractive, the community considerably smaller than Saab. The prices were absolutely on the ground. But for the last 75 is currently required a lot. And Rover 75 V8 are trading at absolute lunar prices.

      As I said, Saab is Saab and incomparable

      • blank

        Thank you Tom :-)

        I follow the Saab blog daily and I love the way you keep us updated about Saab.

  • blank

    That's why I've just struck: an 2008 9³ TTiD Aero Sportcombi has become it!

    • blank

      Congratulations! A good decision! Have fun with the new SAAB!

  • blank

    Good and fair written! While the AUDI and BMW of my colleagues always look old after a short time, my 9-3, the only SAAB in the company, still looks like a new car after 3 years.

    • blank

      Hi, that's exactly what I love about Saab
      a three year old AUDI is old, Saab somehow stays fresh ...

  • blank

    Hi Tom,
    written very well and realistically, as you come already with a 9-3 Vector Lim, year of construction 2005 pondering. On the other side you just hang on his Saab, noctunblau and light two-tone leather sports seats has just not every car. Even after 7 years, he sees top of the line, not to mention the driving feeling. You're talking about golf prices. With what dimensions do you have to expect, the scale is quite large?

    • blank

      Hello Wolfgang
      I can not see the current prices, I would recommend you a short call with Tobias Kaboth (0351 / 8660066) in the mobile forum Dresden.

  • blank

    Thank you for this thorough information. Please also include Austria in the “current list of bases”. Please differentiate between sales and service or “only” service.

    • blank

      A good suggestion. Let's see what's possible.

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