SAAB News: Calendar sheets and an extra serving of Saab

The supply of monthly Saab calendars leaves for the known reasons. No cause for sadness, as our friend Roy Chui continues to provide monthly updates to Hong Kong's global community. No matter how dire the situation in Sweden, Roy shows true Saab spirit and does not give up.

I like his motives for a long time better than the last works as Trollhättan, which were quite sad. Which is only too understandable in the light of the last few months. Our thanks to Hong Kong for the tireless efforts.

Need an extra portion of Saab? All those who want to see more of the Swedish cult brand today can watch yesterday's Top Gear episode with Saab participation. A journey through Saab history. Swedish cult brand in a cult show. The Saab story starts at 41 minutes and 22 seconds. Have lots of fun with it.

Top Gear 18 × 05 from MyTGpage


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  • Do the editors of TopGear know more when the architect ends up (temporarily) enjoying a BMW?

    • blank

      probably a joke that someone has come up with when researching

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