SAAB News: Brightwell Holding throws it down!

Surprise? No not true. Saab insiders had already foreseen it a few days ago and so it has happened now. The Brightwell Holding has thrown in the towel and is no longer in the bidding race for Saab. The villain has also located the villain right away. It's the Detroit company that does not want to give the Turks the licenses and should have backed down at the last moment.

"GM wants to kill Saab," said Zamier Ahmed in an interview today. Everything looked good, then GM would have stopped at the last minute. Do we believe that? GM really wanted to license Brightwell. A carmaker in Sweden should be allowed to build 200.000 GM-based cars a year, while Opel does not sell its products to men or women. An unlikely story.

Anyway. Brightwell may have had honorable motivations. The departure is not surprising. In the short and medium term too little financial muscle, a few hundred million as an investment would not have sufficed. The suffering of Saab, we had enough of that, would have found such a sequel. The Saab brand, the employees, dealers, customers deserve better. Not over millions, we have to talk about billions. Not over an investment period of a few years, but over a decade.

We'll have to say goodbye to the Saab 9-5 sports trolley and sedan. Also from the Saab 9-4x. Even the greatest optimist should have understood the message. Other bidders are still in the race, I think we hear more during the day. A press conference of the administrators is currently running in Sweden.

Let's stay calm. The attitude of GM is not new and surprising. Actually, nothing happened, nothing has changed. Brightwell has tested limits and received the answer. The race for Saab is decided between India and China, an insider said almost two weeks ago. So will it be.


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  • The main task of bankruptcy management is to get the maximum out of the creditors and the dying company. If there is support from the former main owner, this should not be classified as bad. Surely it is also a matter of making a good restart for the SAAB works (or what is still left). The competition is happy anyway if there is less of a car brand. That is unfortunately the case.

  • Süddeutsche: “A total of 14 buyers are interested in Saab or parts of the company. This was announced by the bankruptcy administrators Hans Bergqvist and Anne-Marie Pouteaux. "

    14 ???

  • The Süddeutsche Zeitung deals today in the business section, page 23, in a four-column article with the “Phoenix from Trollhättan”. Overall, no real news compared to the always good information from Tom. The presentation photo of the item shows the name SAAB in the grille of a snow-covered vehicle.

  • “The race for SAAB will be decided between India and China”… ..?
    And what will become of our ominous unknown Western European bidder?
    Did not it just throw Brightwell here?
    We look forward to the next statements of the administrators!
    I think the whole SAAB community should have slowly deserved to be fed with information, otherwise the cardiologists will earn stupidly from us in the near future ... 😉


  • I do not understand GM.
    Their attitude towards Saab has made me sad / disappointed / angry / ...
    But the topic is probably through - unfortunately you don't have to worry about that anymore. 🙁

    But now those with a few “Milliönchen” may even want to get in with Peugeot !?
    Don't they have other tasks and worries and should they take care of Opel & Co first instead of “allying with a direct competitor)?

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