SAAB News: Saab Administrators' Conference

Brightwell is no longer there. This is the right thing for everyone who did not see the investor from Turkey in the final round. The deadline for non-binding offers has expired, now it is entering the decisive phase. The situation is confusing and who was waiting today for a sensation or the redeeming message, which was once again disappointed.

At the last minute, new bidders have joined and bidding alliances have been found. There are no names. Different solution combinations are possible, which does not make things easier for us. Perspective? Nil! Who with whom and why is pure speculation because in the current situation no reliable news come out.

Everyone is taking cover, working behind the firewall. Only Youngman is currently seeking publicity and reaffirming interest in Saab.

What's next? The administrators, who are certified by all parties and also by Saab employees, a good job, will evaluate the available offers within the next days. All offers are well founded, but there is no concrete time window.

Discussions with all parties involved take place at the “round table”; the question of patents and trademark rights must be clarified. Some of the investors want to continue producing cars with the Saab Griffin, that was the confirmation of the Saab administrators. Interesting the nuances. Conversely, this means that other investors want to produce, but not products with the Saab name.

Why a press conference, when (almost) nothing is said. That is the question. The administrators strive for a complete solution, which is repeatedly said and confirmed. Also the lawyers are certified a professional and good action. But we want to see action and clear signals. So far, a complete false report.

The clock is running. The month of February is almost over. Then only 6 weeks remain until the bankruptcy proceedings. Stick to 6 weeks. For the employees, dealers and for us. We pack that. We have been worried about our brand for almost a year. We'll do the remaining weeks. Somehow.


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  • Even if it's difficult. Twice since 2009 we thought that we (Saab) made it. Better a difficult birth than another miscarriage. I'm also optimistic that there will be a complete solution that we can all live with. Important is the solution with the “Griffin”. Hold on!

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