SAAB News: Saab Museum (maybe) soon open again

After I'm on the road today and the next few days in professional and Saab things, the news on the blog will be a little less. After work, after a long day at work, there is still a good message from Trollhättan. It is not yet safe to 100%, but there is a preliminary date for the opening of the Saab Museum.

The local newspaper reports March 24th as the tentative date to re-open the historic Saab collection to the public. Good news, and at least this contact point for Saab friends from all over the world will return a bit to normal. The Trollhättan municipality, the Wallenberg Foundation, Scania and Saab AB had saved the unique collection for Sweden and the Saab community a few weeks ago. Retired Saab employees volunteer to support the museum to keep running costs down.

Good news and a reason to travel to Trollhättan again.


4 thoughts on "SAAB News: Saab Museum (maybe) soon open again"

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    I would like to trade my 900 Cabriolet for one from the museum. There's a nice 9-3 I Convertible, I'll take that.

    Joking aside …. I am happy that it will continue and that I can maybe take more photos in the museum - also of models from 2012 + X years 🙂

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    Which day it will be now does not matter anyway! The main thing is that the collection is saved and you can look at it again!

    Then I have to bring my new acquisition probably this year but once again to his birthplace and show him the museum 😉

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    These Swedes, they can even confuse me.
    First, Innovatum says the museum will be on 23. March re-opened. But then Peter Backström denies that, and now the city says it's the 24. Target March.

    Well, at least a Saturday as a date makes more sense than a Sunday.

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    Well, it's at least something

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