SAAB News: It's not a question of money!

Interviews with GM press officer James Cain about Saab are always somehow boring. The answers are predictable and not worth the effort to report. Almost ... because yesterday the GM man said some interesting things. The TT news agency conducted an interview and the right questions were asked.

On Brightwell Holding and the alleged negotiations with GM, Cain made it clear that there had never been any negotiations. GM received letters from Brightwell asking for talks. GM was never interested in talking to Brightwell. This is statement against statement. Everyone can decide for themselves whether he wants to believe Ahmed Zamier or James Cain.

No one will receive GM licenses to produce the new Saab models. Whether or not everything was just a matter of money, James Cain was asked. Everything has its price. Not in this case, so Cain.

With Antonov, however, one would have had an agreement that would have made possible the entry of the investor. An interesting statement. Antonov was worthy of joining Saab in GM's eyes. However, only after GM and the FBI had made the money laundering suspects suspicious and damaged Antonov's reputation in Europe as well.

GM sometimes has a weird view of things, and hopefully it was the last, Saab-relevant interview by James Cain. Actually, I do not want to hear from Mr. Cain anymore!

What we hear from Sweden is a loud tick ...

The clock is awfully loud and she may be ticking against us. Is she really doing that? Martin Larsson, former Saab CEO and Muller successor, founded his own company. He remains in the car business, his company NIO Technology wants to sell engineering services. Semcon, too, is chasing well-trained Saab engineers and taking over 25 engineers from Saab Powertrain AB. This is good for the Trollhättan location, because competence remains on site for the long term. For all investors a good signal, the location remains the Troll Valley of the auto industry.

Everything is not as it seems spontaneously. Maybe the clock in Sweden is not quite as loud, maybe not against the Saab future.

In the US, Saab is dead. At least, the Saab headquarters no longer exist, although they have resisted so long against the end. Even a heroic fight comes to an end sometime when you are on your own without help. On Jalopnik There are pictures of the Saab sale, the end of an era. Sad !

Youngman has increased its offer to 2 billion crowns. This was reported yesterday by the Swedish TV stations. Youngman wants Saab and almost at any price. It is currently entering the mandatory phase, and from now on it will be even more difficult to get up-to-date, reliable news. Mahindra masonry yesterday and no more current comments. The European interested party, yes still in it, but perhaps in a different role, is silent as well. And the new, additional prospects are completely anonymous.

Our automotive hearts want positive news from Sweden, but currently there are none. Not yet. We will not give up. We hold on!

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  • Antonov was so worthy of GM to join Saab. I finally can not hear these 2 letters anymore. This gangster company has finally landed at the Nogo's on my grocery list alongside the others (Nokia, AEG and Electrolux, etc.)

  • As you can read from other Saab news, SAAB is unfortunately long dead for GM! … Sad!

  • blank

    Poor Opellan. GM-PSA = Chronicle of an announced death for Opel. Since Chevis are likely to be built on PSA platforms, who needs Opel? Every German who buys a Chevrolet today contributes to the death of the Opel brand. Completely normal, stinginess is so horny. Has not anyone noticed that the advertising minutes for Chevrolet on TV exceed those of Opel? Or am I just feeling that? Anyway, that does not affect me anymore. I want to see new Saabs drive.

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    Does anyone still have sympathy for James Cain / GM? Here is a passage from the interview with E24:

    TT: Can you describe why GM does not want to give Saab a chance to survive?

    - They have had several chances to survive. The business has been in terrible shape for a long time. That's why GM, when we had our own problems, decided to close down Saab. It was not GM's fault that Saab decided to stop paying their suppliers and their employees.

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    Youngman missed 2011 one or two chances in November. Under certain circumstances 93er could roll off the line again from summer.

    • blank

      Did anyone really have a chance at GM? Meanwhile, my doubts come to me.

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        There are people who think that GM only wanted to take away the money from Spyker and wanted to end development projects at Saab (developments for GM). The sale of the 93 / 95 to BAIC and the licenses for 95-II and 94x have given GM a few million dollars in cash. Now the money is missing in the Europe business, Opel is being turned upside down and the saving potential will certainly not be reflected in worse quality.
        It's just that American companies often can not properly gauge other markets. GM seems to be very resistant to learning with small variations (see Cadillac ATS).
        GM is very consistent in its brand and world market strategy. That is consistent and one stands to defined visions and strategies with the operational conversion.
        Simple natures would now arrive with plan - do - check - act 😉

        • blank

          How do you come to the conclusion that when saving (Opel) no worse quality results? Exactly the opposite is likely to be the case!

          It is correct to say that the sale of 9-3 and 9-5 I to BAIC brought millions into GM's coffers - if I remember correctly, even well over 100 million.

          Now, probably only for a few years, after the state-run GM rescue operation, things are going fairly well for GM - the cuts at Opel clearly show that the wrong direction has already been taken.

          • blank

            My contribution was meant to be a bit ironic.

        • well, whether PDCA has arrived at GM? After all, Deming went to Japan after 1950 because no one wanted to hear his theories.

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