SAAB News: Youngman's only sensible solution for Saab?

The daily business news about Saab. Today it's about Youngman, Mahindra, BMW, Triumph and American Axle. It would be nice to write about cars from Sweden, but that is not the case right now. So the business part.

It's quiet in Sweden, the partitioning off of the administrators works well. No information goes out. Lars Holmqvist, CEO of the supplier association CLEPA, gives an assessment of the perspective. After the departure of the Turkish Brightwell Holding, Mahindra & Mahindra is facing exactly the same problem in his opinion.

General Motors, now involved in joining PSA, will not issue licenses to third parties. That is clear. Youngman is in his opinion the only sensible solution to bring Saab back to life. The construction of the Saab 9-3, without GM DNA, will be the solution to seeing new Saabs on the streets at short notice.

Youngman is the only investor following this plan, believes Holmqvist, the press and well-informed circles from Sweden. Youngman employees have already visited Saab suppliers to explore opportunities after the Saab sale. Lars Holmqvist is close to being the CEO of automotive suppliers. Whether his assessment of Mahindra is realistic is hard to judge. Because the Indians shy away from the public.

Again and again we hear the clock ticking. It ticks fast, it ticks louder and louder. Let's remember the electric four-wheel drive. Of the "new Saab 9-3“Would have been the first car worldwide with this technology at the end of 2012. Sometimes the mere idea of ​​what could have been frustrating.

E-AAM Driveline Systems AB, a joint venture of Saab Automobile AB and American Axle, has now been fully owned by the Americans. The demand for the system is great, the German manufacturers are lining up for licenses. Saab would have had exclusivity after the 9-3 debut for 12 months. OK. Past.

Hmm. The BMW Welt continues to speculate about Saab and BMW. BMW must continue to grow in order to survive in the future. GM's entry into Peugeot / Citroen increases the pressure in Europe. If not Saab, then maybe triumph, as the BMW Blog asks today. BMW has held the trademark rights of the former sports car icon since the rover debacle. Since I'm a fan of classic British roadsters, an MGB was a happy guest in my fleet for more than 10 years, I can do a lot with the Triumph brand. But what does the younger generation say? The revival of Triumph is likely to be as tedious or unsuccessful as the grand failure of the Maybach brand.

If someone from the Petuelring asked me what nobody would do of course, I would consider buying Saab as a more sensible investment. Because Saab is living and triumph is history. How do you say in Bavaria? We'll see…


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  • Tell me, Tom, is this maybe the mysterious (was it still, or) Central European bidder slipped out of here? Many have guessed, nobody confirms, but BMW Saab could only buy if until last week a bid would have been made. Correct?
    How many have written before me: I would have fun. And in terms of color, it also fits, blue and white can also be found in the logo with the griffin.

  • blank

    Far more annoying than the semantic low-flying that is obviously rampant here is the departure of American Axle. This means that an effective unique selling point has disappeared for a new start. If this step has been taken in order to generate money for the further course of the bankruptcy proceedings, doubts about the expertise of the administrators must be reported ...

    • blank

      Dear red99
      As always, you are right in every respect. Also as far as the low flyer. Selling e-AAM Driveline to American Axle is like losing the crown jewels. Hopefully, not more Saab knowledge will be resolved out of the bankruptcy estate.

      • blank

        At least now, some is no longer fully understandable.
        Is that due to our ignorance, or does it really not look so nice?
        It now looks as if the investor would get only an empty hall at Göta Älv.

        • blank

          Would say: ignorance.

  • blank

    buaaaaaaaaaaa. But now we are really sorry, right?
    Every one of us, who does such smart future theses, could come here and associate his fate more closely with SAAb, would become an SAAB employee, who could play a key role in shaping the future of Saab, when that was still possible. Maybe you would not be there where you are today.
    Only buy stops sometimes nit. as ma looks at GMurks.

    • blank

      NA CLEAN!
      Lingua barbarica

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    Oaaah, please:
    The only thing is that you can't increase (well, you can - what comes out you can see above; even three times) - just as little as the Saab employees should feel left alone, but not left alone.

    Otherwise everything is fine * cough *

    • blank

      ... and I also write Quark together:
      Alone and leave alone please exchange times, then it fits again.

      • blank

        * Hmpf * At least the SAAB drivers, dealers and at all feel at home. Or?

  • blank

    * Cough *
    Even if all other bidders should drop out, Youngman remains at most the _einty_ reasonable solution. There are no superlatives in this case 😉

    By the way, I too would have nothing to object to Triumph ... I like to go to the six-monthly BRCS (British Roadster Club Saar) meeting and enjoy the sight. Perhaps as a second step if the SAAB investment pays off.

    • blank

      Presumably you are right and we must not be picky about the new owner. Unfortunately, SAAB is in bad shape and not the most beautiful bride.

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