SAAB News: Commandment from Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra submitted an offer for Saab. The Swedish media reported today. The few details that have come to light are interesting. Lars Holmqvist, CEO of CLEPA, said at the beginning of the week the Youngman Group from China was the only sensible alternative for Saab.

Because Youngman wants to be the only bidder to continue to produce the current Saab 9-3, freed from GM DNA. Now it became known that Mahindra is pursuing the same plan. On Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-4x will also dispense the Indians. That sounds realistic, a showdown with the American group would be pointless anyway.

As predicted by Saab insiders, everything comes down to a decision between India and China. The Indians, advised by KPMG's auditors, seem determined to buy Saab. That's good news. Once again we have survived a week, the countdown in bankruptcy proceedings is underway, and the big showdown is coming up.

Today, a Youngman delegation, 10 to 15 people strong, will arrive in Gothenburg. In the wake of Youngman founder Pang Qingnian are also representatives of the powerful Bank of China. It will be exciting in the next week, because now it goes into detailed discussions.

Let's say our European bidder, who is still there, doesn't get a bid. Perhaps simply because Mahindra and Youngman are calling “political prices” for Saab. Let's say the race would be decided between India and China. Who would suit Saab better and who do we trust the car manufacturer from Trollhättan to develop responsibly?

The answer is clear and in this case the bidder from the largest democracy in the world would be my preferred partner for our brand with the griffin. Taking Tata as an example, we can see how well and carefully European brands, Land Rover and Jaguar, are treated by Indian owners. Using the example of Volvo, we are currently seeing the firewall between Geely and Gothenburg falling, we are experiencing politically motivated decisions. Volvo is under pressure and the operating licenses for the new plants in China are a means to an end. In the long term, it seems, Jaguar / Land Rover will drive better with Tata and Volvo with Geely will have worse prospects.

For Saab, I wish a good buyer, who finally brings peace and continuity. Who has a long breath. If he came from the world's largest democracy, I would not mind.


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  • Dear Tom, dear, dear Tom,

    teach our indophile Saab community gently which cars Mahindra & Mahindra builds, which they never build, which they might want to build and what Tata Motors is up to.

    Greetings from koblenz.


  • hie,
    Of course, you hear so much. Can you hear that not Mahindra, but Tata Motors builds these cars?
    Greetings from Koblenz.


  • hie,
    ... only with the difference that it is not Mahindra who builds these cars, but Tata Motors. Mahindra screwed it up back then - they build off-road vehicles. Their jewel is Ssangyong, or whatever they are called. It was just enough for that.

    Greetings from koblenz.


  • hej och god morgon

    I am not a friend of prejudices. Of course, SAAB can not survive 9-3 alone, but it would be a start. No matter who gets the contract, he also has to launch new models on the market as quickly as possible. Clear Mahindra and BMW have better conditions and more experience than the Chinese.

    I think that Munich understand the Swedes better than the Chinese and I see more synergies than competitors. Let's be honest, most of the buyers of a Mini are individualists, just like the typical SAAB owner. Almost nobody buys a SAAB just because the car is safe (other brands are too). The Mini is cult, but SAAB drivers stand by their car brand. There is simply a lot more passion and most of this blog somehow have a “line to Sweden” or at least stronger sympathy for Scandinavia. That a 9-5 is too close to the 7-series BMW, well - on paper, yes, but honestly there are still worlds in between. The steering wheel of the 9-5 II, for example, although identical in construction, made the SAAB far from an OPEL Insignia, or vice versa :).

    The Mini, although quite close to the 1 Series BMW - I can't imagine the classic mini freak overflowing.

    Ultimately, it doesn't matter to the Munich company whether it is a BMW, Mini or maybe a SAAB - the main thing is that the car comes from their own group. Ultimately, the Wolfsburgers don't care whether the money is earned with a VW, Audi, Skoda or SEAT.

    I quote Philmos from the very top “Just look at the brands Jaguar and Land Rover and Range Rover, what beautiful and good quality cars they build”. True, I agree, a lot has been achieved and let's be honest, these cars are not the common “mass brands” on the roads of the world. So I come to the conclusion that “the Indians can do it too”.

    Up until a few weeks ago I actually thought that the Chinese weren't bad. In the meantime you hear a lot from Geely and Volvo and to be honest - I dislike some things. In China a lot is only political and there are simply worlds between peoples. Human rights, for example, we are too far apart. I'm afraid that in the long term you only want to buy the knowledge and image. Of course, the Chinese want to earn money with SAAB, GM certainly wanted that too, but at what price? Will YM understand the Swedish cult brand or is it just about conquering the European markets? Do you only want to make technical progress with SAAB? Chinese cars like the Brillance BS6 for example - they didn't have a chance here. I think it would be a shame if you put SAAB on a drip again and let it bleed out slowly.
    Still - you have to give the Chinese credit for one thing, they have already invested when VM was still in control and you had no idea what to do next. Who knows how it would have happened hadn't the patient, who was already “weakened” back then, been given a little support.

    No matter who does the race, it continues for the time being. I hope I can buy a new SAAB in a few years. Too bad that I have to leave my 900 II for the time being.

  • Difficult! BMW would be great, but BMW has not come up with Rover. Incidentally, I do not understand why apparently all stick to the 9-3, which is good but already almost outdated without the 9-5II but that is nothing with the 9-3 alone.

  • That could happen. As it was always called buy no GM SAABs. But whatever happens, we are happy about every buyer. Beautiful would be a European or a Democrat. But we can not have everything. Thanks Tom for the fair coverage!

  • hie,
    what's going on here all of a sudden ?! Will we soon hear morally sour boycott calls from the usual questioners: “Don't buy Chinese Saabs !?”
    Perhaps the moralists have forgotten here that Youngman invested before the booty died. The hyenas have waited until the value of the dead prey expired. Mahindra and the rest are part of it. Mahindra represents Asian entrepreneurship, they may represent democracy - but they don't practice it.
    "Pecunia non olet." So what!!
    Greetings from Koblenz


  • In principle, everyone is welcome who means well with SAAB! Nobody can say 100% how it looks in detail with each bidder at the moment. However, I would have a permanent uneasy feeling with the Chinese about how honest and long-term European their actions and thinking are. If BMW should be among the bidders, I would definitely prefer them. Mahindra would therefore come in second and the Chinese in third.

  • ………… .but good Norbert!

  • No, on the 7er.

  • The combination BMW and Mahindra as she describes red99 what. In Trollhättan, the production of cars could start relatively quickly (9-3 and Mini`s), which would keep the plant busy, and relatively many people could keep their jobs.BMW would have a strong partner in the Indian market and Saab with technology from BMW was already planned anyway.
    I would say that's how it is done, but unfortunately I have nothing to say

  • We found out a little bit about the company founder Pang Qingnian (internet etc.) - the man impresses us with his drive and determination.

    At SAAB-Automobile, he seems to go to work personally with so-called passion - this is very impressive and not a matter of course.

    We see Youngman-Lotus and the major corporation Mahindra & Mahindra
    on an equal footing in terms of suitability - at the European company BMW, for example, we see it similar to Klaus 9-5 II. SAAB would probably always be found behind the BMW models there - actually not a satisfactory idea (but you can also deceive, because with Rolls Royce and Mini things are actually going pretty well).

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

  • The tension is hard to bear !!!
    As Tom says, a buyer from the democratic world will most likely be the better mother.
    India, with its few car brands, is certainly more promising than China, with dozens of manufacturers. Example Tata Jaguar as named above. I tested the XF myself before buying the 9-5 in January and almost got weak ...
    For me, Mahindra belongs to BMW, because I doubt BMW has a SAAB in size 9-5 in the planning. That would probably be too close to the 5er.
    China with the typical Chinese mentality can only ever 2. and hopefully last choice.

  • Why not kill two birds with one stone:

    > Mahindra and BMW take over SAAB.
    > BMW brings the urgently needed technology for a small entry-level Saab (9-1 or 90) and various engines,
    > Mahindra handles most of the financing and helps BMW in India business (production and distribution).

    Big goals are easier to achieve together ...

  • I have said it before, and I like to say it again and again: a SAAB takeover could politically send out a signal that, despite economic and financial crises, Europe is in a position to help itself without (possibly too much political) Prices) to resort to help from China.

    Admittedly, India would be more politically acceptable, but it would still be a signal that economic coordinate systems have not yet fully shifted to Asia.

  • Hello Tom

    My personal ranking:

    1. BMW or Magna
    2. Mahindra
    3. Youngman

    But anyone who saves my SAAB brand is welcome!

  • Somehow the Chinese as a world power (especially with their polish attitude and their resulting action) are rather unsympathetic to me. I mix too much politics with business.
    Therefore, I would prefer a Indian owner for Saab purely subjective.
    Of course I would most like a potent European, who can exist on the world market and would have the understanding of Saab.

    But if Saab's survival depends on the Chinese silk thread, I would be forced to call the “chin. Dragons ”swallow. 🙁

  • Just look at the Jaguar and Land Rover and Range Rover brands, which builds for beautiful and quality cars. A white Saab as a special yoga or yogi tea, that would be something

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