SAAB Weekend: The Spring Optimism Edition

Winter is almost over, the start of the season is knocking on the door. And sometimes face-to-face conversations say more than 1000 press releases. But first things first ... Our Saab 9000 Anniversary has left its winter abode and is back in the wild. He doesn't have to go back to an old and damp garage for the next winter, our Saab hall is almost finished and the 9000 is getting a new home. Of course, the sliding gates are in Faluröd deleted, because even a Saab wants to be kept appropriate to the species. Pictures follow when the building is finished!

Although, contrary to all rumors, I have a life on this side of the Trollhättan brand, the weekend was all about Saab. With my good friend Achim (thanks again!) I had a work assignment for the brand with the griffin, and on Saturday afternoon a delicious meal in Saabiger round (Thanks to the catering * ggg *).

Since Saab employees were also guests, the conversations were of course almost exclusively about cars from Sweden and the brand. The past few months have been a crisis, but a crisis is also an opportunity. You learn to assess people better in these situations, and many conversations are more open and direct. But a crisis has to come to an end, and sometimes you can tell the change by small signs. Because a lot was different on Saturday. The situation is changing.

Instead of the usual discussions about the structural preservation and spare parts assurance, it suddenly came to new topics. It was talked about the future. About action, instead of just crisis reaction. Saab is starting to act, still in the current possible frame, but already in view of a positive result in Sweden. Suddenly, optimism wafted through the rooms.

The situation is improving and finally the future appears in a milder light. It's about time, because the crisis was long and tough. Not only in Germany, but also among Swedish friends, a change was felt over the weekend. The negotiations are going our way, and at least Youngman is really accelerating. A few more weeks of patience and we'll see!

Until then, we keep watching what Victor Muller does. Things are not going so well for the former Saab CEO. In the Netherlands, he struggles with shareholders and ex-business partners who accuse him of driving Saab to the wall. Pieter Heerema, Ex-Spyker board member, ex-business friend and probably also ex-boyfriend who is waiting for several million US dollars, sees Victor Muller as the real problem for Saab. He no longer believes in the repayment of his millions, although Muller always promised him a "Pull the rabbit out of the hat". Haven't we heard that already?

North Street Capital, Muller's secret weapon and possible Spyker buyer, has also turned out to be an empty shell. No surprise, connoisseurs of the matter knew this months ago. Muller announced the obvious in an interview on Friday, while he is also looking for new investors to expand. He may be planning acquisitions again.

In any case, he still has fans, at least in Holland. His Saab 9-5, which was for sale in Uppsala, is no longer available. Sold. The buyer is from the Netherlands.


2 thoughts on "SAAB Weekend: The Spring Optimism Edition"

  • A good sign! SAAB has had enough economy now and it's time to move forward. I think that Tom has once again very well taken a current mood.

  • Tom has said everything that is important - the only thing left for SAAB enthusiasts around the world is to be patient.

    The long-awaited decision as to whether a large Indian corporation or the family company from China (possibly with a further partner on board) will win the contract is somehow in the air! The big question at the moment is just who will ultimately be awarded the contract due to better plans - unlike the investors summoned by Victor Muller, sufficient financial resources should now be available in abundance and demonstrably.

    What sets the Chinese apart from the rest of the group of interested parties, for example, is the fact that they have already communicated with almost all SAAB suppliers regarding future cooperation - Rachel and her father's determination is simply impressive!

    Many greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

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