SAAB News: Tata or not Tata, that's the question ...

Did Tata bid for Saab or did not Tata bid for Saab? Last night, the message went through the Indian media and today, at my very early start to the south, the mailbox was full of Tata messages. The Indian company would easily fit Saab, or vice versa. The classic Saab models 900 and 9000 always had something wonderful British anyway. The cult brand from Sweden could round off the Jaguar range down.

But probably the desire father of my thoughts, because Tata has the construction site Land Rover / Jaguar, where billions of investments flow. Yet another construction site could quickly overwhelm resources, and so came a clear denial from India during the day.

In this situation alone, denials don't say much, and we shouldn't lose sight of Tata entirely. Because, as I said, Saab would happen to fit damn well into the current range of Indians. Nobody can say whether and what is going on, because in Stockholm no message gets outside uncontrolled. The bankruptcy trustees had the weekly press show today and, as expected, there wasn't much that was new. Saab as a complete group with the profitable Saab Parts AB is to be sold in one piece. A statement by the administrators makes you think. The Saab sale should be completed in the spring. Spring. Hmm Can't it be more specific?

How do Swedes define spring? Bankruptcy proceedings are scheduled for 16. April, which corresponds to the spring in my latitudes. But in Stockholm there is almost winter. Well, I also saw running around in the T-shirt in March in the capital Sweden or driving in an open convertible. Maybe every temperature is above freezing spring.

The investor from China, Youngman, is really active and hard to stop. After visiting all suppliers, the Chinese charm offensive hits the politicians in Sweden with full force. Stefan Löfven, former chairman of IF Metal and now head of the opposition Social Democrats, was visited today by the Youngman delegation. There was also a conversation with State Secretary Hans Lindblad.

Make what you want of the Youngman plans. The plan to build China cars in Sweden shocked me yesterday. Today I see the idea as totally unrealistic because these cars in the 90s Japan design with yesterday's technology will not be able to cover costs in the high-wage country of Sweden. Apart from this point, you proceed consistently to implement your ideas and establish your own network in politics and business. Apparently, Youngman is already sure of his cause. But maybe you get excited too soon, because nothing has been decided yet.

I would like to add a message from Sweden. Saab Parts AB has taken over 50 employees of Saab Automobile AB, which now takes care of the technical infrastructure for dealerships in Trollhättan. In England, Parts AB now has its own subsidiary to secure the supply of spare parts on the island. The message is not new and was so some time ago on the blog.

In addition, the following is added. In the meantime, Saab Parts AB has taken over employees of Automobile AB in almost all markets, including here in Germany, who secure our spare parts supply. Saab Country Director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher and his team are active in the German market and Stefan Mladek is responsible for Austria. The future has already begun in the area of ​​Saab Parts AB. I think, soon we will see the first new activities in the markets.

The Saab structures are intact, and we're just waiting for the right buyer. Whatever country our investor will come from is unclear, we all have our personal favorites. Anyway. It remains exciting.


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  • It looks like everything is going to Youngman Lotus.

    The other applicants are also somehow in the running - but so far there have not been any further activities such as at Youngman-Lotus (contacting government agencies, suppliers, etc.) with the competitors.

    Youngman-Lotus shows a busy and positive behavior in matters of SAAB - this behavior could give them additional points both with the trio of administrators and in the general public.

    If the matter with the production of Youngman Lotus vehicles in Trollhättan comes into play, I assume real “competitive prices” when selling these vehicles. Due to the weak economy in Sweden and elsewhere in neighboring Aisland, I could imagine sales in larger numbers. In this context, it would still be worth knowing whether the 9-3 production would actually start at the same time (as originally planned). In my opinion, this would be of great importance for SAAB - information on this important topic is certainly not only wanted by me. What does Radio Stockholm say about that?

    Greetings from Hamburg

  • In the meantime, new remote controls for the 9-3 series are being offered on Ebay at “moon prices” of 190 or 200 €. I hope for a comprehensive supply of spare parts through SAAB Parts.

  • a spring can be long. It's nice to see the insolvency administrators taking the time to do it all so well that Saab can look to a secure future, but I think 3 months are long enough. I'm sure in Germany that would have gone faster. I wish a good new mother for Saab on the soon to come again new Saabs from Sweden. The managers should now finally make a button on the matter and let the cat (maybe a Jaguar) out of the bag. I can not hear the G-word anymore

  • Hallo,

    does the “legal successor” (whoever that is) then also join the factory warranty (9-5 II) that has now died?
    Greetings from Hamburg

  • Is “SAAB Parts” responsible for the spare parts? Then maybe I'll get my air conditioning cooler soon, I've been waiting a few months. Lt. It is not available for my SAAB service and so far I have not been able to bring myself to an alternative product. 😉

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • hie,
    if Saab Parts AB "take over employees of Saab Automobile AB" in almost all markets, including here in Germany, then this is due to a positive trend with regard to Saab's prospects. It is only stopped if the market allows it. As for the potential buyer, we have Hollywood capitalism (GM) behind us and maybe Bollywood capitalism (Mahindra / Tata Motors) in front of us. The TATA would of course be a nice thing. In the post by red99 (previous article) a cute denial is quoted by ratan Tata, according to which the Indian press has confused the two companies Mahindra and Tata. That would be like confusing Mercedes and VW here …… Tssssssssssssss!
    Greetings from Koblenz.

  • ... mine too, not from India

  • “We all have our personal favorites” - mine is not from China!

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