SAAB News: Nothing new in Sweden, pictures from Geneva

To put it immediately. In Sweden a lot is written about Saab, but nothing is said. The dams in Stockholm are tight and maybe a big surprise awaits us someday. Youngman is acutely on all fronts, from the remaining prospective customers we see and our Swedish friends nothing. Which does not mean anything, because of some buyers we know that they work over third.

Nevertheless, the topic Saab hunts through the press. GM's Stephen Girsky gave an interview on Saab. Just to say in relatively many sentences that he has nothing to say. He gave the interview to the TTELA, the local newspaper Trollhättans. If GM has nothing to say, it is suspicious again. But actually we want to put the subject Detroit but to the files.

Swedish Automobile, once again under the name Spyker NV, has repaid 25 millions in the UK to the Saab UK bankruptcy trustee. The money had been borrowed from the formerly highly profitable Saab subsidiary to pay the purchase price of the mother at GM. A fact that documented Muller's financial capacity right from the start. Presumably, the lawyers in England have Victor Muller the thumbscrews and threatened with bankruptcy proceedings against Swedish Automobile or Spyker.

Muller himself is traveling in Geneva and licking his wounds. It was the first time since 10 years that he was not represented with a brand in Geneva, he read several journalists. This should change next year. Muller will revive its Spyker brand, start production in Holland and be present at 2013 in Geneva.

In Geneva, there was almost no Saab to see. Only in the parking lot has our friend Jeff von Saablog-in seen a new Saab 9-5 with Essener mark. He also brought interesting pictures and Jason Castriota met the former Saab designer. Thanks for the pictures Jeff! I'm just saying Jaguar XF Shooting Brake. Hmm.

It is only a year since Saab dominated the show in Geneva with the PhoeniX study. It's hard to believe that we were full of optimism back then. The Saab 9-5 sports car at the start, the Saab 9-4x in range, electric four-wheel drive, Saab Hybrid. None of this became reality. The dreams have burst, were only of short shelf life. Somehow sad and a reason for me not to go to Geneva.

Nevertheless, giving up is not an option. We'll go through the next few weeks, no matter what. Maybe the Phoenix then flies 2013 in Geneva.


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  • Yes, my dear RedJ, that's how it is with taste. I just like the Saab designs (Paddian) better than the Castriota design. But you could argue about that ... 😉

  • @ Tom & Saab RedJ

    Thanks for your quick info. Very nice! 🙂

    It was clear to me that he, like everyone else, is currently not directly “employed” (was bought as an external person anyway, right?). 🙂
    Only I have not heard anything of that in connection with Saab for so long.

    I don't think his designs are that great anyway (or “saaby”).
    I just do not like all these wings (that disturbed me eg also at the Phoenix).
    I found the new 9 3 designs quite good without him.
    So I wondered how it would go on with Saab and Saab in the future, or whether they would give it up (if Saab goes on).

  • Dear Julie, unfortunately no news at the moment. As always G… .. 😉

  • At the moment everyone is "former" who has not received an administrator contract. Saab has (had) a good design team and doesn't really need an external head of design. These Drawing came from the Saab team from Trollhättan.

  • You could if you had seen both 😛

  • As far as I know, he was hired, they also used the services of his design company.

    It's arguable about taste, but the thing I've seen before Castriota Design is not my cup of tea.

    I do not want to say that the company around Mr. Paddian was unable to create interesting designs, but Saab needed a re-boot in many areas to break away from the GM era, and a new chief designer is a good method to reach.

  • Hello mac9-5,
    Jason Castriota is a former Saab employee like all other 3600 former Saab employees, but nevertheless he would like to see the new 9-3 on the streets and can also imagine working with Saab, but he would need to be hired by the future Saab owner.

  • Good morning.

    The text above says “… Jason Castriota met the former Saab designer. … ”

    Does that mean that Jason Castriota is no longer the “current” Saab designer and will no longer “design” for Saab in the future if Saab continues?
    Was the Phoenix his only piece for Saab?
    Who would then possibly “design” future projects?

  • We would be very interested in whether Youngman Lotus still wants to continue (at surcharge) in addition to the cheap rail with the current 9 3er rail.

    Youngman-Lotus is the only party that likes to communicate - for this reason, clarification on this issue should not be impossible. Could the “Swedish friends” or “Radio Stockholm” find out something? It would be really interesting.

  • I know where the SAAB's from C are from, that's enough for me ... 😉

  • No problem Tom, did not even notice our Alex !!

  • Hmm yes. Esslingen… 😉 Was probably in E = food spiritually. 🙂

  • Identifier ES = food? But Tom …….

  • Exactly ... that was already in everyone's mouth ... although I didn't find it beautiful! 🙁
    When I see the AERO X next to it or the 9 X that were chic studies ...
    my opinion…

    Everything will be fine ... just PATIENCE! 🙂

  • Too bad that the PhoeniX has become nothing. Was really awesome!

  • I also remember the positive mood. The study provided attention and shortly thereafter the hard landing. I always wanted to go to the Geneva Salon. I was later annoyed not to have made it last year.

  • The study was the winner, right? Everyone else looked quite old 😉

  • For all the goodwill and compliments to Tom for the recent reports.
    But !!!!!!!
    It's only been a year since Saab mastered the show in Geneva with the PhoeniX study. ?????????????
    The sound also gave 2012 others.

  • PhoeniXe always come from the ashes.
    : )
    In the sense .

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