SAAB cult: Fully HITCHED on the Saab 99

There are many classic and classic car magazines. Most publications are surprisingly humorless and have little cult potential. DROP is the other, fresher magazine!

The lyrics smoother, the photos with more love, and you can feel the passion for cult classic cars. Logical only that a Youngtimer magazine with this orientation must discover the brand Saab. Currently they write about the Saab 99, the masterpiece of Sixten Sason.

Since we are tolerant today, forgive the Opel on the cover. Where the old Opels somehow also have potential. Yes, the Rüsselsheimer also had a good drive, the Monza was a coupe with style. Unfortunately, a long time ago!

ABGEFAHREN does not write about the Swedish brand for the first time. The magazine blog contains a post about the Saab 900, our Swedish design icon.

ABGEFAHREN is the slightly younger, cooler magazine. People who find Top Gear good will also like ABGEFAHREN. Saab is a cult, DEPARTURE could become a cult.

From us a big recommendation, we just find it crazy. Thanks to Markus for the tip!


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  • My only remaining subscription to a car newspaper, but nothing for new car fetishists

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