SAAB Interview with Rachel Pang: Saab a love relationship ...

The Chinese charm offensive continues. One thing you have to concede to the investors from China, the PR machine is first cream and runs at full speed at every level. Today, Rachel Pang, the 29 year-old daughter of the founder and president of the design department of Youngman, gave an interview to Svenska Dagbladet.

Saab. What does Saab stand for in Rachel Pang's eyes? Saab is technology, safety and part of Youngman's strategy to own a premium brand.

Victor Muller. What was Rachel Pang's first impression of Muller? In February of last year, Rachel Pang met the Saab CEO in Shanghai. He was, she says, charismatic, passionate, an incredible entrepreneur. Hard to be impressed by him. Two months later she had less enjoyable talks with Muller. Despite a preliminary agreement, Muller negotiated behind the scenes with other manufacturers. He eventually chose Hawtai, which was a bad choice in retrospect.

Muller told her then personally his decision, just before he went to the press. For her, it was like breaking a love relationship. But the decision came from the Saab board.

Martin Larsson. A few weeks later, Martin Larsson contacted her. This time, they planned a solution with Pang Da and Rachel Pang hesitated first. Then followed the known scenarios, up to bankruptcy.

Youngman unreliable? Again and again, Youngman is accused of being unreliable. The absence of pledged cash forced the car maker finally into bankruptcy.

Rachel Pang says "We should remember that it was very bad for Saab back then. Victor Muller and Saab did not understand all Chinese rules. All major transfers must be approved by the NDRC". With the transfer of € 20 million, a limit was reached, the transfer of further sums required time and approval. The complex problem with GM was another point.

Still in contact with Muller? From time to time Rachel Pang exchanges messages with Victor Muller via text message.

Give up? Did Youngman think about giving up after the 19.12 bankruptcy? No, she says, not really. We have invested almost 50 million euros in Saab.

Youngman. For more than a year now, the Chinese have worked at Saab Investment, making them longer than any other party. If Saab had not decided for Hawatai, who knows how the story would have ended then. Some things in Youngman seem strangely half-baked, but could also be communication errors. Like the plans for the construction of cheap cars in Sweden.

Other facts are system conditioned. Like the great influence of the NDRC on every relevant economic decision. Do we like this constellation or not?

We can not be picky right now. The new owner is not elected democratically. The decision as to who the new owner will be will be in Stockholm. We can only wait.


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    I'll give Joachim the right thing about the reporter sleeping caps. If you have the good woman Pang ever there for an interview, you could also use the opportunity to question one or the other a little more specific. But always thinking of General Murks. If there was a hit list which company gave the most and where the most ridiculous decisions are made, the absolute leader for eternity would be GM. There are the only world leaders. I hardly believe that a Chinese Politburo can keep up.

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    First 29 and in that position, respect. This is the new generation of well-educated young Chinese. We can dress warmly.
    Without wanting to be political, I have too much politics and state in it.
    What happens if the Politburo in Beijing changes its course overnight?

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      What didn't happen at GM - sometimes even overnight!

      Even with large corporations like Tata or BMW, one would not be immune from a certain retro risk in this regard - only that there the decisions do not come from a Politburo but from some managers (always think of General Murks).

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    Is Rachel Pang actually married / firmly married? Do you know that?

    I also do not like the involvement of the NDRC very much. In the past year, they have not worked just like an efficiently working authority, but extremely lethargic. And I think, should Youngman SAAB take over, more daily transfers over the control limit will be necessary in the daily business. Should business partners wait there every time until the NDRC has decided then? As far as I know, there are similar authorities below the NDRC at municipality / provincial level, which also have to give their consent.

    And last but not least, I cannot imagine that the NDRC is a politic-free area. If things get really bad, nobody can rule out that transfers to SAAB are initially withheld for political reasons (sorry, for technical reasons: ->).

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      What kind of sleepyheads were they? I mean the reporters from Svenska Dagbladet - at least one could have clarified whether the Griffin models of the 9-3 series up to the successor model are actually running off the production line in parallel with the cheap rail.

      PhiBo's fears that there could be delays in transfers are no longer appropriate after a possible takeover by Youngman-Lotus - I assume that this only applies until such a date. For owners of subsidiaries there will probably be different rules - but here too the sleepyheads from Dagbladet could have followed up more closely. We are as smart as before.

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      If Rachel were still single - she could marry SAAB, right? After all, that would be a really beautiful groom - if not liquid :-)

      It greetings

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    I sincerely hope that this Scandinavian jewel by a car manufacturer will not fall prey to a Chinese dragon.

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