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The view over the Saab glasses is interesting. I have a split relationship with the luxury brand from Munich. Which is not due to the cars. We had a BMW 3 Series and a 5 Series Touring in our company fleet, with which we were satisfied. The fact that there is no longer a BMW with us - the 3 Series left us a few weeks ago - is not due to the quality of the cars, but to the local dealer. I learned that there is another way when I bought the Saab Turbo X.

Saab Turbo X
Saab Turbo X

I buy cars, if they are my private ones, out of my stomach. My dream was in Weilheim, near Lake Starnberg. The purchase is a lesson, as in the manual for car salesmen, if there is one.

After searching for a Turbo X, I found one of the popular portals. On a short mail came immediately a phone call, a short price negotiation and the contract of sale by fax. The pickup arrived one week later. So get transfer number and booked the Intercity to Munich.

From there continue with the regional train to Weilheim. Widmann + Winterholler is represented in the region with several car dealerships, and the dealership is not big for a BMW dealer, but modern.

The sales consultant Florian Seiverth, a sympathetic employee who could certainly sell Saabs, had prepared everything. No waiting, a (BMW) folder with documents, guarantee and purchase agreement was ready, as well as the vehicle key. Of course he was busy with the car. Because a Saab is always something special and does not come to the farm every day.

He knows that it's a limited series, and he did a little jaunt with the Saab as well. Usually he does not take the time. But with a Saab! A Turbo X on top of that, that has appeal. There are only words of praise for the Swedish make. Buying a car is an emotional thing. Yes, the sound and handling of the Turbo X appeals to anyone with gasoline in their blood. Comparable only with the BMW M models.

The Saab 9-3 Turbo X stood washed and shiny in the yard, and - I admit it - at this point I only wanted to drive into the car and Saab, despite first-class service. Therefore the espresso offered was also rejected.

So the documents filled out, paid at the cash register to take possession of the car. One point when buying a car is always the question of how full the tank is… Years ago, at the Saab dealer in Würzburg, I came to the city limits with a brand new Saab Cabriolet. Last year in Hamburg with our new 9-3 just around the corner, to the next petrol pump. At Widmann + Winterholler you have thought along. The answer to my question is easy to get to Starnberg. Didn't agree. It would have been easy enough to get to Ingolstadt.

It was to be expected that BMW operations would operate at a high level, with the exception of my local dealer. How well you understand your business is shown by the small details. In the passenger footwell was, of course, original packaging, an ice scraper glove. Unfortunately with BMW logo, not with Saab emblem. Well, there is room for improvement ;-). Joking aside. It's cold, it's winter. The dealer thinks with you. Actually a matter of course.

I would like to buy Saabs from Saab dealers again in the future, no question about it! But if I had been a test buyer, the dealer in Weilheim would have received 10 out of 10 possible points.


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  • TX 9393 - A rogue who thinks badly 😉

  • Yeah, the pain with div. Dealers I know too.

    Despite some rather bad workshop or bad dealer, none has managed to spoil us Saab.
    But even “our” VW branch (for our Golf) has a far better and friendlier service than any Saab branch we have known so far. 🙁

    But you also have to be able to afford good service (because that too costs time / money).

    @ Tom
    As you know, I'm not that big fan of the 9-3 'rear end ...
    But especially your car is really something very nice - it always looks really great and “agile” in the photos!
    I'd love to drive that too! 😉

  • Funnily, I have the same experience when buying a foreign brand like Tom made at a depandance of the said BMW dealership in Iffeldorf on Lake Starnberg!
    Just like Tom, I found our sought-after family car (a Cadillac SRX V15.000 with 8km) on the Internet at the local BMW dealer. Price negotiation by telephone. Purchase contract by fax. Flight Hamburg-Munich. My wife and I were picked up by the extremely sympathetic saleswoman (a young lady with gasoline in the blood!) Even in Munich at the airport. Our car was inspected, perfectly cleaned, fully tanked and already provided with overpass markings ready for our drive home to HH. Perfect.

    Are there “such and such” dealers:
    on the one hand, the SAAB dealer from Kiel picked up my father's cars from Hamburg for years for inspection; on the other hand, you have to give your SAAB to other dealers at the bored, office-like Daewoo-Opel-Something counter. But especially at SAAB there is a “hard” core of loyal dealers who, unfortunately, have not been properly recognized by SAAB itself in the past for many years.

  • I would also have an amazing story from Switzerland. I've been a Saab driver since 1973, had 2 9000s and then 95 and 93 for a long time. When I wanted to buy a new 95 Kombi bioPower, I left my regular authorized workshop and knocked on another one. After we agreed on the specifications, the dealer printed out the contract. When asked whether I should sign it (which should actually be taken for granted) he replied: I don't need this! So buy a car with a handshake! How nice that this is still possible. Today I drive a 9-3X 1.9 TTiD Griffin. It was on the production line when the first production stop delayed delivery. After the short interlude of the production start, he finished “a lot” from the tape ...

  • Sounds very, very good ... that's how I know it from the MobilForum ... 😉

    and then there are dealers "near the stone's throw" who do not even greet when a SAAB comes towards ... ;-(

    • “That's how I know it from the MobilForum”… I agree with that. 😉

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