SAAB Tag: Blogger on the way in Bamberg with Saab 9000

Our 9000er is relatively young, only 14 years old. The rust prevention is, as befits a Swede, good. Nevertheless, one should not neglect the fight against the brown plague. Since the 9000er first owner (we are the second owner) was driven under salt-intensive conditions, prevention is announced. At a wheel arch, the rust comes to light, the subsoil has the first approaches.

SAAB Ice Block Design meets "Franconian Night Frost" by Ralf Muckelbauer
SAAB Ice Block Design meets "Franconian Night Frost" by Ralf Muckelbauer

At the moment it is still easy, there is no need to weld yet. Where to with the Saab? Of course, only a Saab specialist with the appropriate experience - and love for the brand - came into consideration. Since we want to keep the Saab 9000 in the family for the long term, it came to the Rost and Mike Sanders cure yesterday Saab center Bamberg, The car dealership of the family Muckelbauer is one of the competent addresses, not only when it comes to Saab Old and Youngtimer.

In addition, around the Saab workshop a competence center has settled around the sheet metal. An ensemble of various workshops and specialist companies for the rusty hobby can be found on the site. Oldtimer of different brands are restored. The whole thing is in lovingly restored ambience, actually material for a reportage.

The Bamberg Saab Center is committed to holding up the brand flag. If you drive into the yard, you will see new Saab 9-5 and 9-3 and Saab classics of all eras. A full yard, a well-frequented workshop. This is also possible in times of crisis if the concept is right! The Saab Center is well established in the scene, the welcome warm and family. "The Spirit of Saab“… He is at home here!

In Bamberg one does not close oneself to the reality, one observes the development in Sweden exactly. Of course, they also keep their fingers crossed for the brand, hoping for a reboot. Because at some point the supply of new or almost new Saabs will finally die out. Currently, you have a beautiful Saab 9-5 Aero XWD, a former Saab company car, get on the farm, plus a great 9-3 convertible.

The spare part supply of Saab works, during my visit came again and again orders. For our Saab Turbo X, we immediately ordered the current navigation software (as of the end of 2011).

The Saab Center in Bamberg shows what's going on in the current difficult times. Heart, love for the brand, that must work. It is the recipe that runs throughout Germany. If the commitment is correct, then the workshop is full.

From Bamberg, the view to the north. No news came from Sweden today. It's quiet, but that could change soon. Youngman seems to be spinning behind the scenes on all sorts of wheels. The Chinese are about a quick decision. The administrators have announced a Saab sale for the spring. This starts at the 20. March. Faster would be better. Let's see what the next week brings.

A reading for the weekend has Giggi (Thank you!) Sent. The Swiss Touring Club has in its Journal written a small, wistful article about Saab. The Saab story is on page 27 and 29.


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  • ... "We also ordered the current navigation software (as of the end of 2011) for our Saab Turbo X."

    I'm curious, I've had the same order locally for months. Last week I also received the information from ANA Trollhättan “Out-of-Parts inventory and no delivery confirmation”. It could be worthwhile to have Saab parts reproduced in Japan

  • what do you say in Bamberg for Ersatzteilversogung the 9-5II ?? what is called in the auction as a price, is for the situation, without factory warranty, without secured spare parts supply minus dealer lot already almost new car level

    • As said in another comment, prices are based on Swedish krona and this is a current problem for countries with a “weak” euro. There is a lot of positive information about spare parts supply and other things that cannot be said in a few short sentences. There is a detailed answer in the form of an article!

  • Sorry! Swiss journal :-))

  • ... .. from this Swiss "trade journal"

  • Poor contribution!

  • Nice picture. Franconian Night Frost Meets SAAB Ice Blog Design. Tom will write more about cars and dealers in the future. We have enough business news up to now.

  • Yes, the Muckelbauer in Bamberg is alright. I bought last fall a 9-3 as a demonstration car (there were not new, unfortunately), with which I am (also thanks to the performance of Hirsch) very satisfied.
    For the winter I ordered some original Saab rubber floor mats. Could be delivered easily.

  • Even the headline of the article in the Swiss magazine is far too negative for me - not even true! All those who have dealt objectively with this matter about SAAB automobiles, based on the statements of the trio of administrators, assume that the new owner will emerge in a few days.

    The content of the article is actually nothing new and the perspectives I mentioned earlier are missing. The reference to the article is as superfluous here in the blog as the occasional advertising for OPEL vehicles - unfortunately this criticism had to be released.

    Best regards from Schleswig-Holstein and keep your fingers crossed that the best investor comes soon!

    • Hello Julie

      No one claimed that this should be a good article. But at the same time interesting, as an average car journalist sees the situation. And after all, the TCS is by far the largest automobile club in Switzerland. At least you want to know what all the Audi, BMW, Citroën, Dahaitsu, etc. drivers get over Saab.

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