No news! Bankruptcy trustees and press conferences.

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

Did we hope for anything from today's bankruptcy trustee press conference? Saab, the customers, the dealers deserve to receive more specific information. In principle, nothing was said. As always and at some point my collar will burst.

What was the content to report? The February wages of the ex-Saab employees paid by the administrators are still a long way off, a payment date has not yet been fixed.

A quieter phase. Now?

Negotiations are underway and the work is now in a "quieter phase”Occurred. How nice. Furthermore, you sell things that you consider appropriate to continue to finance the bankruptcy proceedings. The plant should be kept in good condition and electricity, water, heating must be paid for.

So it went on during the conference, Saab should be sold completely, in the spring, the sale should be completed. Possible thefts in the factory were cryptically mentioned without being concrete.

Press conferences like these are not very helpful. If you have nothing to say, you should continue to do your work at the desk. Meanwhile, speculations are blossoming, again. Whether there is enough money to successfully complete the process is one question. Saabsunited's friends want to have Valmet identified as a possible buyer for the remnants of Saab Powertrain. Both were neither confirmed nor denied.

Saab has no alternative

At the base the need grows. The traders need to know how and if it continues. The base is eroding right now. But the base is needed for reconstruction. Sometime.

The aftermath of the Saab bankruptcy is now visible in the Trollhättan region. Hotels and restaurants are fighting. People without a job and with no prospect of hiring tend not to consume. They stay at home. The many jobs in northern Sweden or Norway are also of no use if you have an unpaid and poorly salable house in Trollhättan, Vänersborg or Lila Edet. For many former Saab employees, economic survival will be the key over the next few weeks and months. It decides whether many years of hard work end in an economic disaster - or not.

Saab is without alternative for the region. The bankruptcy administrators work in their offices in Stockholm and elsewhere. If they were to see the problem on the ground, they might give it a go. And do not bother us with empty phrases. The view over the garden fence, never was it as hip as it is today.

Next Tuesday is Showtime again. New chance, new luck. Time is running out!

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  • ...... the new owner for the end customer, of course I wanted to write ... heieieieiei !!!
    Greetings Walter

  • I am also of the opinion that when a car is sold on the market, or is purchased, the end customer (or in Germany we speak of the consumer (what an unpleasant term)) does not have 1st priority. For the car dealer, more so. It is very important for the future that the dealer network does not die completely. All we can do is continue to wait and be patient. It could also be that it will take over a year until a new SAAB rolls off the assembly line in southern Sweden.

  • No “news”?
    There is also talk of another splintering interest with an offer for Saab-Powertrain AB from the Finnish VALMET!
    A reason for delay will probably also be these many partial offers, since the bankruptcy management rather steered to a complete sales package!
    Or. is in the background of bankruptcy management still GM which exerts this pressure of a complete sales package?

  • This partially too negative verbiage, which some blog participants show here, is not very helpful.

    PJ writes, for example, that the best employees are already gone - I haven't heard that yet (some engineers have found other jobs - but so far only a very small proportion). The suppliers are also not fed up - there are simply not enough alternatives to SAAB! In addition, the remark “who wants a Chinese or Indian vehicle” is total nonsense - the example of the Jaguar under Indian aegis is a completely different picture!

    The naming of the most sensible investor by the lawyers would ultimately not be a miracle, but now quite feasible, since, according to the lawyers themselves, a number of suitable applicants are available - small so-called minus points would be expected with each of these applicants and should not be cause unnecessary further delay. The time is really ripe for a quick positive decision in favor of SAAB automobiles and for the Trollhättan region.

  • Basically, it can also be a good sign that you can't hear anything. I assume that a lot of detailed work is still needed to prepare a proper deal that will work in the long term. This is the last chance.

    What worries me more: that the competition administrators fail to pay their salaries on time.

  • PJ has described it very aptly. A reasonably independent action as SAAB
    There will be no more automobile manufacturers in the future. With production numbers well over
    100.000 units per year (after a transitional period), then Saab exclusivity goes too
    sometime flute. Hope for a happy ending with Indians or Chinese - really
    Perhaps a SAAB - “future” in the classic and youngtimer area would be better, at least
    “man” could then go to the garage more often, shed a quiet tear and
    abstaining from the decline of the Detroit Trotter Club.
    Dealing with this car brand that these rulers of lawyers care for, fits
    in our time. Doing a little, waiting a long time, only for profit, although the patient for a long time
    there is. One should rather keep silent about the Swedish government, as well as about
    the Swedish mentality in wide circles of the population. (Just like us!)
    Pippi Longstocking and Michel have been living in the harsh reality for a long time, without any emotion.
    But maybe Archangel Norbert will come and revive those who want to kill ?!

  • The longer it takes, the lower the chances that the production of SAABs will somehow continue at some point. I am one of the last people to become pessimistic, but slowly I no longer believe in a good ending. Worst of all is the uncertainty - my local dealer just shrugged helplessly and tried to persevere. Sad, because they no longer know what to tell the dear, waiting regular customers.

    I did my best to support my dealer and bought a 9³ Aero from them last week. My fleet is now 100% SAAB again - and that's a good thing!

    Despite the sinking hope I press the ladies for SAAB! The streets just need this slightly different brand to lighten the pabulum a little !!!!!!

  • At the beginning of the 90er some of us Saabists had a guilty conscience because of the part delivery to GM. Within a short time also negative rumors formed up to the public. Some die-hard Saab employees and traders were already very skeptical about GM at the time, though the situation had calmed down later on.

    In the meantime we are so far that the rumors of that time actually come to light again and correspond to reality; unfortunately probably too late, because GM still has the most important lot in hand! ... and what you do with it in the end is still a mystery!

    The answerless time passes by now and we still hope for a reasonable solution! Will we still experience this?


  • It's hard to bear that. The word patience is about to be removed from my vocabulary.

    My interest aroused this news: VW wants to expand its production in Malaysia with its local partner DRB-Hicom.
    What does this have to do with Saab? Nothing yet, but DRB-Hicom, for its part, has been big at Proton this year.
    The Youngman products are from this source. It will be interesting to see what this could mean for Youngman (a temporary development stop can already be read on other pages). Could also be a reason for their strong interest and efforts to accelerate the process.

  • One of the massive problems is based on the fact that the bankruptcy proceedings have to be financed first - and since VM has gambled until the very last moment, the bankruptcy trustees must and may in principle squander almost everything and practically uncontrolled everything that is not already pledged (at least this includes the Phoenix- Platform). It is absolutely incomprehensible to me how, for example, the eAAM participation was even allowed to be sold. And so my hope sinks every day that someone will still invest in Saab who is interested in more than just an empty shell, especially since not even the logo is freely usable.
    But I like to be taught a better one ...

    • The logo is the smallest problem. It is not even clear if you can use the name and if so on what conditions. Of course, it can also have a positive effect if, for example, the naming rights are linked to the production location Sweden.

      What's for sale anyway? (Caution, now it's getting dark)
      A company without:
      - Rights to own products (GM)
      - Name (SAAB AB)
      - Own production facilities (50% of the buildings have been sold and must be leased)
      - Employees (the best are already gone)
      - Suppliers (fed up)
      - dealer network (is falling apart)
      - customer base (how many remain loyal)
      - New customers (who wants a Chinese or Indian vehicle in the premium segment)
      - suitable production location - cars are ugh (Swedish government)
      - Future technologies (everything will or has been sold off, e.g. eAAM)
      - engine (is BMW ready to deliver engines?)
      - Product in the next few years (rumor has it that the Phoenix platform has up to 15% GM IP, the 9-3 successor up to 50%. It may be more clever to develop completely from scratch)

      Forget something?

      What is such a company value ??? All this needs to be clarified and that takes (too long).

      Well, and now I have to vomit.

      Stop, something positive:
      Sometimes miracles happen, especially when you don't expect them - that's always the case with miracles, right?

      • I hope for the miracle too. I can't help it - it all kind of reminds me of triumph. The current mopedds have nothing to do with the original brand anymore - but they are a lot of fun and thanks to the specific three-cylinder sound and feel they are really addicting. Just like for me the old 900er (have 2 of them) and for other Saab drivers their respective Saab.
        What gives me hope is that no one can pinpoint the cause of this Saab affinity to specific details or technologies - even if some believe that.
        Perhaps one of the bidders has recognized this and is bringing enough mass and patience to make Saab (very much fond of Castriota as well) develop and build cars that cause that want-to-have feeling and stand out from the pabulum.
        On which platform to build then I do not care, even if they are perhaps a bit more expensive than the last offered.

        • Behind my 900 I Convertible is a Ur-Speed-Triple in the garage, so I share your hope. For re-allocation of triumph I can recommend the following article:

          Unfortunately, there aren't as many “crazy people” as John Bloor.

          I am firmly convinced that under the Saab label, it was possible to successfully market highly innovative, environmentally friendly mobility solutions designed to stand out from the crowd.
          Unfortunately, I don't have a successful contractor to cross-subsidize ...

  • Well, the dying on rates we have experienced here in the east in the 90er years in bulk, I hope there is a good solution for saab! The consequences for the region are difficult to calculate, but in any case more expensive than with saab. people commute, move away, families are scattered in all directions, wage levels are falling, real estate prices are falling and the region is trying to coun- teract with state support if necessary. sure not everything as blatant as in the area of ​​ex-GDR but here you can watch the consequences of a failed economic policy live!

    • Absolutely right. Full agreement, you can study that closely in the area of ​​the ex-GDR. For a merchant, a simple bill, which is cheaper. But for the uneducated politicians it seems an impossible task to make a cost comparison. Unfortunately until today ...

  • I don't want to spread panic here, but when I think of all those affected, the solution should have been found yesterday. As a customer, you are most likely to persevere ...

  • What's that about. How long do the good administrators and lawyers want to spend money and take their time. It is time to report execution, which can be looked back on in Trollhättan and at the dealers again productively in the future. Where is there such a fat rabbit in the pepper, that does not finally bring the (good) end.

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