SAAB News: Saab Viggen Design and Saab 9-5 Reborn

The Saab brand leaves no one indifferent! Saab is unique and now in the situation where Saab threatens to disappear, we realize what we would lose. A life without Saab should be possible, but is it also worth striving for? Probably not, thought the designer Feliciano Ruy-Díaz and created his new Saab Viggen study.

Saab Viggen study by Feliciano Ruy-Díaz
Saab Viggen study by Feliciano Ruy-Díaz

A hot coupe whose design polarizes one way or the other. In 2015 it could roll off the assembly lines in Sweden ... or not. With the Saab 9-3 Viggen, Saab already caused a sensation at the end of the 90s. Well-preserved viggen are hardly available today. Original, non-tinkered specimens are in the hands of collectors and change hands at high prices.

Saab enjoys sympathy all over the world. The creators of Top Gear, the ultimate cult British show, have mine! James May, co-host of the magazine, spoke in an interview about Saab and the impending loss of our brand. Saab is unique and Saab is worth rescuing, May said. The Local published the full Top Gear interview on Volvo and Saab.

Victor Muller reborn! The former Saab boss reboots and signs back with Spyker in the car business. The subject Saab is completed, Muller breaks to new shores, writes the autoguide. We will keep an eye on Muller and Spyker. Let's see what's coming out of the Spyker factory halls in Holland soon. Visionaries with vision could possibly stock up on the stocks that still exist at the price of a cent.

What is more important is what others write. Perhaps…! Friend Max sent me a link yesterday that is interesting. According to an Opel manager, a large Saab-based vehicle is planned in the new American-French alliance. It is said to be a Saab, which did not make it into the series. The question arises, what is GM really planning? Max thinks the Saab 9-5 could celebrate a Reborn Festival, possibly as a big Citroen. Perhaps it is also the Saab 9-4x because everyone involved, Opel, Peugeot and Citroen, lacks a reasonable SUV. That GM with the 9-4x test drives does, we know.

However, the Saab 9-5 sports suit did not go into series production. A large crossover model probably comes from this. Hmm. The question naturally arises, how well is the statement made to the magazine?Automobile productionReally is.

It remains exciting. We will see.


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  • Sorry, but I can't imagine that a SAAB car would even take a touch from a French manufacturer or vice versa. These are completely different car worlds ...

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    Of course, Citroen has a C5 Tourer, but a relabeled 9-5 would be a vehicle class above the C5. Many Citroenists would have liked a station wagon from the C6, precisely because there was always a break from the “big” Citroens: DS, CX and XM. It remains to be seen whether a 9-5 SC would suit the taste of the Citroen (C6) drivers. If the 9-5, technically modernized, with a double angle instead of a Greiff came onto the market in one or two years ... I wouldn't mind. But don't believe it.

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    The GM the 9 5 station wagon redesignt / rebagded brings in the market, I do not really believe. And finally you have the Insignia Sportstourer and the C5. Rather, I think it is possible that originally intended by GM for the 9-5 crossover variant is meant. In the eyes of GM this could be the basis for a new Citroen C6 and / or an Opel Senator.

    9-5 crossover ??? (Planning for 2013)

    Important: It does not sound comprehensible, because it would be considerations that have their origins in Detroit !!!

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    Then we can hope that the potential buyer also notices: Ruy-Díaz designs for the future ... TTA with SAAB 9-3 racing car ... GM exploitation of Sweden know-how ...
    If GM releases the 9-4X as Opel or Franzwagen, we can hope for Hirsch!
    Who knows ... a refined and dismantled GM / Opel / French for the 9-4xHirsch ...

    All the best
    Timmy from the northwest

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    For one thing, I get angry when I hear about GM's “recycling plans” again. You want to kill Saab at all costs, but when suddenly Citroën turns around with a rebadged 9-4x or 9-5 Combi, this suddenly doesn't seem to bother anyone in Detroit, on the contrary - it is already fully developed and can be done without great effort be thrown on the market. There is now the opportunity to do so, if you want to tie up with PPE.
    At some point, this 0-effort number will go badly in the pants - it's just a shame when great brands like Citroën also have to bite into the grass in the end.
    On the other hand, it may also be time to say goodbye to the new Saab models that have been announced - despite all the sadness. I think it's time to implement fundamentally new ideas, lightweight construction paired with safety, for example, revolutionary, unique design. Perhaps Saab should polarize more in the future and arouse emotions.
    In the longer term, customers will come back if the package is right, even if there is an inevitable drought.
    For my part, I look forward to fresh (Castriota) design, GM-free Saabs and finally realized revolutionary technology. How many interesting projects (eg variable compression) were ultimately slowed down by Detroit?
    Now we are missing (only) the right investor, but hopefully we will be close!

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    Tom, you really have read a lot about the AP article.
    He clearly talks about the well-known Epsilon II platform, and says only that one has ever built a bigger car than the insignia.
    Why he does not say that the Cady XLS, the Buick LaCrosse and the Chevy Impala are also based on this Eps II LWB remains a mystery to me. One thing is clear GM is trying to forget the last 2 Saab years, because the 9-5 comb but of the band, do not stop in Rüsselsheim.

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      What did he interpret? A SAAB that has not made it to the series. There remains only the 9-5 who deals with the Insig…. the platform shares.

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