SAAB News: BMW is not interested ... says the TTELA

The local newspaper Trollhättans is one of the reliable sources of information. The reporters strive for good and fair information about Saab. Yesterday, they spoke with BMW and Magna on the subject of Saab purchase. But what should a press chief say when he receives a call from Sweden?

Especially at BMW it would be tricky to give information about ongoing negotiations to the press. Especially since no result with no possible buyer is established and everything is speculative. Any careless statement could influence the share price. Without discussing the subject of BMW and Saab here, of course, Munich once again denied. Of course Magna, too.

The current situation is not easy. No reliable information is coming from any source and in the last few days there has been crazy speculation, especially in “insider circles”. Since the Saab world is small, you can even hear them in Germany. What remains is peace. Stay cool, the administrators' timetable is set.

In 14 days, the month of March is history. I think in the first week of April we will have reliable information. Presumably in time for the one-year anniversary of the production stop. We lasted so long, two, three or four weeks do not matter anymore.


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  • wulff came to the tap with a cadillac yes, if I saw it right: -0

    • blank

      Not leased with the best conditions Skoda Yeti * gggg *

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    On the one hand, BMW would currently be a powerful investor in terms of financial opportunities - on the other hand, I would have considered that our beloved brand would only be an appendage at BMW and would somehow wither away. I don't really trust the managers there.

    For example, I would like it better as the owner of Mahindra + Mahindra from India - here SAAB could probably develop better and mature into a new bloom. In the meantime, I even see the Chinese applicants (for example Youngman-Lotus) as the more suitable companies before BMW - here too, in my eyes, SAAB would have better opportunities to develop fully.

    I'm afraid that under BMW or other large western corporations, SAAB could again suffer such a terrible fate as under GM - besides, I personally don't like the Quandt company history at BMW at all. This would actually not be compatible with the seriousness of SAAB-Automobile! The fact that the Swedish Prime Minister has chosen a BMW as his official vehicle should probably allow some conclusions to be drawn about his view of things - this behavior also seems highly questionable to me and results in a straight 6 for a Swedish statesman.

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      Regarding the Prime Minister: Yes, unfortunately there are Wulffs everywhere 😉 In Austria these guys were also ministers ...

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